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20 March 2011 - 6:09pm

How to always win roulette - Seriously and FREE

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Hello friends

To begin i want to emphasize that i do not need money.
I have enough money

Why i want to show you the roulette system free?

The reason is that now i have time and enough money. Now i can have fun and help people.
In the beginning I lost a lot of money because I used some systems that are on the Internet. We all know that none are safe. Many systems insult our intelligence.

I kept losing and i know how it is feeling bad.
Roulette is a very bad vice. Only a small number of people earning at roulette.
The vast majority lose money, lose a family ... ..

I managed. It was hard, but worth it.
I do not want to lie to you, it's not everyone.

This system is safe 1000000%.
But the problem is in the discipline.
Again, the problem is if you are not disciplined.
This is the hardest lessons for people who gamble.
These lessons are not easy to learn.
But when you connect the system and discipline, you will get a lot of money

Roulette is a fantastically designed machine for taking the money.
Simply, roulette is not perfect.

I perfectly know the math.
Very well know the probability of various mathematical laws.
This helped me to develop a system that already works flawlessly for three years.

Thus, the system is based on mathematics and probability.
Using the computer i made an Excel spreadsheet that shows exactly how to play.
The rules are simple. You must abide by them at any time.
Only in this case my whole story makes sense.

All manuals can be downloaded via the following link:

[spam link removed]

Size : 320mb

This file contains:

1. Roulette software to exercise (you can use other)
2. Excel spreadsheet
3. Word document explaining the entire game. (from first to last investment)
He also explained how to use Excel spreadsheet
4. Documentary that changed my way of thinking

Note: System will not help if you are not willing to follow the rules.

I expect your questions and suggestions ....

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21 March 2011 - 12:42am

Can I buy Viagra from you? Are you my Nubian princess that is going to send me a MoneyGram for $2,500,000? If not, then I am not interested.


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21 March 2011 - 1:20am

There are so many many dumb things about this post but I'll ask the same question I always ask.

If you have discovered a sure way to beat roulette "mathematically" then WHY ARE YOU SPAMMING FORUMS ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF SIPPING PINA COLADAS IN THE BAHAMAS with you unlimited riches?

I'm not going to even wait for your stupid answer.

Note to everyone else, NO ROULETTE SYSTEM WORKS. None of them. Don't ever waste you money on one and don't ever install software from a link in a post like this. I'll bet my last dollar that the file this spammer tried to link to contains malware.

2 highroller, barbadosslim93

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