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9 December 2010 - 5:54pm

My Very First Gambling Experience…

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My Very First Gambling Experience…

The first time i had ever gambled was in Las Vegas. Staying on the strip I was an awe struck tourist with big dreams of winning. So naïve was I that i didn’t know a single cherry or two on the slot machine reels meant i had won til I saw the credits start to rack up. It took me a few times to realize why I was winning. I thought the machine was broken. Didn’t you have to have three of the same symbols showing on a slot to win?

Wanting to take in the nostalgic Las Vegas, I head downtown to the Horseshoe Casino. No real glitz and glamour here as the years had a way of wearing down it’s luster. What was left was pure nostalga. You won’t find paper vouchers here. Buckets are still used to hold the winning coins that spit out the machines.

I nervously sat down at the roulette table trying hard not show that i was a newbie. But you can’t fool the dealers, they saw me coming from a mile away. How hard can this be anyway, you pick a number and place a chip on it. Then I saw players stacking chips all around the number. Stacks placed on the line above the number, the line below the number and on the corners of the number. Trying hard to be discreet, I leaned in to the player next to me and asked him “why all the stacks around the number”? He was kind enough to explain as I see the dealer give me a “you’re a newbie” kind of smile trying to be in cognito!

I am here to confirm there is truth in beginners luck. My number was hitting left and right! Suddenly my shyness turned into a out going wild yelling winner every time my number came up on the wheel. I decided to add a few more numbers to each game. Those were popping like crazy too.

Before I knew it there was a crowd at this table. It’s no wonder, you would think I was winning millions! It seemed like I just couldn’t lose that nite. I started to hear whispers from the other players “play the same numbers as her”. Players began to ask me what numbers are you playing next game. They were not just asking out of curiosity, they were serious gamblers here. Players starting rubbing my arm for luck, not one but many. That’s when I realized the superstitions of a gambler.

Needless to say I made over $700 that night and made other players much, much more than that with higher stakes on my numbers. I wish I would of listened to some of them as they asked why aren’t you betting more than the minimum, your on fire girl!

I wanted to go back the next night so bad, but the friends I was with wanted to stay on the strip and promised we would go the following day. When we went back, the same dealer was there and asked “where in the world were you last night, your numbers hit all night again”! I pulled up a chair to try my luck again but it was too late. My 15 minutes of fame in Sin City were over!

Do you remember your first gambling experience? If so, please share them!


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10 December 2010 - 10:47am

Great story Usne, thanks for sharing it!

I have almost the same story... I remember going to the casino and winning $200 or so playing $5 blackjack. I didn't even know about basic strategy or how to play. It was all guesswork. And I had little old ladies stacking their chips behind me and tut-tutting as I did stupid things (can't remember, probably splitting 5s or 10s or something equally dumb). The dealer would say things like "are you sure?" and I thought they were trying to trick me into changing my mind. But now I know they were trying to give an obvious total noobie some advice. But I kept winning and other people kept betting on me. Everyone was happy.


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14 December 2010 - 1:16am

i loved your stories Smile mine was one drunken night in Lima (so forgive me if i can't remember much.. but i only had 50$ in local currency to lose.. so at least that! Smile

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14 December 2010 - 5:18pm

Loool, can't remember much! Welcome to our little gambling community, raw! lol

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15 December 2010 - 3:56pm

Ahhh a true gambler raw!!! The gambling, drinkin and smokin club!