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3 December 2010 - 1:54pm

Different kinds of free no deposit chips....

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Hi Members,

I love playing free no deposit chips. There are several kinds of no deposit chips. First you have the chip that is cashable. Then there is the free chip that is non cashable. Then comes the free chip where there is a max on which you can cashout any winnings. Then there are free chips that you can not cash out unless you make a deposit first.

But there is one free chip that i think should be tossed in the nearest garbage disposal........the free chip that is neither cashable nor any winnings can be collected from it. Time and time again players will get so frustrated after they win a few bucks and find out that it is nothing more than play money.

I mean why even have such a chip? Especially if there is a fun mode feature at the casino, because basically that is all it is. Oh i understand the marketing strategy, reel (no pun intended) the player into the casino. But is that really so smart? For the most part i think that leaves the player with the bad taste in their mouth. If they really need to have this kind of chip it should be renamed a "fun money only free chip"!

Moral of the story, read the terms and conditions on a No Deposit chip before playing so you know what your up against.


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4 December 2010 - 5:42am

Oh yeah, those ones stink. Total unethical bait tactics! In fact if anyone finds one of those listed here please PM me and let me know and we will remove it, because our policy is to not even list them.

If they are giving away $10 or something but you can't withdraw then what is the point? You may as well play with $1000 in free play mode.

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