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20 October 2010 - 6:07pm

What Exactly are Governments Who Issues Online Casinos Licenses Regulating?

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Hi CL Members,

A new online casino opens. They do the right way and the get licensed by Governed licensing country. But what does that do for us the player as far as player rights? They claim that being licensed that they are regulated. But what are they regulating?

We place so much emphasis on where casinos are licensed yet in the end it seems as if casinos do as they wish anyway in regards to players. I am speaking mainly in part to casinos that treat players unfairly. As in delay tactics, banning, not paying players. But in reality we have the good casinos and we have the not so good casinos. And both types of casinos could very well be licensed under the same government.

In any type of business if there is shady practice, what is the first thing we can do? We report them and have their license taken away. But i have yet to ever hear that option for a casino that is shady.

So i ask.........just what the heck is the purpose for a license and what does it mean for us the players.


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20 October 2010 - 11:50pm

That depends on which country is issuing the license. A good jurisdiction will have an independent organisation that can mediate between players and a casino when there is a dispute. If the jurisdiction does not have such a service then the player is at the mercy of the goodwill of the casino.

We have a summary of online casino licensing jurisdictions here.

Almost all casinos claim to be licensed by a government or regulator. In reality it can mean nothing as either the regulator is non-existant (eg Costa Rica) or toothless (eg Curaçao). So then you are, as you say, at the discretion of the casino.

Sadly for U.S. players they cannot really play at a casino in the top regulated jurisdictions because all the legitimate ones respect the UIGEA laws and won't accept U.S. players.

As for taking away a casino's license, it does happen:
Malta LGA suspends licence of Stryyke Casino and Poker

If you go to Stryyke's website now you get this message:


Our services are currently not available.

We are in the process of re-establishing our services and will inform our customers as soon as possible.
Stryyke Service

So regulation can have a positive effect if it is done properly. Just don't expect any of the Costa Rican clip joints to be closed down by anybody any time soon.

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21 October 2010 - 4:44pm

Interesting info Ed. I have never heard of anyone complaining to or positive results to write a complaint to the a jurisdiction where the license was issued. I bet for many players it may have never crossed their minds.