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26 September 2010 - 7:07pm

What Constitutes a Casino Bonus Ban?

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Hiya Members,

I am really confused what constitutes bonus abuse. I do realize free chips used too many times in a row definitely is grounds to be banned as the rules stipulate this. Besides this where is the line crossed to be considered a bonus abuser when it comes to deposits.

I have my fav casinos that i play at and there are times i get a little hesitant to take a lot deposit bonuses in fear of getting banned. Usually what i will do is throw in a deposit without the bonus every few deposits i take with the bonus. Some casinos can be very misleading when a deposit bonus is offered and it states "unlimited deposits". If it is unlimited then why are players getting banned for using them unlimited times!

If casinos want to keep good depositing players wouldn't it be wise to have the definition of a bonus abuser. Or better yet why not just deny the bonus at cashier stating player has reached their max in deposit bonuses. Nothing would be worse then to deposit and find out your denied a cashout or banned after the cashout.

Does anyone have any rule of thumb they use to prevent getting banned?


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27 September 2010 - 3:14am

'Bonus abuse' is a deliberately vague term that bad casinos invoke when they don't want to pay a player that has outsmarted them - its basically an all-encompassing anti-player clause. The intention is to discourage advantage players (players who use the bonus to turn the odds in favour of themselves instead of the casino) who will often only play once in any given casino, but often it is used to avoid paying legitimate winners. If you see your casino talking about the "spirit of the promotion" or any other such intangible nonsense I would seriously reconsider claiming a bonus there.

If the casinos want to restrict the way players bet while on a bonus then fine - reduce the bet limits. If they want to stop players playing certain games then fine - disable the games (another pet peeve of mine - casinos that allow players to play games which would invalidate their bonus). If they want to limit the number of bonuses that a player can take within a time period then fine - do it. All of this stuff is under the casino's control and it isn't rocket science. But I have never seen a single casino that does all of those things.

As for your question - yes making a deposit every now and then without claiming a bonus is a good idea - providing your casino does not automatically issue bonuses on every deposit (now that is something I would call bonus abuse). Most of the time I play these days without a bonus. I prefer having the option of withdrawing early if I have a quick win. But after all I have said, remember if you're a regular long-standing customer of a casino then I don't think you have much to worry about with respect to being banned.

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28 September 2010 - 8:00am

True, there is no particular set of rules that constitutes a bonus ban. It's something stretchy, that depends on casino managers and casino policies. It is kept vague in order to enable the casino to deny promotions and cashouts whenever they want. And bonus banning depends on a casino manager's subjective view and opinion.

However, it is always a good idea to deposit, sometimes without claiming a bonus. Btw, I think casinos have more issues with a player who claims a lot of ND bonuses, than the ones who claim a lot of deposit bonuses. So, that's also something to pay attention to.

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29 September 2010 - 9:46am
Usne wrote:

Does anyone have any rule of thumb they use to prevent getting banned.

Always read and understand the terms & conditions and restrictions of the bonus before claiming it. Moreover, make sure you completely understand the casino's rules and policies, especially for withdrawals. Before making my first deposit to any casino, I always pay a visit to live support and confirm that I do understand their policies. I won't make the deposit until I am comfortable and feel confident that I will get my money with I make a withdrawal request. Remember rules and policies can and have differed between various sites; therefore, its best to confirm them than to assume and find out you have voided your winnings or have been banned.

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30 September 2010 - 10:02am

True, Ed keeps reminding us of something we often forget to do or pay little attention to. And it's quite important for our own benefit, and the benefit of our hard-earned money.