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16 July 2010 - 11:59pm


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I haven't learned to be discipline yet, even thou I had many bad consequences in the past. Remember what I told you in "story of my $25 thread" ? I had a chance to walk out with $1000 or at least $500 if I just left there and did not go back to the tournament until the very end hour of it. Well, I was embarassed to do the update because I did go back to play and had the balance hitting zero.
I played $5 funky chicken at slots galore last nite, played $6.25 per spin, was ranked 9th, then I changed it to $12.50 per spin and it went down hill from there until the balance hit zero again.
I then played $150000 sharkk tourney, spent $100 on it, technically only $50 and $50 from the bonus. Anyway, I had my balance up to $2700 and ranked 12th from $6.25 per spin. Again, I switched it to $12.50 per spin and it started going downhill, my balance dropped to $1600 and ranked 14th (rank 11th-20th will be rewarded $1000). I told myself, oh no, not again, I had to stop now until it too late. I then uninstalled slots galore and wait till last hour of finished day which is on august 1st. My top challenges are

can I be DISCIPLINE this time?

can I not to download slots galore again until the finished day?

I really want to be strong this time and make it worked. Lord, please help me.

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17 July 2010 - 9:20pm

ha I love it! Uninstalling the entire casino - I must admit I have never tried that one!

But its a good idea, at least getting back in and playing is more than a click away. At least you can sit back and console yourself that there are lots of others playing the tournament that don't have that discipline!

One thing I do with tournaments is think longer term. Instead of going for the massive win when I already have a decent one lined up - I think about whether it will put me ahead for the month. If I am already ahead then I might go for it, if not then bank it. Keeping records helps!

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17 July 2010 - 11:32pm

thanks ED, you always have good advice for me

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20 July 2010 - 12:57pm

hey taaadaaahhh i know exactly how you feel. i once won a $10000 tourament at english harbour and i was sitting in first place for a day or so and i couldn't stop checking the leaderboard every 5 minutes just to make sure i was still on top.

hang in there! if i can do it anyone can!