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3 April 2010 - 7:16pm

Penny Slots can be a Fooler!

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Hiya CL Members,

When i make a small deposit i want my play time to last longer and will play penny slots. Thinking i am not spending as much as a result i find there are times i end up spending more than if i played .50 on other machines.

The killer is the number of lines you want to times it by. I remember once i went to the land casino and found a .02 machine called E Bay.....which btw is a blast. I sit down and slip in a $20 bill thinking i will have some long play time. WRONG!!!!!! The first spin and i realize i am actually spending $2.50 a spin. Uh oh now i feel like i need to get off quick. But first let me try just a couple more spins!!

The second spin i get the bonus round. I ended up with a nice little bonus of $50. I decided not to risk anymore and i cashed out, after all it was my last $20.

Have you every played a machine and not realized how much you were actually spinning for?


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4 April 2010 - 10:13pm

I know what you mean. The other thing about penny machines is (at least at land based casinos) that as a very general rule the payout percentage is usually set a little lower.

But my personal pet hate is machines that convert your money to "credits" or coins then obscure how much you are actually wagering each spin. Some of them show both the credits and the dollar amount but some only show the credits which is annoying.

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6 April 2010 - 7:02am

hah $2.50 a spin is a high roller in my book! i try to keep my spins under $1 ... usually between 20 and 50c. I figure more spins means more chance of hitting a big payoff which is what the slots are all about.

Ed is right about the credits thng too .. they probably do it on purpose hoping someone who is drunk as a skunk wont notice

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7 April 2010 - 3:33am

Hi kabean,

I am right with ya on keeping my spins a $1.00 or under. Playing isn't only about winning its about the thrill of the game too! I need my $$$ to last longer to give me more play time.