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24 March 2010 - 3:03am

What is the Minimum you will Cashout?

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Hi CL,

When we are lucky enough to make a profit on gaming, i think we all have a our own set amount of when we will withdrawal. I know for myself i don't like to cash out any thing that is under $400.

Lately i am wondering if that is such a good game plan. Making a profit period should be cause enough to hit the cash out button. It's the love and the thrill of the game that prevents us in doing so. As i spin those reels i look up and see my bankroll climbing and a little voice inside my head say cash out now and take the money and run. On the other hand another voice pipes up and says nahhhhhh not yet i am on a roll i cant quit now!! Usually the latter wins.

Have you set limits for yourself and stuck to those limits for cashing out?


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24 March 2010 - 11:47pm

Hi Usne,

back in my bonus whoring days I was happy with any profits made. My very first withdrawal was for only $10.5 at William Hill, but i sure was happy!

Nowdays I try to at least triple up my initial deposit.


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25 March 2010 - 12:15am

A lot of people have a stop-loss limit - like once I am down $100 I am cashing out - but not many people set themselves a stop-win limit which is the opposite - once I reach my target I absolutely must stop playing.

One thing I like is to set a minimum target, say $100 win. If I reach the target then I will stop playing if I drop below the target. But while I am above it I can keep playing. Then if I have another win I raise the bar higher to $150 or $200 to lock in most of the gains. Again if I drop below that it is time to be happy with the win and hit withdraw. But you have to have discipline and be sensible and resist that little voice telling you to keep playing!

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26 March 2010 - 10:50am

I usually withdraw amounts greater than $150 however I have set goals for withdrawal that have been above $1000. It all depends on what I have accumalated in comparison to the amount lost and what's left in my account. Back in december starting with a $20 bonus I was able to withdraw monies amounting over $3500.