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6 February 2012 - 1:36pm

What are the Maximum withdrawals for Playtech and Microgaming Casinos?

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I've been trying to figure out, if there is a maximum withdrawal for casinos depending on the software they use? I was playing at Winner Casino and they told me the maximum withdrawal at any Playtech casino is £9,990/m, is that true? or does it depend on each casino?

Also when I was playing at Spin Palace, which is Microgaming, they told me that if I withdrew 5 x my lifetime deposit, I 'll only be able to withdraw a maximum of £4,000/w. Also does anyone know what my lifetime deposit is?

Is it the same for all casinos which use Microgaming and Playtech software?


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8 February 2012 - 3:04pm

Great question jimmyluck. The answer is that it varies from casino to casino, even among casinos that use the same software.

"Lifetime deposits" means the total amount you have deposited at the casino. So for example if you made 5 deposits of $2000 each at Spin Palace, your lifetime deposits would be $10,000. So if you withdrew more than $50,000 (5x $10,000) they would pay it in instalments of $4000 per week.

These rules can be extremely annoying for high rollers with a large bankroll and people who play progressive jackpot slots. Imagine winning $2 million then being told you are going to be paid $9990 per month.

We have tried to note these restrictions on as many of our reviews as possible. For example, Winner Casino: follow that link to our review and scroll down a bit and on the right you will see the $9990 per month noted under the "Payment Details" section.

If the people at Winner told you that all Playtech casinos have the same policy as them, they are either lying or not very knowledgable. Mind you, a lot of Playtech casinos DO have incredibly crappy withdrawal limits, but off the top of my head I can name some that don't:

Bet365 and Betfred have no restrictions. Mansion allows $15,000 per month, or $50,000 for players with VIP status.

As for Microgaming: 32 Red, Ladbrokes, All Jackpots + quite a few others have no restrictions (or they are so high it is meaningless like $120k per day on non progressive games).

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