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13 September 2011 - 5:14pm

Eternal games?

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Hi Guys,

Once again thanks for all the great feedback both by email and here on the forum, it is very much appreciated as you always talk great sense!

OK here is another query I am interested to get your opinion about.

A number of online casinos state in their terms that if you accidentally lose connection to a game or your pc crashes etc etc then when you reboot/rejoin the game you are re-starting where you left off.

The advantage I guess the casinos are trying to convince the player that he/she has is that if the player is midstream chasing losses (the % chances of this are high as we all know) when the connection is lost then on rejoining the game the player is still in the same position. (Some might argue that each spin of the slot, deal of the cards, spin of the wheel etc has no relation to the last or any other but I disagree to a certain extent so would be grateful if that particular point could be ignored for this thread 🙂 )

If this is true though and that after disconnecting the player rejoins the game at the same does this mean the player is involved in an 'eternal' game which never ends until the casino wins which must happen eventually because of the house edge?

In other words if you disconnect on purpose and then reconnect again an hour or a day later are you still playing the same 'eternal' game?

If so I guess one strategy would be to swap from one game skin to another periodically but even if you do that are you still involved with the same 'eternal' game? After all the game of blackjack/roulette/slot is still pretty much the same regardless of the skin so in theory the rng system utilised won't give a fk what skin you play?

Maybe I am reading too much into what the casinos say but I thought it worth mentioning to see what the various gurus on this site feel.

All the best on a sunny day in the Caribbean,

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13 September 2011 - 11:58pm

They do it that way because it is the only fair way to resolve the situation. If they refunded your bet and cancelled the hand, then everyone would start disconnecting or exiting the game whenever they were dealt a stiff hand (I certainly would!). On the other hand if you have been dealt a blackjack, and the dealer has a 10 but the game disconnects before you get to see if he has a blackjack too, then you would want that hand restored when you logged back in as you're far more likely to win that hand than push it.

As for whether you are in an 'eternal' game, you are and you aren't. When you restore a disconnected game the shuffled deck should be in the exact state that it was before you disconnected. But unlike in a land casino, the vast majority of online table games that use a deck reshuffle the deck after every single hand. So although you continue the old hand with the same deck, you'll get a new deck as always on the next hand. As an aside, that's the main reason why card counting is ineffective online.

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14 September 2011 - 12:22am

That was a great question Yellowboots and a great response, Ed. I have actually thought that before as I have been disconnected from a slot game in the middle of a feature, only to return to the feature once I could log back in. Interesting stuff.

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14 September 2011 - 4:32am

Thanks Ed & Slim, but I am not going to let either of you off the hook quite so easily as I play the wheel 🙂 so what are your opinions on roulette? Each time I restart a fresh session am I still playing the last game? No current fortunes hang in the balance here so I don't need a perfect answer as I know it might be a tricky even impossible one to answer, but future $$$$ might so what your experienced eyes think about this is interesting to me.