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6 September 2011 - 5:51am

Benefit to Download?

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Is there a benefit to download casino software rather than just playing online, onsite? Or are there differences in the games? I'd be interested to know opinions. Thanks

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6 September 2011 - 6:19am

Generally at casinos that offer both download and no-download versions, there are more games available on the download version because they have a large back catalogue of games that they have built up over the years.

However these days, most of the new games are released in both formats and indeed some instant play sites have better quality games than the download ones. eg casinos using Net Entertainment or Betsoft software (which are all instant play) have some awesome and very innovative slot machines and table games.

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6 September 2011 - 7:48am

I would also to Ed's comment a couple of things: First, casinos that you download will often have to update themselves, which can sometimes lead to errors in the programs. Second, there are lots and lots of these out there and having to download all of them can be quite time-consuming. Then, once you've downloaded them, many will need additional time to download all of the other games within the download. Your best bet may be to play around, find one you like, and then download it.

In other words, downloading is a bit more paintstaking but you may find the additional games to be worth the trouble.


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6 September 2011 - 7:22pm

On a more technical note: I have two laptops, with one being about 5 years old. I usually play my casino games on that computer to cut down on the amount of clutter on the new laptop (keeps it running fast). If I end up playing Flash instant games on that computer it starts REALLY chugging along and will eventually overheat. If I download the software from that same casino, the computer somehow handles it more smoothly and does not overheat, even if I play a slot tournament for a couple of hours.

It is strange I know, but that is the main reason I download my casinos. However you should also be aware that if you download more than one casino by the same software provider (RTG for instance), you may have trouble with installation or operation of that software. I could not figure out how to get Aladdin's Gold to function on my computer while High Noon was installed, for instance.

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6 September 2011 - 7:27pm

Ok great guys thanks thats good advice. Much appreciated 🙂

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7 September 2011 - 7:56am

The software that needs downloading brings only problems- with my experience. It needs memory space first of all, while upgrading- extremely "crashes" computer. I usually play Flash games, more memory space, less crashing. But here you completely depend on the internet connectivity, so if it is poor, I suggest you do not risk.