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3 November 2010 - 5:48pm

Staying in a Hotel During Your Travels.......Look out!

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Hi CL Members,

I love to travel and i love going to different places. But i have to admit i am a bit skittish when it comes to staying in hotels! I am not phobic or a clean nut by no means but...............i do think about certain things when staying in a hotel that 10 million people have been in the same room as me. Ya just never know what kind of people they are!

The worse thing would have to be bed bugs! Yes those nasty bed bugs that some hotels have been reported to have a serious problem with. If you wake up itchy, bumpy or a rash..........might just be bed bugs yikes!

Things you should never use in a hotel room:

The ice bucket.. After conducting a random test on hotel ice buckets you would shutter to know the traces of urine and other bodily fluid that was found. Never ever use an ice bucket!

The bed spread. The bread spread is not washed daily. In fact i don't think it is even washed monthly. About the only time i bet it is washed is when there is an obvious stain. Always pull off the bed spread before sitting on the bed. You just don't know what booties have sat on it!

The blanket. The blanket is another thing that is not washed on a regular basis. So another words you are snuggling up next to a blanket that maybe 100's of people have snuggled up to too, doing God knows what! Throw back the blanket and don't use it!

The glasses. Think the glasses are washed and sanitized before you drink out of it. Think again. In a lot of case when the glass does not appear dirty the maid will just wipe it off for the next guest!

This is not happening at low budget motels or hotels either. I'm talking about 5 star hotels people!

Oh and one more thing.........did you ever look behind the bed board? If you don't like big spiders......i suggest not looking!


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3 November 2010 - 11:14pm

I remember seeing a story on one of those tacky current affairs shows that tries to scare you and make you outraged at a different thing every night on this exact thing.

They went in with an unltraviolet light like they use on CSI to reveal .. shall we say "stains" .. on the bed sheets and other areas. Apparently the sheets aren't completely clean no matter how many times they are washed. They also swabbed all over the room and found traces of shit everywhere. But then a scientist comes on and says that if you did this at home you would get the same result!


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5 November 2010 - 12:24am

this is the most gross thing i have read for a long time!

🤢 indeed!


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5 November 2010 - 12:39pm

Yes, I have the smelly blanket experiences from what supposed to be a decent hotel. It was winter, the heating wasn't working very well, and we had to use the blankets on top of the sheets, and only then we figured out that they smelled like feet. Yuck! 🙄

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6 November 2010 - 5:54am

Lmaooooo @ cat!!!! Omg you are crackin me up!!!

Ed its one thing to use an ultraviolet light and stains, but not to wash the blankets or ice buckets which i know they don't is pretty sick. We might find the same mess in our own homes when put on the light but at least its our mess and not somebody elses!