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1 November 2010 - 1:56pm

Are sports still just sports or big $ bills?

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Realistically observed, not many people these days watch sports matches only because they are devoted fans. A great majority of them has another reason - money. With the blooming sports betting industry, many people look to earn while cheering for their favorite team. But this has spread to such an extent that I see people in games looking closely at their sports betting tickets and cell phones rather than offering support or at least just watching what their team is doing in the court.

In favor of this, sports betting companies are infiltrating in the sports industry deeper and deeper. According to the recent news, reported by CasinoListings, the two major sponsorship sectors in the European football industry are banking and, guess what? Gambling.

Sports gambling has made sports being observed way too seriously. And not only for sports bettors, but for players as well. Just take a look at all those football players - all of them are not trying hard for their team because they love it, but because they will earn more money. And money is famous for killing the team spirit, which is so essential in sports.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this matter, guys - has sport become a big money industry, or is any of its original spirit still left?


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2 November 2010 - 1:17am

Sheesh don't get me started on this. My football team Liverpool was almost bankrupted by two greedy American "businessmen" who tried to buy up the club with money they didn't have and then use the operating profits to pay off the debt. Disgusting. Then you have other teams being bought by Sheiks and billionaires. And halfwit players (Rooney) throwing tantrums because they heard their friend was being paid twice as much at another team. I don't think the spirit of sport is dead yet but it is well on its way.

I like to have a bet on a game now and then but I don't like all this "spot-betting" that goes on now. Players in many sports have admitted taking money to influence inconsequential stuff like how many players wear hats in cricket, or who takes the first throw-in in a football match. It is not good.

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3 November 2010 - 6:04pm

I have heard of baseball players deliberately throwing a game all in the name of money! Pete Rose is a perfect example of that. Sometimes you have to wonder just who are these people out there that are bribing them? And what type of bribery are they using.

Is it strictly money they are fanning in front of their face or is it have to wonder.

Awesome thread btw cat!