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10 June 2011 - 4:24pm

Anyone ever own a timeshare?

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I have been looking online for vacation rentals and such as I want to be able to take a vacation with just my wife once a year (I have 2 year old twins and a 7 year old, so it probably won't happen), and saw that people have timeshares up for pretty cheap. I know times are tough economically, but it looks like it may be a good deal.

I have also heard these things can be big scams. Has anyone ever owned a timeshare and can you give me your experience so I know what I am really looking at? Trying to keep my wits about me is difficult when thoughts of playing blackjack in Nassau enter my head.

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11 June 2011 - 12:45am

Yeah first thing I think of when someone says timeshare is scam. They used to be really popular when I was a kid, I remember friends of ours having a share in a place that we went to with them.

It always sounded to me like you would be no worse off just renting a hotel room for the week that you would normally get from the time share. At least then you can go to a different place each year.

And I feel ya about having a break from the kids now and then! Twins second... my goodness I bet you were only planning on having one more and then bam! twins. That was my wife and I's biggest fear about having a second child! Lucky we only got one! Wink

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23 July 2011 - 8:09pm

WOW twins!! That's great - if you planned them both of course Smile But anyway, children bring so much happiness.

Now as for your question.. I see It's been asked quite a lot of time ago, but I decided to share my experience. My best friend had a terrible experience with that.. I won't frighten you - everything ended up without any terrific results finally, but we all have been actually quite threatened. I suggest that you find some reputable company and search Google the name together with "scam" or "fake" or something like that and read the reviews..