CLchips rewards program

CLchips is a rewards program that we run freely for each and every member of the Casino Listings community. All you have to do is participate in our community and you will earn CLchips that can be spent on real stuff like Amazon and iTunes vouchers, charity donations, sweepstakes and more in our shop. The more you participate, the more you earn!

You can check your current CLchips balance by glancing up to the top of the page at any time.

How to earn CLchips

There are many ways you can earn CLchips, and we are always evaluating new and creative ways of offering our members a chance to earn more. Here are some of the current things you can do to earn CLchips:

Post a mini-review of a casino that you have played at.+5 CLchips
Have your mini review judged by our staff as the best in a calendar month.+100 CLchips
Post the biggest winning screenshot during a calendar month.+100 CLchips
Comment on a topic, blog, casino review or other page on the site.+1 CLchip
Post a new topic in any of our gambling forums.+1 CLchip
Find an error on one of our casino reviews.+5 CLchips

In addition we give away discretionary awards for participating in and winning competitions and promotions that we run from time to time. You may also earn rewards from moderators and site admins for high quality posts and/or advice, helping other members, or any other reason we deem deserving.

Terms and conditions

  • We reserve the right to change the ways you can earn CLchips, these terms, and/or the value of each CLchip reward at any time.
  • Exceedingly short posts or comments consisting mainly of quotes of other posts will not earn CLchips.
  • CLchips that are granted for posting and/or commenting may be awarded a limited number of times per member on a single topic, thread, or article.
  • The maximum number of CLchips you may earn in a single day (UTC time) by commenting on forums, blogs or other articles is 10. Note that this limit does not include the other methods of earning CLchips that we offer from time to time, such as mini-reviews, introductory posts, bug hunts, contests, Facebook promotions, or discretionary rewards.
  • Members who are, in our opinion, posting excessively without contributing meaningfully to discussion, spamming, or otherwise violating our terms of use, may have their CLchips cancelled and their membership terminated.