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Winner Casino Review

Winner Casino is an online casino established in 2009 with games supplied by Ash Gaming and Playtech. It is operated by Zirconium Gaming Limited and is registered under the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda. Last updated: February 13, 2015.

usWarning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.


rating: Poor


Review of Winner Casino

Winner Casino is a fairly utilitarian affair - dark and understated yet to the point without being overly flashy. Minimalist elegance is the aim, and the overall first impression is the feeling of encountering a casino that you seem to have seen before. Licensed in Antigua and Barbuda, and owned by a company operating out of Cyprus, Winner Casino is part of the Winner gambling brand that also operates a poker room that is part of the iPoker network.

Blacklisted for engaging in criminal promotional activity

Throughout 2014 we have seen the rise of networks of hacked Wordpress blogs that have thousands of pages added to them for the sole purpose of advertising online casinos. This is done without the site owner's permission and the hacks are designed to hide the pages from the owner. Ads for Winner Casino are commonly seen on these hacked pages and despite being publicly informed, it has refused to stop working with the criminals responsible. In effect Winner is paying these hackers for their work. Obviously this sort of thing is reprehensible and Casino Listings has therefore decided to blacklist Winner Casino.

Game Selection at Winner Casino

The 300+ games are powered by Playtech, a respected name in the online gaming industry. There is a good selection of slots, card and table games, video poker, progressive jackpots, arcade games and Asian games. Highlights include the Marvel jackpot slot machines featuring well known comic characters such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and Blade. Most of the games are available in both download and "instant play" (i.e. browser-based) form, so you have the freedom to choose whichever you prefer or your system supports.

The casino offers several huge progressive jackpots to players including the potential multi-million Euro blockbusters Beach Life and Gladiator. Indeed the latter of those two was won for a massive €2.3 million in October 2013 by a lucky Winner Casino customer. However the attraction of these jackpots is diminished severely by Winner's adoption of the common and horrible Playtech casino policy of restricting the payouts of all major winnings, progressive jackpots included, to a monthly limit.

In addition to the software based casino games, Winner offers live games that are dealt from a casino floor set in a studio. The dealers are elegant and fit with the overall theme of the site. The live casino games on offer include live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. And to back that up you can also play a selection of the games at Winner on your mobile phone or device while you are on the go.

Banking and Support Options

Winner Casino offers quite a broad array of deposit options compared to other online casinos. They accept most major credit and debit cards, Moneybookers, NETELLER, Ukash, Click2Pay, Wire Transfer, Instadebit, WebMoney, myCitadelWallet, UseMyBank, and many others. In my testing I found withdrawals took 3-4 days to be paid, which is largely the result of the withdrawal pending for a few days before processing. This is unacceptably slow for me.

My first issue with the withdrawal process is the all too familiar Playtech withdrawal limit of $/€/£9,000 per month, progressive jackpot wins included. Strangely there is one exception for players residing in the UK, who can withdraw up to £50,000 per month. UK players aside, with the Beach Life jackpot currently sitting at a tad over $4 million, by my maths that would mean you would be waiting at least 33 years to be paid in full if you won it. While it is true that if you aren't a progressive jackpot player or a high roller then this policy is unlikely to affect you, it is still disappointing to see such a policy when there are other "big name" Playtech casinos that do not apply these limits.

Another black mark against this casino is their common insistence on players providing notarised copies of their identification documents before the casino will pay a withdrawal. This involves paying to have the copies of your documents witnessed and signed, and then sending them off to a call centre in The Philippines. Not only does this cost time and money, but a cynic might suggest that they do this deliberately in order to discourage withdrawals.

Winner Casino customer support is available 24/7 through email, phone, fax, and live text based chat. In our tests we found the support staff to be competent and helpful.


Winner Casino is a well presented Playtech operation, albeit with little to separate itself from the crowd. The games are good, the banking options are plentiful, the customer service is fine, and you have the added option of a poker room in the one shop. However the horrible withdrawal policies, including the insistence on supplying notarised ID, and the monthly limits that includes progressive jackpot wins severely dents my enthusiasm for this casino. Finally I cannot recommend that anyone should patronise a casino that is willing to pay hackers to illegally foist advertising on countless third party websites, something that is criminal activity in any civilised jurisdiction.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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4 March 2013 - 9:30am


dont even think about signing up for the welcome bonus. i depositied 250. then, after i successfully deposited, the deposit cscreen stayed up. thinking i didnt deposit correctly, i made another deposit. big mistake, now i have two 250 credits and their associated bonus. at this point, i have wagered around 40k. i still havent wageredd enough to get my own money back never mond the bonus. I WOULD RECOMMEND AVOIDING THIS CASINO. I EVEN WENT SO FAR AS TO SPEAK TO THEIR HELPDESK. ABSOLUTLEY USELESS, DIDN'T KNOW THE ANSWERS TO BASIC QUESTIONS, HAD TO WAIT FOR 5 MINUTES FOR AN ANSWER TO A SIMPLE QUESTION!! The 5 star rating is a complete red herring. their software is slow also on the flash player. lost count of the number of times ithe ball lands on my number, only for half a second later for it to roll next door., could understand it if it landed then bounced, but half a second FFS!! JUST INCASE YOU WERENT AWARE ON MY THOUGHTS


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5 March 2013 - 1:48pm
march73 wrote:

The 5 star rating is a complete red herring.

I think you must have misread our review. We have them rated 3 out of 5 - i.e. decent but nothing spectacular. As we mention in the review there are several better Playtech casinos with exactly the same games, but without the restrictive withdrawal policies.

Next time if you do accidentally make a double deposit, contact the live support people immediately and explain what has happened and ask if you can withdraw the 2nd deposit before you start playing. Any decent casino should be understanding enough to allow you to do that.

Also it sounds to me like you are trying to play through a whole bonus on roulette. If you click the "More Info" link on the bonuses listed above on this page you will see that this casino (like most others) penalises you if you play roulette by only counting it at 25% of each dollar wagered. i.e. the wagering requirements quadruple if you only play roulette. Make sure you check this sort of thing before you claim a bonus in future. As a general rule of thumb, if you're a roulette player you probably won't ever want to claim a bonus because all casinos jack the wagering requirements way up on roulette. They do this to discourage players from exploiting bonuses by placing bets covering every possible outcome, and in order to make it difficult to profit unless you have an exceptional winning streak.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing.
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4 January 2014 - 6:35pm

Hello. Winner casino makes me feel very different feelings. From one side, i know they are not so bad, and pretty average casino. Also their a long time in this business, and should have some reputation. But some of my friends, and some users on other russian forums many times see problems with them and casinos in their group(winner group). I heard few stories, when they ask to user send an notorized docs via regular post to their adress, and they even do not want to compensate all fees(imagine lawyer to notorize your docs + post sending, and its probably already your money that u win). So i do not respect this casino at all, and i made only 1 deposit to each casino in their group, does not win, but i am not care about this.
Support: Support across their network is nothing bad.
Withdrawals: 4 days pending period. Big time, not test my self, and probably i am happy that they do not make me wait 4 days my money.
Software: Cant complain, in this case everything very nice.
I am givin them two stars. Pretty bad casino in my opinion, and there is on casinolisting many playtech casinos which much more better.

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13 March 2014 - 1:36pm

Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review of winner casino. This casino is powered by playtech , and this is not the best playtech casino to play. I am never had problems with them, but sometimes if they asking notorized documents which should be sent with regular post, and this is of course big headache. I made at winner casino couple of deposits, expecially when send out to me bonuses, and get few withdrawals, never had problems with them. But if you take no deposit from any casino from this group, take note, they can ask from you this thing, and most likely you will never receive winnings. So not best place to get no deposits, be carefull please. But probably they do this just from russian countries players, because yeah, we have a lot of abusers and no deposit hunters... I do not know, but not the best place for playtech games, try bet365 better, this place is amazing and much more better. But if you brave enough, you can get a shot to winner casino. Thats all that i want to say, and i will not judge their support or withdrawals, because i just did not want, this is not very nice place, and i did not honor it for their stupid requests of stupid things.

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15 July 2014 - 3:34pm

Winner casino it is one more casino that use games from amazing playtech and this casino was one of the best for me and i played at this casino lot of times and have only positive and good experience. First of all great thing is that it is possible to download casino games on computer and just enjoy with it. I speak with live chat lot of times and every time in different time of the day and even on weekends live chat worked good for me and i was able to speak with agent this agents was always professional and good for me. Bonuses is good in this casino and i received email with some offer quite often also casino has nice comp points system as often player in this casino i get rate of 70 comp points = 1$ and it is really great rate and also casino usually have games of the month that give you two times much more comp points. Verify take only few hours but payout take a bit longer something like 3 - 5 days to get payed on my moneybookers now it is skrill. I have only good and positive things to say about winner casino and i miss this brand a bit.

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6 September 2014 - 10:16am

Winner casino is one of the most popular online casino at KZ, we have many players from this online casino, and also representative of this casino at forum. I tried this casino many times, and many my friends too. I will list pluses and minuses, but please take note that i did not know anyone who ever have troubles with this casino.
+ Software. It was only playtech when i start playing, but now there is much more games. Instant play games did not lag at all, and download PT application working very well too, i did not remember any bad experience with it.
+ Customer support. Live chat is awesome, and can be reached by application or by website, i never tried any other customer support options, and can not judge it, but live chat working 24/7, and most likely you will not need to phone somewhere, or send email.
+ Bonuses and promotions. Very good bonuses, and sometimes interesting promotions(but very rare, usually just 2x comp points for the whole month at selected games).
+ Withdrawals. My withdrawals rare take than more 3 working days, and for playtech casino it is good speed of payout. It can be faster for really vip players.
Final mark.
Very decent playtech online casino.

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29 September 2014 - 8:09pm

Playtech casinos are my favorite in general. Winner casino has many pros. Firstly it has one of the least minimum deposit amounts needed which is awesome. They also offer deposit bonuses and very often they give free bonuses if u play there. Marvel games are my best. A problem I have at the moment is getting into the bingo site, but I do know that they are busy doing site updates and integration. I haven't been able to play bingo for about a month now. I normally play every day as they offer free bingo for one hour. If you win you need to wager the bonus then you can play it as real money. Great !!!!

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27 October 2014 - 3:55pm

Winner casino it is playtech software online casino, and software was not long installed at my personal computer, reasons is very simple here - withdrawals should be paid on my skrill account much more faster, sure i did not want to wait about 4-6 days to get paid. My first withdrawal was 6 days, second 4 days, and both times it is too long and also both times withdrawal was reversibale, and you know my problems with it, i can easilly cancel withdrwal and quickly lost everything, i am pretty sure that it is not something that i would like to happen. Also at this casino there is not so many bonus offers, and not so many promotions, it is strange for playtech because usually casinos with this software offers much more bonuses and promotions. Everything else is quite good, but like i said i did not want to wait so much time to get paid on skrill account, this is very very long and bad. But for players who did not ill like me and who did not reverse withdrawals probably it can be good place with everything happen good, but i am fold here due to my own problems.

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11 November 2014 - 2:01am

Do not be fooled by the bonus offer's. Lost a total of £5000 and cashback offer was £8 I questioned this and after a week of pressing got answers that amounted to complete rubbish and obviously they made up there own rules. Note the terms and conditions on all bonuses are very unclear.

Steer well clear.

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25 November 2014 - 2:24pm

This casino is a little bit weird, but on the other side, its true that there is not even one another casino similar to this. Its game variety is not very wide but i tis very well known and famous, and also is absolutely enough for 85% of customers at least – NetEnt slotties, and Playtech mega-super-pro-hd graphics slots (and others).
The casino often offers 30 credits no deposit bonus for registration – this is, obviously, claimable only on Playtech games and casino. It would be too beautiful if there would be 30 pounds or dollars or euros free chip on Netent Smile
I have claimed the free chip but it did not interest me very much (dont like playtech currently, just gladiator could be spinned by me, nothing else) and deposited to Netent part. Claimed the serious deposit bonus and started to play – and now I was not sure if I came in right after it launched (and there were no Money in the badget to pay out Joking or just MEGA bad luck because the slots were that cold, that not even Starburst paid anything.
I have fallen to the ground that quickly ... I have almost broken my leg.

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26 September 2015 - 7:32pm

Players from countries that come (Bosnia and Herzegovina) will find non-stop entertainment at Winner Casino, because there is a good game, which includes more than 300 titles, and new games are added constantly. As a highlight of the casino, poker fans can enjoy the Winner Poker, attractive category of games that offers Hold'em, Omaha and other games. Innovative platform drives Playtech - the world leader in the development of casino games. Their video slot games give a whole new dimension to the entire mix, and are full of everyday generous payments from Playtech global network.

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9 November 2015 - 7:49pm

Winner casino,
definitely not well known on good services,
never ever they respond siriusly to player complaints and believe me i saw tons of them! non paying players, ignoring emails rude support staff, and go on and on. they have also the most worse payout rules in history, long time ago i readed an article about them, where someone calculate how long it will take if you win a jackpot from around 1 million euro to get paid, it will take them nearby 6 years to pay you everything since they don't make exceptions on jackpots, really i hope everybody will win once a big jackpot but i do not hope you win it on winner casino because you would cry i think. i have some very poor experiences with customer support, completely ignoring me several times, no promised bonus added, slow payments, and non payment from winnings of no deposit bonus! only had 2 withdrawals there ever, both processed lucky me, but then i directly stopped playing there after got my last withdrawal since it's keep getting only worse and worse there, so i would rather choose another casino, with better reviews,support, payment limits.

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Don't follow me!, I'm Lost too....Smile

Slots FanSlots Fan
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5 January 2016 - 5:53am

Winner Casino was not very suspicious at first for me.
But, some strange things are observed.

Now, there is a new casino - Bets Casino .
You can log in this casino with ID and Password of Winner Casino Smile
And if you try to log in both, then, the other one is automatically logged out.

And, there is Magic Red Casino where the Winner Logo appears in the Cashier.
I asked both casinos, but they declined the affiliation.

And there is Winner Club Casino, but, I didn't register in this casino.

Anyway, I was interested in this casino because Live Casino is included to play with bonuses.

But, I think that players should choose other better Playtech Casinos - Betfair, Betfred, etc.

Good Luck.

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9 May 2016 - 1:00pm

I am a regular player at Winner casino and never had problem with them.
Already my first deposit was succesful here. I made it without bonus and was playing my favorite Playtech game "Cherry Love". It was hot, i won big and asked to withdraw. They didnt ask me for verification documents and after 5 business days i have got my withdrawal to Skrill account. 5 day waiting period is normal here. But of course i prefer much faster casinos.
Also they are giving every week no deposit free spins with good enough wagering requirements.
As a gambler who loves to play many games and to make sports bets it's a perfect place to play. I made here many deposits and few withdrawals and they always comes as fast as i expect.
Never talk to support because didnt any issues here, all bonuses were added to my account without problems and actually everything was really good. So it's very big surprise to see them here as blacklisted casino. So from experience i can give them not less like 5 stars. Sorry for that who disagree but i am happy to play here.

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