William Hill Casino Review

William Hill Casino is an online casino with games supplied by Ash Gaming, Playtech, and Red Tiger Gaming. It is operated by WHG (International) Limited and is registered under the jurisdictions of Gibraltar and United Kingdom. Last Updated: December 19, 2023.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.


Our rating: Poor


Review of William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is operated by the famous William Hill Company that was established in 1934 in the United Kingdom. This company specialises in betting and legal off-track wagering and has a wealth of experience from which to draw upon. It was all the more surprising then to find that William Hill aligned itself with a company renowned for its dodgy conduct in the online casino industry - and its subsequent actions were enough for us to slap a warning on this casino and recommend players look elsewhere.

Warning - still owes money to a shortchanged jackpot winner

William Hill slid into oblivion when engaging in a joint venture with Playtech in 2008, transitioning from a Cryptologic operation over to Playtech's platform in 2009. This resulted in the quite incredible decision to hand over the keys to William Hill's online casino operations to the same Israeli Playtech subsidiary group responsible for the notorious cPays group of casinos (later known as Affiliates United). These included such houses of ill repute as Joyland Casino, EuroGrand Casino, and 32 Vegas, which was later renamed to 21 Nova Casino after losing a legal battle with 32 Red. The group was renowned for its poor treatment of players, unethical business conduct, heavy engagement in spamming, and ripping off of webmasters engaged in its various affiliate programs.

The now shuttered Joyland Casino is most famous for refusing to pay a $4m progressive jackpot winner the full amount of her win, with around $2m in change going missing in the process. Upon discovering the situation it had bought for itself when it took over the publicly beleaguered cPays casinos, William Hill denied that it had any responsibility for the missing funds and refused to pay the winner the money she is owed. They did this despite continuing to employ the very people that had ripped the punter off. To this day she still has not been paid in full.

These days William Hill is no longer engaged in the joint venture with Playtech. After years of public acrimony between the two parties and a dysfunctional working relationship that included the Israeli office staff walking off the job at one stage, Hill exercised its option to buy back its share of the deal from Playtech, along with the casinos in question, for an inflated sum of more than £400m in 2013. Some might find that poetic justice but it hasn't helped the poor jackpot winner in getting the rest of the money she is owed, and until she is paid in full William Hill and all its casino properties will remain on our blacklist.


There is not much more to say other than if you were thinking of playing at William Hill you would be wise to look elsewhere, with other well-known UK brands such as Bet365 offering a safer and more reputable alternative.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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Low RollerLow Roller
Joined: 23 Dec 2018
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Rated this casino
2 February 2019 - 7:30pm

William Hill belonging to the group with a similar name William Hill Group, which also includes Eurogrand or Nova21 and several other well-known brands, is one of the most recognized brands in Europe or even in the world. Casino from 1998, so it's already a long time with us. The forum is not too loud about it due to the lack of promotion, which is certainly a huge downside, because besides some basic bonuses 100%, 150% (depending on the section), even their depositors do not offer much.

A wide range of slots, as I mentioned above. I used to play there, however, in the WMS slots that were not very popular in Poland in the Games section (en language only) and I deposited many deposits there, but I did not even get any bonuses from depo. They once had a nice 20 € cashback bonus in the Vegas section, unfortunately it is out of date.

For me personally not very friendly layout. Too many windows, everything scattered in different sections, you do not have to search for something to find something if someone does not play there on a regular basis. Similarly, in the bookmaker everything is burnt in one place, promotions, courses, some information. I do not like it terribly, which is why I rarely play there.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: Indonesia
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Rated this casino
5 March 2018 - 2:41pm

which I know william hill is a well known and very experienced casino site, either in a land or online casino, but before they forbid players from my country to play there they start getting various payment-related issues, and finally I see them now in the list of blacklists in casinolisting, quite unfortunate for this, in fact I was also a little disappointed with them because I've made a deposit 4 times before they inform me to not play there again for some reason from their department, and I have not managed to cashout, it which makes me feel disappointed, for something else I think there are no obstacles, services, bonuses, livechat, deposit and games, all no problem for me, however I am sure what is recommended by casinolisting more accurate GL

CL - klaw

Joined: 4 Mar 2018
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Rated this casino
4 March 2018 - 12:38pm

I won a min jackpot. They refused to pay me when the game crashed.
They refused to pay me a sign up bonus that I was entitled to.

They use old crappy playtech games. Slot are SUPER laggy.
Customer service is SUPER rude. Totally unprofessional.



CL - klaw

Slots FanSlots Fan
WaroftheGods's picture
Location: Calgary
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Rated this casino
23 January 2018 - 2:02pm

Despite everything I just red above about William Hill Casino, and although I trust CL and staff and their warnings about these things should be taken seriously, I'm going to write this mini review based on my personal experience alone. I have been registered here for quite a while now but have never really played here too much. Recently a stumbled across their very generous and lucrative promotion "Must Drop Jackpot" . I took part, I cashed in on the very many free spins available, both deposit and no deposit alike. I had a blast, those new jackpot games that have winners very regularly and as far as I know right now, with this promo there has been no issues with non payments to players. The casino games are plentiful, the mobile version looks excellent, plus the Netent games are not restricted for me when playing at William Hill Vegas. Huge plus for me, my recent experience ran so smooth actually that I never found any reason to contact support. The games I played and enjoyed ran very smooth, the graphics are all top notch, and the promos and bonuses are around every corner. I myself wasn't lucky enough to win and cash out so I'm not sure how that would have gone, but judging by my recent experience alone, I'm going to assume I would have had no issues, maybe William Hill is trying to right a long list of wrong doings in the past, I myself believe in forgiveness. But I will not ignore Casino Listings warnings, thanks guys.


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 18 Sep 2017
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Rated this casino
10 January 2018 - 2:54pm

My expirience with WH casino was pretty good. In ~2010 Playtech was considered as best game provider and iPoker network was solid place to play. So i gambled a lot in poker sporstbet and those amazing (for 2010) marvel slots. My main 3 criterion of Casino is - deposit/withdrawl, promotions and support service and it all was fine. Sad to see them today in black list 🥀 . 3 stars for memory/nostalgia and advice to choose other casino.


idZaelany Zael
Silver PlayerSilver Player
Zaelany Zael's picture
Location: Indonesia
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9 November 2017 - 12:42pm

WILLIAM HILL now not accepted player from Indonesia. But my friend before playing PLAYTECH CASINO in here. I think long long ago william hill is okay. But now they are not grow up. I think playtech in here is okay, but my friend never doing beting in here. For withdrawal process is no problem. Why the big casino must be destroy, lol. May be some problem in gambling make william hill destroy. But william hill is the big casino i think so

Endro Nawawi

idEndro Nawawi
Silver PlayerSilver Player
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Location: Indonesian
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Rated this casino
6 November 2017 - 2:45pm

in my country wiliam hill very familiar and famous,i know wiliam hll from local tv news and i immediately sign up to make deposit,i play live roullete with bet red or black,if lost im bet 2x multiple to take me lost,unexpectedly i lost 30$ in few multiple with result black 5x 😀
until now my account still can access but i never make deposit againt. lol my experince 😂


Gold PlayerGold Player
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Location: JAVA
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Rated this casino
13 October 2017 - 9:57am

i play at william hill until they dont allow player indonesia. they are pretty good in my opinion. before I register my friend do some withdrawal from casino and sport. and withdrawal is no problem. unfortunately I was not lucky


Forum AngelForum Angel
Location: The North
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Rated this casino
2 July 2017 - 4:08pm

I was quite stunned to see William Hill being blacklisted here, but it definitely made me wonder. I have had a few experiences at William Hill but none of them have been too bad. My last deposit there was last year and after that I somehow disconnected myself from them. It happened after my withdrawal got delayed for a few days and overall taking around two weeks to get to my account, so I was upset about it and just found other places to play at. In my experience they are a decent casino with many games and good promotions to offer, but the fact that they are blacklisted here makes me think there is something not so great about them. The only flaw I personally experienced there were the slow payouts, I never got my money sooner than 4 days and it's a lot.


5Scatters's picture
Location: Southern Europe
Joined: 2 Jan 2017
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Rated this casino
12 January 2017 - 2:57pm

William Hill is a massive casino with almost every game that you can imagine and a vast amount of bonuses, offers, contests and other material. I was blown away by the unique possibility of having all of my favorite games in one place (although on separate pages as mentioned in the CL review above) and the ability to easily switch between them.

Their support was absolutely stellar, very kind, professional and effective in regards to every issue or question that I've ever had.

They are serious and efficient about verifying customers' documents, after which they pay out reliably for both small and large amounts, although like in many places you get saddled with the two-day waiting period during which you are encouraged to reverse your withdrawal. Also, while I never won any jackpots despite a large volume of play, I found the payouts and variance to be satisfactory and similar to all other casinos.

One minor complaint: the casino website and software seems a bit sluggish compared to most others that I've visited, and more intensive on system resources than average. Maybe this is better when playing their downloadable version, but I haven't tried it yet.

While the news about the Joyland scam listed above has definitely rattled me, this casino has always been fair to me and I haven't found anything to make me not recommend it.


Slots FanSlots Fan
Vanilipas's picture
Location: Ignalina, Lithuania
Joined: 5 Apr 2016
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Rated this casino
9 May 2016 - 1:09pm

William Hill is another surprise here. Surprise because it's blacklisted. For me it's a perfect gambling place and i really want to guard them.
They have everything:amazing sportsbook, poker room, bingo games and some other stuff and of course casino platforms are great too. They have very wide range for games selection. I joined them because was looking my favorite Playtech game "Cherry Love" (which is hard to find). I found here this game extremelly hot and already from my first deposit(without bonus) i asked to withdraw. Next morning they asked to send documents for verification and i did it. They were approved in one hour and i received my money two hours after approval. So what? Not great?
After some time i made another deposit and once again on Cherry Love i won. Withdrawal came next morning to my e-wallet. Next time i have won once again, and of course, on the same game:) Asked to withdraw but the same evening reversed it and lost it.
The only negative part about them is that i cant play there at my home, my town - Ignalina. Browser says when i'm attempting to reach website:this website organizing illegal gambling.
But at my job in our capital i can easy to reach their site and play. Maybe it's because at my job we have estonian server for internet and system thinks that i'm in Estonia. Maybe in Lithuania it's illegal.


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
nelsnik's picture
Location: Netherlands
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9 September 2015 - 11:14am

William hill!
one of the biggest casino's on the web, with most different and unique gaming providers ever seen!
Every section they have on there casino where different games are provided, have also there own promotions, from cashback,prize draws,freespins,deposit bonuse, giveaway's. anything you can imagine they have there;)
i have won lot of times there, and mostly my winnings where processed and payed in 1 day to e-wallet, this is not very fast but they also have lot of players who requesting cash outs! support is pretty hard to reach, and even hard to find there live support and that's the problem if you have a big website;)
some players had problems with them, but i never experienced issue's with them, except for some missing deposit bonuses, but that's all and was solved quickly always!
i knew there's one big complaint against them for a player who hit full screen of bonus symbols which also should pay out a jackpot of 100K but then game crashed, and due failure of this they won't pay him and cut him off with 50 euro compensation bonus! ridiculous really! but this luckily not happened to me! i still play there sometimes, but people decide on there own if they wan't to play here or not;)


dakraam1's picture
Location: groningen
Joined: 3 Jan 2015
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Rated this casino
3 January 2015 - 1:27am

yes and the above thins is not the only thing because they offer promotion but when you reach the requirements you get nothing i had that a few times and the live chad is the baddest i ever you wait fo 2 a 3 hours sometimes and then they said i can not read youre message and the close the chat and you can wait again . the games that they offer is reasenble but i love them and at the same time i hate them. because i love to play on the WMS slots but i deposit a lot less on it because every week in the live chat chat wit them because that above no thanks and i told them a few times sorry ok i accept that but every week 2 times they come with a good solution otherwise together with you we finding a casino that suits me


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: near Astana, capital city
Joined: 18 Aug 2014
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18 August 2014 - 2:28pm

William hill casino is rogued casino at almost all serious affiliate websites. I mean those affiliates who honest, and can list any casino as rogue if it thinks so, and do not hunt just for money. I played at will hill casino only three times, and in general my experience with this casino brand was not too bad, but not good too. Let's start from pluses.
+ Software. With software i am almost never have problems, because i preffer not use instant play, and if you think player who feel bad with software, most likely that played used instant play.
And funny thing, that writing this review i am realised that pluses here is end. Now about minuses.
- Customer support. I tried live chat once, and wait more than 10 minutes to get responce, it is not live chat at all with such waiting time.
- I was lucky to win 440$, and KYC was fast, no questions, in few hours, but withdrawal took 5 days, and as i know it is casino with 4 days pending period. Oh, that terrible for me.
- I did not get any reload bonus or any promotions information. For playtech casino it is unacceptable.
Final mark.
I do not recommend this casino.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 16 Jun 2014
Posts: 296
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Rated this casino
16 July 2014 - 2:44pm

William hill casino it is one of the best playtech casino in which i ever played it is rogued at many places and in many affiliated websites and i think it is honest that this casino rogue in case of total business but for me much more important it is just my experience and even if someone say to me that it is bad casino i did not believe him because this casino was very fair and good for me. William hill casino first of all allows to download software on personal computer which guaranteed very good and pleasure experience in playtech games. Casino live chat working any day any time of the day even on weekends i never wait customer support agent longer that 5 minutes and it is one more great thing about their live chat agents that very professional. Casino verify my account in only few hours and after this never touch me with any request or something like this. Payout always stay pending for 4 days but after pending time passed casino always make payout and you get money very fast after this time passed. Really have very good experience and really like this casino. I miss it a bit.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Location: Minsk
Joined: 11 Mar 2014
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Rated this casino
20 March 2014 - 11:47am

Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review of william hill casino. One more blacklisted casino from this group, but i like this casino and play it probably every week, sometimes two times per week. Only omni casino and their sister casino fly casino better for me, but will hill is really reputable casino and brand, i like it all the way, and never see any players on our russian forum who have any problems with them without any really logical reason. Will hill casino offers nice bonuses on regular basis, comp points system, and this well known free money throwns in your account. This is always pleasure just login in casino and found that you get something like 20$ free cash, with which i can play any games, or just withdraw this 20$ and they withdraw this without any questions, and anyway will continue to give you such presents. All i want to say that will hill for me is good casino, i like it, and i will not stop play there. Just 4 days pending period, only one bad thing with them. One tip for those, who want fast cashout and did not take any bonuses, you can download poker client, and play playtech slots there. With this withdrawals have only 6 hours pending.

True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
Joined: 13 Feb 2012
Posts: 885
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Rated this casino
14 January 2014 - 12:03pm

Hello. William hill casino is in nice casino lists for me. As i told in eurogrand casino review, i understand why all this group of casinos is blacklisted, and i agree with such decision. But my personal experience with them is a quite good, and i will play there without a fear. They are popular and big casino, so i think they will never stole my money, because i never win really big amounts, i am just regular lowroller. All their cashout come to me in 4+days due to pending period, but nice that weekends also counts in this pending period, so this is not so bad. After all, they have nice bonuses, they have comp points, and i like that probably 2-3 times in a month they just place 10-20$ free cash on my account, without any wagering requirements, this is one of the best bonus i ever see, you can just withdraw , or play any games without max cashout and without any restrictions.
Support: nice and friendly live chat.
Withdrawals: As was said, 4 days pending period, but i am anyway like it, they always pay with no hassles.
Software: OK
I am give to william hill casino 3 stars, its average playtech casino with some bad things they do in the past.

Card SharkCard Shark
Chelsea's picture
Joined: 31 Dec 2010
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Rated this casino
18 December 2011 - 3:57am

This is quite surprising as I have always thought of WH as an honourable company but I trust your judgement so I wont be playing there any time soon.

CL-Ed's picture
Location: Sydney
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20 September 2011 - 10:09pm

It is possible but extremely unlikely. What would be the point? Competitors aren't going to go around posting links using high value keywords directly to the various William Hill domains. That kind of thing only benefits them as far as SEO goes. And one site like us saying that they are bad is hardly going to dent their reputation.

The other thing is that the company they acquired and outsourced their online operations to is notorious for spamming and black hat SEO. No, the simple truth is that they are paying people to buy or gain them links to try to rank better in the search engines. And these people are just going around spamming every reputable and relevant forum that they can find.


Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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Gold PlayerGold Player
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20 September 2011 - 11:29am

Hi Ed, have you ever thought that the spammers were not the ones working for William Hill, but the employees of some competitor online casino? Understand me correctly, I believe in Casino Listings fairness and objectivity, but William Hill is such a giant... Nearly the synonym for online casino....

CL-Ed's picture
Location: Sydney
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28 July 2011 - 1:27am

We caught people working for William Hill spamming our forums the other day, which is par for the course with the company they outsourced to.

32 Red used to have live games but they pulled them a year or two ago. Have you tried Ladbrokes? They are also top notch, use the same Microgaming software as 32 Red, but they do have live games.

2 bossulo, Zaelany Zael

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2011
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Rated this casino
27 July 2011 - 8:41pm

I'm 100% in agreement with the above, although I've not had issues getting the winnings, I only play live casino as I don't trust the others. They have a 3-4 day (Working day) payout. This I assume is to hope you reverse and loose. They also make you sign a deposit form, if you win only, which you need to scan, print and mail. I tried a withdrawal last week (July) and they sent me a deposit form from April as I hadn't deposited any money. I think this is another delay, I've now stopped playing and I'm looking else where, would love if 32Red had live roulette as they are the best I've played in terms of Customer service and pay outs. Avoid......


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