Sportbet Casino Review

Sportbet Casino is an online casino established in 1997 that runs on a multi-software platform offering games from a variety of suppliers. It is operated by 5Dimes Group and is registered under the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Last Updated: December 17, 2023.

This casino is no longer open for business.


Our rating: Good


Review of Sportbet Casino

Part of the long established and reputable 5Dimes Group, Sportbet Casino merges sportsbetting and online casino gaming in one site. The site offers slots and table games from various different distributors, along with a live dealer section.

Games and sports betting

Sportbet offers an unusual structure for their online casino operations. They segregate the games into several different sub-casinos via the one site, which basically means that the games are split up according to their supplier. For example, the Grand Casino features games from Realtime Gaming, the Bonus Casino has games from MultiSlot, the Jackpot Casino is supplied by Betsoft, while the Gold Casino is stocked with games from Wager2Go. In addition to this, they have Monte Carlo and Vegas live dealer sections. The difference between the casinos also extends to the types of promotions that may be claimed, and some of the games have different payout settings depending on which casino you play in.

These guys have been around for a very long time and I have to say that it shows in the organisation of the site. Compared to modern casinos that consolidate thousands of games from a plethora of developers into the one interface, Sportbet's segregated casino sections feel clunky and unnecessarily complicated to navigate.

In days gone by, the Bonus Casino section was so named because the operator had enhanced the payouts on several of the games, and they were among the best paying versions of the table games to be found anywhere online. For example the Roulette paid 36.62x on a single winning number as opposed to the standard 35x, and there were many variations of Blackjack available featuring player-friendly rules such as late surrender. However as of 2021 this is no longer the case, and the Bonus Casino is just another section devoted to games from a single supplier (MultiSlot) which have standard payout rates. That said, you can find games with effectively increased RTP rates under yet another section titled Mini Games. The games themselves do not have their payout rates altered, but they are classed as rebate games that pay a cashback on every bet placed. For example the normally awful sucker's bet game of American Roulette pays a 4% rebate, Baccarat pays back 0.4%, and Blackjack and Video Poker pay back 0.2% each.

As you would expect based on the name of the site, Sportbet also offers betting options on almost any sports available in the world, including NASCAR, basketball, hockey, boxing, tennis, football, baseball, horses, and golf. The book has a good reputation for offering competitive odds, and paying out winners in a timely fashion.

Banking and customer service options

Sportbet allows you to deposit money into your account via a small selection of methods, including credit and debit cards, Interac transfers, and Bitcoin. Do note though that no matter what currency or cryptocurrency you deposit with, everything will be converted and denominated in U.S. dollars while on the site. Withdrawals are handled daily and fees are charged on all methods, with Bitcoin carrying a 3% charge that could be potentially eye-watering for large withdrawals. There is also another intriguing rule that you should be aware of if you decide to withdraw via Bitcoin. If you did not deposit using Bitcoin, the most they will payout via cryptocurrency is $5000 per week. However if you did deposit via Bitcoin, there is no upper limit to your withdrawal amount.

The site will allow you one free withdrawal per month, so long as the fee is less than $80 and, rather bizarrely, as long as you withdraw only on a Monday between 9am and 1pm. True, I am not making this up. Although the payout process and fee situation are another convoluted aspect to this site, both Sportsbet and its operator 5Dimes have an excellent reputation for paying out winners promptly, a reputation that has been earned over a couple of decades of operation. More so than most casinos, you should make sure you are across all the rules and exceptions before submitting a withdrawal so as to avoid the disappointment of having a fee charged or withdrawal amount limited.

Customer support at this casino may be contacted via phone, email, or live text chat. I have found the support to be quick to respond and eager to help. However I must make mention of the disappointing conversation I had with customer support way back in 2013 when attempting to help a player who had contacted us for assistance in self-excluding from the casino. I am pleased to say that Sportbet has upped its game in this regard since that experience, as I will detail below in the responsible gaming section.

Security, fairness, and responsible gaming policies

All interaction with Sportbet, whether that be browsing, wagering, or transacting, is secured by industry standard SSL encryption technology. This encryption is used to make it impossible for a nefarious third party to intercept and read your private information as it crosses the internet. To further safeguard accounts, the casino requires that account-holders verify their identity by supplying copies of identification documents.

Sportbet publishes the return to player (RTP) values for some of its games on the website, but not all of them. A sticking point for some of you reading may be that, due to operating out of Costa Rica which does not issue gaming licenses, Sportbet is entirely unregulated. On the other hand, it has an excellent reputation for paying winners reliably for a couple of decades.

The site's responsible gambling practices have been improved significantly since my 2013 interaction with their customer support described above. These days, players have full control over a number of settings that enable you to limit your play and/or deposits at the site. Within your account settings page, you can set deposit limits, gameplay time limits, or even request a temporary cooling off period, or total self exclusion. Once you set a cooling off period or self exclusion you cannot cut short the timeout, and the only thing you can really do with your account is withdraw your funds. Thumbs up to Sportbet and 5Dimes for their improvement in this regard.


While the site is dated and the organisation of the games is clunky, Sportbet and 5Dimes is one of the longest running online gambling operations, and possesses a history of reliably paying players promptly and without fuss. The withdrawal fees and strange rules can be confusing and may lead to disappointment if you aren't careful. All in all, Sportbet is probably mostly interesting to sports bettors who like some occasional casino game action on the side.

This casino is no longer open for business.
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Gold PlayerGold Player
adrianooo231's picture
Location: Dublin, Ireland
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Rated this casino
20 February 2021 - 1:26am

Partner of mine played here and wasted 50$ on a deposit , support was poor, barley any response when needed, games were enough, many more providers were needed, only played with the RTG games, won 270$ and could not even get that withdrawn, left it with community to solve and then no luck and no response from the casino, AVOID AVOID AVOID

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: Netherlands
Joined: 16 Aug 2015
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10 July 2016 - 3:38pm

Sportsbet, Poor casino!
i still shame my self i wasted bitcoins there, when receiving an promo email with an deposit bonuses i was excited to give it a try deposit 29 euro worth of btc, with a bonus of 150% on top of it from email, i played several games and won around 5 euro on tons of spins, almost felt like scammed, until luck returned and kept winning, i wagered bonus and cashed out 50 euro worth of btc, it took days and days without any respond to me, no documents asked nothing, no respond on my emails, so i decided to play everything and lost, i'm still angry about this, how bad can u act too your players? well one thing i learned is to avoid sportbet at any cost.

CL - klaw

Card SharkCard Shark
Joined: 30 Sep 2014
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Rated this casino
25 November 2014 - 2:41pm

Sport bet casino holding real time gaming software, and this is not my favorite casino with this software, and i did not think that it is best place to play slots with this software. First my complain is about bonuses, usually real time gaming casino offers a lot of different and great bonuses, but unfortunately emails from this casino with bonus offers come really rare, and bonuses are not big. Plus to this they never offer me any freespins or no deposit bonus, of course this is not good. Customer support i never try, because luckily i did not had any terms, and generally there was no any problems with my account, everything was clear. Regarding withdrawals i can't say anything, because simply i do not win anything playing in this casino, but from other side i did not win anything from just 3 deposits, which was not big, so there is nothing terrible about it. Anyway i did not like this casino enough to start playing in this casino again, it is not send me any good offers, and playing with just real cash is not something i would like to do with real time gaming software. 3 stars would be OK for this casino.

2 CL-Ed, CL - klaw

Gold PlayerGold Player
Joined: 9 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
25 November 2014 - 2:40pm

Do not Exchange the title with Sportingbet a.k.a. SB! This is something absolutely different โ€“ and, in my subjective opinion, also lower level casino.
It provides these two softwares together - Digital Gaming Solutions and Realtime Gaming. I did not try the first one, but analogically โ€“ what enjoyable a software could be, when it is sibling-able with Real Time Gaming, which is nothing interesting and rather an old-man between the adolescents nowadays ? I think that everyone could find the answer himself.
The casino, the layout, the design, the homepage, the Real Time Gaming software appearance and overall its โ€žlook and feelโ€œ is, in my opinion, absolutely terrible. This casino is something awful overall and I have deposited the minimum amount here from the same reason, why I try sometimes to put a coin into a (land-based) slot machine in the most dirty bar on the most unknown village โ€“ just because there is chance that exactly THIS one, forgotten machine will make you surprisingly win big (happened few times, unfortunately mostly not to me ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™‚ ). However โ€“ it was not the hidden treasure chest for me this time.
I really must focus on the design and appearance because its the most impressive and worst part of this casino and it punches me to my eyes , I must close the site immediately. Not recommend.

2 CL-Ed, CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
AstanaKZ's picture
Location: near Astana, capital city
Joined: 18 Aug 2014
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Rated this casino
6 September 2014 - 2:57pm

Sportbet online casino using unknown and real time gaming software. I did not tried any games here except real time gaming slots, and have some experience to share. Let me start from pluses for this online casino.
+ Software and games. Real time gaming slots not many at this casino, but even so i find some interesting slots for me which i really wanted to try, and i did it. Luckily experience in case of games was ok, every slot downloaded fast, and no any lags occured during my playing.
+ Bonuses. Casino usually send me good bonuses and offers, but nothing special unfortunately, and probably it is a reason why i did not claim much bonuses from this casino. Also no any interesting promotions at website, unfortunately.
+(-) I count as plus and minus withdrawals at this casino, because i did not have any withdrawals from this casino. My luck was bad, and i was not able to test it(to fair judgement i tried this casino only twice).
And one minus.
- Customer support. I tried only live chat, and few times i tried to open it, i get message that it is offline. Of course i am not happy with such things.
Final mark.
I can not say that i am happy with this casino.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 16 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
4 July 2014 - 12:42pm

Sportbet casino come to my attention because it has interesting slots from real time gaming and other software slots that i never try so i am always ready and happy to try something new to me because of course i can not play all the time net entertainment and microgaming sometimes i need to relax from their slots and take a break from it and for this i am very love to play at new casinos with new slots for me. I checked all the terms and conditions before join this casino check out bonus terms and also contact support in order to be sure for 100% that i did not misread something. After this i registered and make my first deposit and get bonus. I played probably a hour playing new for me games and i am not very like it it is looks for me very boring and in my opinion games pay not very well and it is hard to win something at this slots. After few months i tried this software again but slots was cold again and i decide never play at this casino again because i hate to play in casinos that seems cold to me.

CL - klaw

True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
Joined: 13 Feb 2012
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Rated this casino
17 February 2014 - 1:04am

Hello! And this is a moment when i should say goodbye with my reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ This is last casino in casinolistings list in which i played, so till they add new, i will not made any reviews. Do not cry please ๐Ÿ˜œ Actually, good thing that i can now pay more time to forum so you can read my post there, i will try to be nice forum member.
Sportbet casino was played by me probably year ago, and i am did not make any single spin at this casino, i just use it to some sport bets, and you know how i am bet... Like idiot of course, just bet on every event on favorite some money. From beginning i had very nice run, and i am almost double my bankroll. But then i became mad, and start betting more and more, big bets, you know. And favorites of course win not every time , so i finish my journey with this casino with big fat zero. I did not have much info about this casino, betting was ok, not any problems, but i did not test withdrawals or support, so i just give them two stars. Probably they good, but i do not see reasons to give them higher mark.

CL-Ed's picture
Location: Sydney
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22 July 2013 - 7:40am

We received an email from a reader here asking for our help in self-excluding from this casino. So off I went to the casino to try to clarify the situation. This is the conversation I had with their live chat support:


You are now chatting with 'Andrea'

Andrea: Greetings! This is Andrea, Affiliate Department Manager. How are you doing today?

Me: Good thanks Andrea. I have an enquiry on behalf of a player who wants to self-exclude himself due to a gambling problem but has been told that it isn't possible
Me: This is the message he emailed me, asking for help
Me: "Dear Sir/Madam, I've been playing Sportbet casino for a little while. I asked to be black listed on the grounds that I have a gambling problem. They said that is not possible and that the only thing that I can do is close my account. However, if I ask for the account to be reopened, they would reopen it. If I have a gambling problem, obviously they shouldn't be helping me maintain and further aggravate my problem. Is there anything that can be done so that Sportbet can blacklist me?"

Andrea: That's odd, we certainly don't keep customers against their will

Me: I think the issue is not that he can't close his account, but that he cannot be excluded from ever reopening an account

Andrea: Oh, I see. Indeed sir, we do believe free will as well.
Andrea: That's right. I understand where the request is coming from; but if he asks us to re-open his account, we have no reason to reject him.

Me: Thats the problem when someone has a gambling problem isn't it? Their willpower isn't exactly the strongest
Me: A lot of other casinos have self-exclusion regulations that allow a player to be completely locked out for 6 months, 12 motnhs, or forever if they choose.

Andrea: I hear you. In that case we can close his account, but on his side, he must work on his addictions integrally as well.
Andrea: I'm afraid we don't have such rules. Sorry. Fortunately I'd have to say we have very few gambling addiction cases.

Me: OF course, I agree that there is work to be done by the player. However it would be better if he could be helped by you guys when he is thinking clearly enough to ask for it

Andrea: We can close it
Andrea: but we take for granted he's an adult and has the right to open it back on if he wants

Me: Well I guess you had better go ahead and close his account. Maybe that is something for you guys to think about, in terms of being a little more responsible and caring for your customers. Thanks very much for your help

Andrea: I'll close it. You're very welcome. Can we assist you with anything else tonight?

Me: No thanks. Goodbye

Andrea: Bye

So the takeaway here is that Sportbet does not have a self-exclusion policy, nor does it think it necessary. I find that to be a very irresponsible attitude. On the other hand I imagine they would be falling all over themselves to exclude a player that issued a chargeback or broke the rules in some way. We're lowering Sportbet's rating here effective immediately.

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Location: Sydney
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3 February 2013 - 9:36am

Looks like the RTG games are a recent addition. We will have to note that in our database.

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Forum AngelForum Angel
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Location: Minnesota USA
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2 February 2013 - 3:35am

I want to mention one more thing. In the Bonus Casino and the Match Play casino, as far as the slots go, they have the older and other style (I can never remember the names for the line of games, lol) games. However, the "Grand Casino" has the full line of RTG games, which I was surprised to see (I was thinking they would have all of the other style).

One problem I encountered is I was able to load the games in the Bonus Casino, but the Match Play Casino games all stated I needed a Plug-In.

I did NOT make a deposit here Just exploring and played a few in "fun mode."

Forum AngelForum Angel
hope777's picture
Location: Minnesota USA
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2 February 2013 - 2:10am

I am intrigued by this site, and the report of high pay out rates. The games also look fun and different. However, I am finding the coupon code conditions very confusing, and the fact that there are many different casinos within one. For example, there are games that I would want to play if I took a bonus, yet it has a long list of games that would be "disabled" if you take the "coupon." I guess I will have to read and study more, but so far it is very confusing to me.

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