Royal Sands Casino Review

Royal Sands Casino is an online casino established in 2009 with games supplied by Realtime Gaming. It is operated by Onnea Trading Ltd, Cyprus and is registered under the jurisdiction of Cyprus. Last Updated: June 26, 2023.

This casino is no longer open for business.


Our rating: Very Bad


Review of Royal Sands Casino

Royal Sands Casino is an online operation that uses RTG software and, along with the equally bad Cleopatra's Palace Casino, is owned and run by a company named Onnea Trading Ltd which is registered in Cyprus. Both casinos have earned a reputation for delaying and/or refusing to pay winners, emailing bonus offers to players and then refusing to honour them, and instituting a host of unfriendly terms in their fineprint which are designed to prevent the casino paying out any large wins.

Blacklisted - non payment, unfriendly terms

The terms and conditions at Royal Sands exhibit all the signs of a penny-pinching owner that is afraid of paying out to any big winners. To wit:

6. All promotional offers and bonuses can only be redeemed by players when they have no existing account balances and no pending withdrawals unless otherwise stated. Any player who makes a cash deposit or claims a free comp of any type when the player has an existing balance over $10 will have their account locked and suspended. Management reserves the right to lock accounts that are suspected of manipulation or wagering fraud. Any player who utilizes a deposit Bonus with a deposit will be subject to a maximum withdrawal amount of no more than $5,000"

14. Any winnings generated on other non-tournament games that were directly funded from a tournament win will be restricted to a maximum of $1,000 cash out.

20. All blackjack games have maximum single cash out value of $2,500.

I must say that is the first time I have ever seen a casino state that they would lock a customer's account for depositing more money into the casino. Baffling doesn't even begin to describe that clause.

In addition there are numerous reports online (about both Royal Sands and its sister site Cleopatra's Palace) of players being made to wait months to be paid, winning players not being paid at all, and players being refused bonuses which the casino itself emailed to them. The complaints go on and on.

You would be mad to risk your money at Royal Sands.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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17 September 2014 - 8:16pm

Royal sand online casino again black listed online casino. I did not know that it is black listed here, i tried this casino like many other similar because it has big no deposit bonus - 50$, at least that was long time ago. And like similar casinos many players was damaged by this offer, and lost some money. Like usually for such casino, you will see one plus, and three minuses.
+ Software here is good i can not complain about it. I choose to use download application, and it does not take much time to do so, about 10 minutes, and you can play your favorite slots. In short, my experience with my gameplay was very good.
And minuses for royal sands(not royal at all).
- Customer support. Their CS was caught on our forum in many lies, and it is just very bad. This is very big minus for casino, it should never lie, specially in case of paying winnings.
- Bonuses are created just to catch players by any chance, make player deposit some money, and then casino machine start finding a reasons to not pay money.
- Withdrawals paid terrible slow in rare cases, or not paid at all.
Final mark.
fuck you owner of this casino, it is bullshit.

CL - klaw

Gold PlayerGold Player
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3 August 2014 - 11:32pm

As I have sometimes already written, it has been already a long time ago, but there was a specific timeframe at the beginning of my "gambling career", which I call "no deposit bonus hunting". However, better could be said, that I played only no deposit bonuses on online casinos, and thanks to the fact that no deposit bonuses are mainly on Real Time Gaming software provided casinos, I was playing mostly these games 🙂
And once I met this casino and did not have any idea, why not to sign up and try my luck there. so I did that and tried. I dont remember exactly the bonus amount (BY THE WAY, the casino is closed, it could be 2 years right now from when is it locked, so you will not try it even if you really want 😀 but I remember that there was no problem in wagering, support was very helpful to guide me how to withdraw - especially to the point of depositing. But as I contacted the suppie for the second time, requesting some details about withdrawal, suddenly, he found out a few of breaching T&C or another reasons, why not to pay me. I was trying to argue with them and sent them also a handful of emails, but it was worthless.
Anyway, this experience changed my view on casinos, and from now I began finding information about casinos on the web before just stupidly deposit my money into nowhere.
Rating is obvious.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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21 July 2014 - 9:07am

Royal sands casino have real time gaming software and it is well know software in united states of america because one day all good casinos with good softwares stop accepting players from this country and players from usa start playing only at real time gaming casinos and few other softwares that even worse that real time gaming. Royal sands casino allow to download software on personal computer and like 90% of casinos i join here with a link and coupon that give me no deposit bonus in this casino. I already knew that it is rogue casino because i google about this casino before register and i have find some topic on different forums that in this topic players say that it is very bad casino and they not able to get their winnings. Unfortunately i was lucky to clear small no deposit bonus but after live chat told me that i need deposit 50$ in order to payout my winnings from no deposit bonus i check one more time in google and make decision not make so big deposit and simple uninstall this casino because most likely casino will cheat me any way or just will pay very long time. Black listed this say not play in royal sands casino it is bad casino.

CL - klaw

True PlayerTrue Player
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12 June 2014 - 2:57pm

Royal sands casino is powered by real time gaming software, and i already tired of all this rogue casinos. I did not know why i decide to review them all, someone will think that the reason is only to get CL chips, but who knows, probably my review will appear in google, and it will help someone to read that this is bad casino, and it is safe such player money. Even if there is 1% or less chance of this, i am still happy, because this means i did something good.
I played at royal sands casino only once, with no deposit bonus, because when i was just starting to visit online casinos, i did not care about anything, i just took no deposit bonuses at any casino i was able, and play with them. I did not care about reputation casino or something like this, so i just took no deposit, and if lost i uninstall casino. I did not had luck with no deposit bonus at royal sands casino, so i just lost it and uninstall this casino.
I recommend to avoid this casino at all costs, in case you did not want to get scammed and cheated. Nothing good can happen at this casino, and there is no any reasons to play at this casino.

CL - klaw

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29 May 2011 - 1:01am

All I can say is try to cash out and see what happens. And don't expect much! It sounds like that rule 14 that we quoted above may apply to you, so your maximum withdrawal may be limited to $1000 if they pay you.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
Post in our forums to earn CLchips which can be used to buy real prizes in our CLchips shop.

Joined: 29 May 2011
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29 May 2011 - 12:57am

ok guys ive been playing at royal sands in there free tournaments and actually won first place in one so anyway i had a hot streak and won over $1400 any advise on cashing it out ive never made a deposit on that site that i can remember do you think i will be able to cashout thanks

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