Maple Casino Review

Maple Casino is an online casino with games supplied by Microgaming. It is operated by Vegas Partner Lounge and is registered under the jurisdiction of Malta. Last Updated: June 25, 2023.

This casino is no longer open for business.


Our rating: Very Good


Review of Maple Casino

Looking at its red-and-white and symbolic Canadian theme, you can see that Maple Casino represents what Canadian Casinos are all about. Maple Casino's popularity is further bolstered by the wide variety of games that it has on offer as well as the friendly customer support staff and exciting promotions.

Top Notch Games

The games boast not only of quality, but also of quantity. Perhaps this double-attack is Maple Casino's greatest advantage. With over 600 games to play, members have no cause to complain of boredom. Maple Casino's games are supplied MicroGaming - specifically, Maple makes use of the latest MicroGaming platform, the Viper Technology.

Of the 600 plus games, the majority are slots. There are 66 standards slots, 86 multi-line, 5 reel slots, 13 progressives and 24 bonus slots. Slots enthusiasts will surely never find two slot games that are exactly the same in terms of fun, payouts, bonuses, and experience. The roster of table and card games includes both old and new-fashioned games. Blackjack, craps and roulette are the usual favorites.

Promotions and Odds

The bonuses and promotions of Maple Casino may not be very exceptional, but they complement the wide collection of games. The loyalty program, although familiar, has some original concepts. Not so original is the point you get for every $10 bet you place. But you get free 250 loyalty points, and this will surely be enough to attract players to playing more games and eventually, collecting more loyalty points.

With Maple Casino, you can expect fair odds. A Random Number Generator keeps the outcomes random and an independent credible company regularly tests the reliability and functionality of the games.

Customer Support and Banking Options

True to the Canadian theme, Maple Casino's customer relations personnel are very helpful and speak fluent English; you would never need to worry about getting a representative whom you can't understand. You can reach support through chat, email or toll-free phone.

The banking options available are varied. Aside from the fact that you can use your preferred choice of currency (Canadian dollars, US Dollars, UK Pound, and Euros), you also get to process your transactions using NETeller, InstaCash, Click2Pay, UseMyBank, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), debit cards, bank wire-transfer, and Firepay.

Security and Stability

The software of Maple Casino is equipped with 128-bit encryption, making every transaction private and classified. Proc-Cyber Services manages all monetary transactions so security should not be a problem.

This casino is no longer open for business.
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Silver PlayerSilver Player
Joined: 19 Jan 2015
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Rated this casino
15 November 2015 - 9:35pm

What this casino stands out from the average, is much more mystery in which you can enjoy until you examine every corner of this excellent casino. For this you need the time, and if we consider the $ 300 to give to new players, then you are in the right place where you will feel all the magic of internet gambling. Here I am relatively new player, not one of those who are falsely commended nonexistent profits because there's no point, I am here lost over 100 € for one month, and I moved away for a few months of Maple Casino. A few days ago I returned with new deposit again but I quickly lost everything. The conclusion is still positive, because no one guilty because I can not control my emotions and money in the important moments of the game.


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
nelsnik's picture
Location: Netherlands
Joined: 16 Aug 2015
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Rated this casino
29 September 2015 - 8:16pm

Maple Casino,
An Canadian Themed Microgaming powered casino,
they have great offers for new coming players, they have 3 deposit offers, and a free play offer.
there deposit offers, are not so attractive for me personally, they come with a wagering of 50x which is too high!
sadly enough maple casino also have a withdrawal limit of 4000 euro per week, which is very poor. they are part of vegas partner lounge, which owns several casino's. the best part of maple casino is that they are one of the less casino's that allow manual flushing, this means they can take your requested withdrawal out of pending modus, so u don't have the possibility to reverse it, and u can safely wait for your funds to be sended;) processing of withdrawals goes not so very fast with them, takes 1-5 days to be received for e-wallet, this is really slow for an microgaming casino. they have a great customer support, who is both on chat and email responding very fast! maple casino is a great place to have some fun, and since they are part of the reputable vegas partner lounge group it's safe to play there!


Card SharkCard Shark
PeDrone's picture
Location: Surovce
Joined: 7 Nov 2014
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Rated this casino
8 December 2014 - 12:39am

PeDrone’s Maple Casino Review
Casino Software
This apple is called Maple casino and is not related to apples at all 🙂 It is related maybe only to Microgaming software, and to Vegas Partner Lounge, its operator.

Welcome bonus
Common and not very “customer-friendly” scenario at Microgaming casinos – customer chooses between freeplay and match deposit bonus while freeplay is pointless for me, and match deposit bonus is average for me. But the positive is that,… there is even a opportunity to choose .

Deposits and withdrawals
Deposited via e-wallets, claimed the bonus, played, then exited the casino. This time was just another time where I did not withdraw anything. Anyway I do not regret it, maybe once from 20-30 cases.

These games made my destiny at this casino – Thunderstruck II made my balance become from 50$ to 15$ and Girls with Guns shot me fatally into my heart.

I recommend the casino, as its operator is reputable and known authority and the casino is also offering local welcome bonuses that are interesting more than a casual one 🙂


Card SharkCard Shark
Joined: 30 Sep 2014
Posts: 192
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Rated this casino
18 November 2014 - 9:07am

At maple casino i played couple of times, but recently i decide that it is time to stop it, it was after very bad events that happens with me. But at first i describe my overall experience with this online casino. First of all there is only microgaming software, but it is not a problem at all, at least for me, i always have what to do with this software. Customer support did not surprise me at all, it is very good help provided to me by live chat, nothing special to say. With bonuses i am also was not very happy, nothing special, couple of 25%-100% bonuses per month, sometimes freespins offers. I decide to stop playing because withdrawals in this casino paid within 3 or 4 days, and most of this time withdrawal is pending and can be cancelled. After 50$ deposit i had 430$ withdrawal request, but was tired to wait, reverse it, and quickly lost playing immortal romance with 3$ bets. My problems with this canceling for sure, so i just decide never touch this casino again. For patient players there will not be any problems, but for persons like me who can't wait long this is not paradise, not at all.

CL - klaw

Gold PlayerGold Player
Joined: 9 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
24 August 2014 - 9:47pm

This casino is runned by a Canadian group or a Canadian owner, the Canadian colours-designed page demonstrates it very well. I have a good experience with this casino; however, it is quite similar to an user’s experience described above, who was talking to us about his quite unpleasant experience, caused by the fact that he was having “multiple account” on the same PC/IP with his wife.
My experience is similar in this way – my girlfriend has registered here and since she did not deposit here, as soon as did not play for real funds at all, so we have forgotten about her account at all. Then, after some time, I have used the same place and computer to play at this casino – I have deposited an unimportantly low amount of money and have played it to a little higher amount (it was cca my initial deposit *5). I was able to withdraw my funds completely (there was no pending bonus or anything), and as I have contacted the live chat, they requested from me more things I have ever imagined that is possible 🙂 Something very similar to the customer review above (with the difference that I was using the credit card to deposit, so there were even more documents required).
Personally, I rate them 3.5/5, points down mainly for the verification process.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: near Astana, capital city
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Rated this casino
18 August 2014 - 2:14pm

Maple casino is just too usual microgaming casino, and there is a lot of such casinos. But at least this casino brand is not so bad like CR group, and my experience here is ok. I will start from pluses, like always.
+ Software. MG application is one of the best casino software, and it is hard to find any problems with it.
+ Customer support. Live chat is great here, i am really enjoyed chatting with agents, it is working all the day, and there is no need to write email to support, i like such things in online casinos, it makes everything much more easier.
+ Bonuses and promotions. In this casino you can easy find a lot of bonuses and promotions, i get reload bonuses weekly, and few times during a month casino send me deposit match offer. Also sometimes i was able to get some freespins on new games, last time it was 30 freespins for Jurassic park slot, i did not win anything good from it, but still very good offer, and most important that it is for free.
And i have one minus to say about this online casino.
- Withdrawals. It is something like 2-4 days to get payment from this casino, and of course it is very slow based on experience from other casinos.
Final mark:
Good and reputable, my experience was very good, but withdrawals a bit slow.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 16 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
18 June 2014 - 4:06pm

Maple casino it is most likely microgaming casino for me probably. Past summer i had play only at this casino and has unique gaming wins for all summer and after this streak casino suddenly stop me sending offers and i think from this what i read on forums casino bonus ban me because of my great wins on it. After start not getting bonus i stop playing at this casino but before it i play it very often. During past summer i win more that 10.000 $ from maple casino slots playing different games and all games was hot for me including immortal romance and thunderstruck II. Live support work 24 hours per day and very good casino verify my account with 2 days and withdrawals take 3 or 4 days. I think this is good and safe online casino and i am remember with pleasure my playing at this casino because i never had so good run on different casinos and i hope i will have it in future. Only abd thing that this casino ban me from bonuses after i have so very good win and it is not good at all. I not play at maple casino any more because it is not good play with no bonus and promotion but i am thank to this casino for winning much.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Location: Minsk
Joined: 11 Mar 2014
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Rated this casino
12 March 2014 - 6:44am

Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review of maple casino. Casino is using microgaming software, and offer to new players choose their welcome offer, freeplay or 100% bonus. From freplay you can get up to 500% bonus up to 100$, and 100% is just 100%, i of course choose freeplay and managed to get my 500%. I start playing with 120$ on my bank as you understand and i feel that luck should come to me this day, so i just enter every slot i want and just get couple of nice hits which helps me to clearing wagering requirement and increase my balance. Last slot i enter was wheel of whealth multiplier, i spin it till i clear wagering with 400$, and i just request all to withdraw. Nice thing that i won such good money from only 20$ deposit , and withdrawal hit my skrill account after 3 days of patience waiting, nothing can be added here.
Support: Email support is good, they verify my account faster than 24 hours.
Withdrawal: My first and only withdrawal took 3 days. And this is good speed and i like to get money with this time, i know many casinos which withdraw much more faster, but as i told many times i am happy with what i have.
Promotions: nothing really interesting
Software: Microgaming.

True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
Joined: 13 Feb 2012
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Rated this casino
21 January 2014 - 11:00am

Hello! Maple casino is another one microgaming casino, which i use to play freerolles when i had some free time. Usually, you need about 10 minutes for casino, to play all freerolls which currently running. I know, this is probably stupid, but why not give yourself a chance to win some free money just playing freeroll? Also this is nice opportunity to play, when you low of funds, but want to gamble a bit. Of course not all freerolls good, you should try to play only freerolls which does not have 'continue play' option. Because if this button is enabled, you will always got busted by people, who have a lot of money and can make a lot of this continues. My experience with maple casino nice, for about two years, i withdrawed from freerolls about 200$ from this casino, and i made only one 20$ deposit. Not a big amount of course, but come on, it is just free money, and i did not invest anything to earn it.
Support: Speak with support few times, they absolutely ok!
Withdrawals: Withdrawals took for me 2-3 days, not fast, but ok, average if you ask me.
Software: OK!
I give to maple casino 3 stars, as they just average microgaming casino.

Joined: 3 May 2013
Posts: 3
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Rated this casino
10 May 2013 - 7:22pm

Nope they approved that the credit card was mine, hard to disagree with photos of me holding it, the receipt and the package it came in lol. I understand there concerns, but only on withdraws not a $25 deposit each just to test it out. I also understand some casinos only allow one account per household, I don't have a problem with that, what I did have an issue with was even after they agreed, yes its my prepaid card, yes I allowed my wife to play with half of it, and they approved of it, still on a deposit asking for all the info you get asked on withdraws only, as there T&C says. If it was my $170 I spent out of my own pocket then yes I would of fought more for it, and I know a lot would say that is your $170, well yes it was as far as winnings go, but I was up to 8 am dealing with this crap with them, I was tired, the night was wrecked and quite frankly I was just so tired of the BS I didn't care anymore, I just told them to take my winnings and go buy their wife a nice gift because they probably mistreat her as much also and she deserves it lol, the way I look at it, if I went through this much crap just to play $25 I could only imagine what I would of gone through trying to get a mere $170 from them, or I probably would of lost it anyhow, $170 isn't enough for me to make a withdraw, $500 yup 🙂 that would be my withdraw limit. But live and learn, it might be an ok place for others but its been the worst experience I had yet with any online casino. and from I heard there is a lot worst out there so who knows, I'm looking into some that have the best ratings, less hassle and best payouts (as far as not with holding winnings as so many do), narrow it down to a few then make sure I take care of all the crap in the beginning so no BS will stand in my way again like this and actually enjoy in my night instead of being badgered to death while playing with $25 lol.
and yes they asked for drivers lic, or passport, utility bill, one other thign I can't remember, another copy of the credit card just after I they approved it from the last pic I sent (back and front) they still wanted again it was just a freaking joke.
But at least they only got a total $50 out of us and the winnings it could of been a lot more and would of been. sa la vie on to the next one. I think going to a live casino might better for us anyhow, less hassles and you get the money right away, no headaches no hassles no worrying if you win a jackpot if your going to get paid or scammed.


CL-Ed's picture
Location: Sydney
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10 May 2013 - 7:49am

Sorry to hear you had that experience samiam. Unfortunately some casinos are hyper-sensitive to people who play on multiple accounts from the same computer, as they consider it a red flag that indicates that the player could be a fraudster. My advice to you would be to always notify the casino first before you create a 2nd account for your wife and check that they are ok with it before going ahead.

I can't believe you gave up on the $170 though. If they approved all your docs you should have been able to withdraw without supplying any more.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
Post in our forums to earn CLchips which can be used to buy real prizes in our CLchips shop.

Joined: 3 May 2013
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Rated this casino
3 May 2013 - 6:14pm

Ya I wound up in an arguing all night with these folks about this issue, usually you get asked for your personal information upon withdraw not after depositing money, I proved to them I was the owner of the card, and they took that and accepted that, but kept asking me for all my personal information as well even though they accepted my proof (pictures to prove it)
They even tried to throw the T&C at me which stated they only ask for this information upon withdraw also not upon deposit, but even after all this they still continued to ask for items they state they only ask upon withdraws.
I just went here to see how it was like and wound up with an all night argument instead, I got so frustrated with this, I just told them to cancel my account with $170 winnings in it, I go to online casinos to have fun not to get badgered to death for depositing money.
This is one of the last things they wrote

Our security department has accepted the explanation and the copy of your credit card. We apologize for requesting it again.

However to complete your verification you still need to send us the following documents :

1. A copy of your most recent utility bill.

2. The details section(s) of an identification document(s) like a drivers license(s) or valid passport(s).

3. The signed Deposit Authorization document below.

all for a $25 deposit and they accepted my proof they still wanted more, this is totally ridiculous, as I kept stating to them this information is only requested upon withdraws not deposits, the part that got me was even after they accepted all this and my proof they still continued to ask for more and for me to fill out forms and fax them in with copies of personal data plus another copy of the card which I already sent them and they accepted, it's totally insane to put anyone through this just to open an account and deposit $25 to test it out.
The reason I didn't even bother to try and get a withdraw is because if I had to go through this much hassle just to put a deposit in I know I would never see the money anyhow.
Lesson learn, this is one place to avoid like the black plague.

Forum AngelForum Angel
barbadosslim93's picture
Location: Michigan
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3 May 2013 - 3:42pm

Hi samiam,

It sounds like they wanted to make sure that you guys were legit instead of scammers who use multiple accounts at the same address with a similar form of payment.

This casino has good reviews, and I would bet that after submitting these documents, you would not need to put anything else through in order to pull funds out.

Joined: 3 May 2013
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Rated this casino
3 May 2013 - 10:58am

Me and my wife bought a $50 prepaid card that we used at maple casino today, she used $25 and I used $25 and then the nightmare began, we do this all the time at all casinos online and never ran into any issue at all, I got email after email asking me to send proof, I sent photos of the card, front and back, I even sent a photo of the package it came in and the bill of sale from shoppers drug mart, still they wanted more, this is what they required when you use a prepaid credit card and share it with your wife.
1. Provide a copy of a government-issued photograph identification (i.e. passport, driver's license) that provides date of birth; AND
2. Provide a copy of a utility bill verifying your residential address not older then 3 months; AND
3. Include copies o
f your registered Credit Card (this requirement is only applicable if you have deposited using a card); AND
4. Fax the above information attention: Compliance to 800 287 5686 or +27 11 253 9617 OR
5. Email the above mentioned documentations to the following address: [email protected]
6. Approved Purchase Report - Listed Below (You are only required to return this part of the document, if you have transacted with a Credit/Debit Card. If you have not used a card to deposit, please ignore this requirement)
plus a few more emails, this has been going on all night and has wound up becoming a total nightmare.
we never had this issue with any place except this place in all the times we bought things or played at other casinos online.
I could only imagine what trying to get a withdraw from this place is like.
Nothing but a total scam
along with this information was another long list of crap they wanted to me to fill out and send in also.
So anyone even thinking of going to this place BEWARE! you been warned. I will not recommend it or ever go back to this place.
all over a prepaid $50 card we bought at shoppers drug mart unbelievable because that's the only thing we use online.
Although I am Canadian and like to back business here this is one place that should be shut down, I'll take my business elsewhere.
The only reason we even went there was my wife got a flyer in the mail from them, so we thought we would check it out for $25 each to see what it was like.
What a big mistake that was.
Boycott this place.

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
cocakolakid's picture
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16 September 2010 - 9:45am

Got the free spins! Thank you 🙂

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