Lucky Creek Casino Review

Lucky Creek Casino is an online casino established in 2010 with games supplied by Betsoft, Rival Gaming, and Saucify. It is operated by Genesys Technology Group and is registered under the jurisdiction of Curaçao. Last Updated: October 21, 2023.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.


Our rating: Bad


Review of Lucky Creek Casino

When I first hit up Lucky Creek Casino I was surprised at what I saw. The casino draws heavily on a wild west theme, which immediately reminded me of the many other similarly themed casinos. Delving deeper into the casino however, I found that Lucky Creek is a destination of its own, putting itself into a category that melds with its sister Genesys casinos but allows it to have its own brand. But does that translate to a good experience? Read on to find out.

Warning: bonus rule traps, potential progressive jackpot theft

CL-user gemneye73 reported that Grand Eagle Casino, a sister casino to Lucky Creek, withheld a $46,000 jackpot from her for a T&Cs breach. Gemneye73 had made the mistake of claiming multiple no deposit bonuses before she had deposited at the casino, which is something buried in the terms and conditions of the site. After depositing she played the Dream Wheel slot machine and hit a $46,000 progressive prize, only to be told that she was ineligible due to claiming those free bonuses in the past. To be clear, it is within the casino's rights to do this so we are not asserting that they cheated her of the winnings. However it is clearly wrong of the casino to allow players to claim multiple freebies in a row if it is against their terms, and doubly wrong to then allow them to deposit after breaking the term which means they have no chance of winning anything. Making matters worse, the casino appears to be holding onto the money from the progressive jackpot, as the money hasn't been refunded to the jackpot pool for others to win. Without a doubt, this makes the Genesys group look pretty crummy.

Software and Games

Powered by Saucify, Lucky Creek Casino has a specialised look and feel to it. From the moment you download the casino's software to the time you withdraw funds, the casino's software is fluid, nicely animated, and user friendly. 
The software installed quickly and file updates were downloaded without hesitation, which is an improvement from what I saw at a few other casinos in Genesys' portfolio. I was able to register for an account in just about a minute, and was able to deposit funds without issue.

The gaming library at Lucky Creek is unique, and offers players access to a selection of games that fall under common labels. Every major casino themed game is found here including blackjack, poker, video poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, slot machines, keno, bingo, and even scratch cards. While some games are undoubtedly more fun to play than others, one common thing you will see here is the work that went into making these games present themselves as smooth. Everything is crisply animated, and I did not notice the pause in reels that I see at many other casinos due to the software trying to catch up with the casino server (or vice versa).

If you decide to give this casino a go and are looking to play something, I recommend some of the many slots you will find there. Games are categorised by what features they offer in the menu (a nice touch), and offer a pretty high entertainment value to keep you spinning. Some of my favourite games at Lucky Creek were the snowboarding themed Frontside Spins and the fitting western themed Fistful of Dollars. There is an issue with the slot selection on offer though, as the company offers titles from BetSoft, which is another company that has a potentially shady history. We've done an investigation into the company's games, and have seen that the games are potentially rigged in a way that makes the progressive jackpots unwinnable. This is certainly enough to give us pause when it comes to playing any of the BetSoft slots at Lucky Creek, or anywhere else for that matter.

Banking and customer service

While not as strong as its software and library, Lucky Creek's banking is decent. Just like the other Genesys Group casinos, Lucky Creek offers limited options for deposit and withdrawal. Withdrawals are subject to a 48 hour hold period before being processed and are only paid on Mondays and Thursdays. Unfortunately the casino's weekly withdrawal limit is too restrictive for my tastes at just $1500. The casino claims that this limit may be raised for VIP players, though the upper limit of $5000 isn't exactly huge either.

I did not have any gaming issues at Lucky Creek, but did investigate the casino's customer service to see how it stood up. Looking into the issue of a bonus I engaged in an instant messaging session and was met promptly by a courteous worker who assisted me and got me back on my way. Thumbs up.

Security, fairness, and responsible gaming

Lucky Creek protects player information using SSL encryption. This is an industry standard, but is also important, as it protects your data from being hijacked by hackers. Fairness isn't specifically addressed, so we can't see much in terms of audits or anything related to game fairness. It should be noted though that the above-mentioned issue with user gemneye73 is a key example of the casino acting in an unfair manner.

There is a responsible gaming page on the casino's site, which provides a wealth of information about stopping addiction and underage betting. While the information here is useful, there isn't too much in the way of controls, other than a self-exclusion policy. Names of counseling organizations are provided, but actual links aren't present.


I was satisfied with what I experienced at Lucky Creek Casino, without being blown away. However I wish that the casino had better banking options and more generous withdrawal limits, as the tiny limits in place give the impression that the casino may be underfunded. Serious questions must be asked about a casino group that will allow people to deposit after breaking rules that will invalidate any win they may make, effectively forcing them to donate money to the casino without any chance of winning. For that reason I cannot recommend that you play there.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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Joined: 13 Jun 2021
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13 June 2021 - 7:50am

Lucky Creek Casino is TRASH
I been trying out a few casinos last few months with little work available with our current situation I started out just looking for sites that offered real Texas holdem games as soon as I started visiting sites good ole google and there ads matching your search history strikes again stupid crap, I receive an invite for several sites with these big welcome bonuses etc. With that said I chose lucky creek had trouble at first making a deposit but I contacted my bank and got the restriction for international payments lifted and had no more problems after the first month I had lost $700.00 and had noticed a pattern as soon as my play through would be honored I would loose anything and everything I had won so far instantly making me wonder about the gaming software time went on and with little work the 700 loss was not something I wanted to continue so I started using no deposit bonuses but never really won from them so a few more weeks pass I decide to make a small deposit so I deposit $50 with a match bonus I have $175 to play with 10 minutes in and I'm like seriously I know I'm not this unlucky where I can never win anything with like $12 left I hit a decent pot and things looked up I get to $800 and figure I better withdraw 700 that would actually make me even at this point I go to withdraw and it says I cant withdraw with an active bonus I have a thing under the active bonus that states cash out bonus after I click on it my balance goes from $852 to $100 I hit the roof and immediately go to support there I'm told I was using a no deposit bonus when winning and it has a max cashout of 100 so I'm like I made a deposit I was told that my deposit money had already been lost and I was playing on bonus money who is to decide what part of the balance is bonus money or my money since then I been looking everywhere to find reviews on the place and hadnt found nothing I make another deposit and loose so I use loyalty points that doesnt show any max cash out and I hit the jackpot of $1000 on the new hot slots game thats currently active I go to withdraw and support starts the same stuff when I can't withdraw then I'm told my winnings would be void for mutliple no deposit bonuses between deposits I told the lady if my balance was touched my lawyer would have a field day with them and another guy came into the chat after some back and forth I'm told my account would have to be reveiwed by accounting i have actually doubled the $1000 in the last few hours and I look to have all the winnings taken away for the fine print of T&C that I wasnt informed of I finally found this site awhile ago and saw the thing about the lady that lost the $46,000 this is same thing I'm looking at now from lucky creek so let it be known all these genysis game casinos are stealing peoples money and getting away with it even though they send multiple emails a week giving these bonuses and allow peolple to make multpile no deposit bonuses go through with no warning this is a premeditated scam to steal our money from us there has to be something we can do about this and not just have to allow this to be ok as long as they get away with it more and more people will be victim to this and where does it stop something needs to be done now I dont trust any casino online and will never play this way again after seeing the amount of blacklisted casinos whats the point that proves that they have continued to get away with stealing with no consequence I'm done what a shame just wish I would have found this site earlier but I clicked on so many sites that was stupid till I found this site I feel this site needs promoted better to help people not be done this way

CL - klaw

usAdam Lefebvre
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16 September 2019 - 1:00am

Wish I’d of found casino listing before playing this branch of casinos I spent over 800$ and won absolutely nothing. Stay away from this casino !!!

I give 0 stars to this casino as well as all affiliated branchs


Forum AngelForum Angel
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7 April 2019 - 7:26pm

I have never liked Lucky Creek casino. I remember a long time ago I was joining and trying out many online casinos, Lucky Creek included. I got a free casino chip and managed to meet the wagering requirements playing one game that wasn't in the restriction list. However, when I asked the support what should be my next step, they told me that I wasn't eligible for the chip in the first place- although the chip was added manually by one of their support agents- and then when I wanted to close my account, I was never told that my account would be closed in all their sister sites too. They don't have good game providers, game variety in general is bad and I would never trust them with real money.

CL - klaw

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8 September 2018 - 8:36pm

There is a manipulation of software in these casinos for example this game
There is a bonus in other casinos while you can not find it in
Luckycreek and its affiliated casinos
Anyone can go and try the game
And go in other casinos like
You'll find there's a difference though it's the same game and it's the same company
Picture in attachments


CL - klaw

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31 July 2018 - 8:37pm

The worst casinos in which I played I played bonus bonuses and achieved a thousand dollars I wanted to withdraw told me direct support You took the rewards and must deposit
I deposited $ 20 and pulled $ 500 told me the withdrawal support was refused to be deposited again
Then I learned that they wanted to steal me and I did not deposit again
It's cheating and lying



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Rated this casino
6 November 2016 - 2:18am

I tried to use the freespin code offered by cl but it didnt work for me. It asked me to link my account when I put in my email. Im not too sure what that means. I looked around the site and it looks like i have deposited at one of their other casinos before. I guess the code doesnt work due to me playing at the others. I might try this one in the future. I like the concept of the loyalty levels It also appears you can transfer funds from each casino. I dont remember liking or disliking the sister casino it would have been nice to try them out with the code.

CL - klaw

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15 June 2015 - 4:42am

I can see in your screenshot that they are showing your bets in coins rather than dollars. So you have to mentally calculate that a 120 coin spin at 5c per coin works out to be $6, and it would have been $1.20 if the coin size was 1c. I agree that is confusing and is one reason why better casino software either shows you both (eg. Net Entertainment) or allows you to toggle between the two settings (eg. Microgaming).

I'd say that you latter concerns about the software may be due to a combination of a deficiency in your uninstaller and the casino software. What a lot of the casinos will do is install a registry key in some deliberately mis-named location that has no relevance to the rest of its registry settings. The only way you're going to catch that is to have the program that does the uninstalling running while the casino is being installed so that it can record everything that gets installed. Years ago I remember using a program that did just that, but it has been a long time since I used Windows as my primary OS so I can't give you a name sorry. And even if you do have something like that already, the casino software may not set the key until long after you have installed - i.e. after you complete and confirm the registration process.

Anyway the takeaway is that the casino is unlikely to be tracking or recording anything you do, it is more likely that it installs a registry key that is sort of hidden, in an attempt to discourage or catch people who create multiple accounts to commit free chip or bonus fraud. Then when you reinstall the casino years later it finds the old key is still there so it knows you had installed and/or created an account sometime before.


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Gold PlayerGold Player
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11 June 2015 - 5:50pm

My experience at Lucky Creek

The past couple of weeks, I have been receiving emails from the Genesys Club. I thought that it was another casino but it turned out that it is a collection of several casinos. This morning, I signed up for Wizbet, one of the casinos in the collection but decided to play at Lucky Creek Casino instead, which is also part of Genesys.

After I downloaded the game, my old email address showed up in the Login screen, which made me realize that I had opened an account there before. The problem was that the email address that I just used to sign up with Wizbet was different than the one that I initially used for Lucky Creek. That also meant that I had mistakenly created two separate accounts with Genesys Club. After a clerk agreed to close my old Lucky Creek account, I was able to login with the email address I used to sign up with Wizbet.

At first, my $40 deposit was declined. Then I deposited $39.15 which was accepted and then claimed an additional $75 bonus. They had some cool 3d games. Some of the games like fistiful of dollars, sanba spins and chocolatier had decent graphic and sounds. As I was playing chocolatier, a popup showed up to ask me if I wanted to review the game. I thought that was good to ask players for feedback.

I was playing between $1.50 to $2.50 per spin. I did not win any bonus or free spins. The highest amount that I won in one spin was $15 and ended losing the $114 in my account pretty quickly.

I was locked out of the progressive games because I used a deposit bonus.

I have two concerns with this casino. The first one is that it was very hard for me to figure out what my bet was per spin. Three times, I thought I was playing $1.20 per spin but it turned out that I was playing $7.20 per spin. (For example, check out the screenshot below. If you think that you are playing $1.20 per spin, you are wrong. It's $6 per spin). Also my winnings were also equally confusing.

The second concern that I have is whether their game software is tracking me. I usually received emails about promotions from them right after I played at another casino. When I downloaded their software today and was getting ready to install it, it gave a message that it was already installed. The problem is that I used sophisticated software to uninstall programs on my computer in order to delete any files and registry information left behind by uninstalled programs. It seemed that my software could not completely uninstall their software.

Will I play there again? Frankly, I don't know.


CL - klaw

Gold PlayerGold Player
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2 February 2015 - 11:57pm

I was really only joking when telling that on th tail of the casinos ladder (at least on this site) appear the most of "unique" or "proprietary" casino softwares, but its obviously absolute truth 😂 Operators, suggest you to get back into sure ones that do not disappoint.
At least I have seen this software for the first time in my life (maybe sometimes in the past, but really no reason to remember it) and also I was getting out of this casino with almost not changed opinion (just a few bucks "healthier"). The slots are not interesting and someone who is experienced at netent and microgaming dont offer anything to entertain, in my opinion. Not recommended.

CL - klaw

Card SharkCard Shark
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19 November 2014 - 6:00pm

PeDrone’s Lucky Creek Casino Review
Casino Software
This online casino is using games created by Saucify. It is operated by Genesys Technology Group. There is obviously much more of these Saucifies like I thought (have not noticed them before I know they are same-titled 🙂 ), but anyway for me there is no positive at all.

Welcome bonus
Restricting me from claiming any bonuses – this casino must have a serious issue with my country or with something that interpretes as my country to act this way. Certainly not a magnet to new customers.

Deposits and withdrawals
There are many payment deposit and withdrawal options, I used VISA to deposit 40$ and received attention! Surprisingly 40 bucks as well ! So I just converted $ to bucks and was able to play – damn this casino, if it would give me some bonus, I would maybe even withdraw anything – but this time did not succeed.

Customer support
Live chat support service was not available when I needed it – nor I was able to find the button to access the live chat anywhere on the site, so I assume there is no Live chat at all … (?)

I played only Pieces of Eight slot game here, as it is very similar to Dead or alive slot game (but only similar with its design 😢 ). Its feature is absolutely not related to Dead or Alive, and I consider it a not very well-done fake.

I don’t recommend the casino, there will be probably no bonus for you exclusively and nor the games are interesting, and they are also unknown. Poor for me!.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Rated this casino
24 June 2014 - 10:51pm

I played at lucky creek casino only one time and after this i uninstall it because googled some complaints from players and decide to myself that it is not safe and honest online casino and i should not play here and spend my time on it. I deposit on this casino because want to try new slots for me and i find that this games from bet on soft is very bad. I play 5-6 slots and all of this slot award me features often but it was terrible because game was lag on my computer and i play it very slow and also games not pay anything good to me very low amounts of money that can not be compared with microgaming wins for example. I not test payouts from this casino or support how it works did their live chat good or did this safe and honest casino but based on players complaints and problems that this players have with this casino and also based how bad their software i think it is very very bad casino that can scam any player at any time so not trust it and not play there because some thing very bad can happen and you lost winnings and deposit. I not recommend to play this casino it is not safe and probably not honest.

CL - klaw

Forum AngelForum Angel
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17 January 2013 - 6:36pm

Here is another one I have never heard of that takes U.S. players. So many casinos, so little time. lol

I will wait to hear how the complaint pans out before I consider playing here, of course.

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17 January 2013 - 5:12am

I am looking into concerned customer's complaint here:
Lucky Creek Casino thieves

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usconcerned customer
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9 January 2013 - 11:44pm

I continually wonder why online casino bust your Ba**s when you try to make a withdrawal. I actually won on a free bonus from Lucky Creek last week and they are giving me a BS run around trying to finalize this withdrawal and have the funds refunded to my credit card.

They are trying to put obstacles in front of me to frustrate me and have me go away, but i will not... if I do not receive my money by next week, I will hit every forum there is online to bust them down.

What experiences have you all had with lucky Creek and others. I have found that prior to the US crackdown on online casinos, the only reputable groups are Fortune lounge & Sands of the Carribean. While I have not played much the past 4-5 years due to this crackdown and bad luck, I came back and have had this bad experience with Lucky Creek.

Looking forward to hearing from you all on this casino.

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