Grand Macao Casino Review

Grand Macao Casino is an online casino established in 2011 with games supplied by Pragmatic Play. It is operated by Netad Management and is registered under the jurisdiction of Curaçao. Last Updated: October 24, 2023.

This casino is no longer open for business.


Our rating: Terrible


Review of Grand Macao Casino

On the surface Grand Macao Casino offers something a bit different for American punters who are restricted to a few different software developers when it comes to their casino games. The casino runs TopGame software, which normally sets warning alarms off, as casinos running this software are notorious for being unprofessional, underfunded, slow payers, or outright rogue - or all of the above. Sadly recent events would indicate that Grand Macao Casino unfortunately does not break the mould.

Blacklisted for non-payment of winnings

Grand Macao is one of several casinos run by the Netad Management team that has a history of slow payments, usually in small instalments. However they were reliable in as far as paying people who were patient enough to see the process through. This changed in the July 2014 though when a player who had won roughly $6,500 contacted us about being stalled on her withdrawal. We attempted to mediate but the casino's unprofessional treatment of the player and lack of response to us has left us with no choice but to blacklist this casino.

The casino's failings in this case are many. First up, they denied the payer's withdrawal and told her that it would take up to an astonishing 90 business days to verify her identity documents. In the meantime she was free to continue playing at the casino. The inference was clear: the casino would rather delay the withdrawal and encourage the player to continue playing with her balance in the hope that she would lose some or all of her winnings. These intentions were crystallised when a support representative from the casino told the player that there had been "suspicious activity" on her account (no further detail was given), but the casino was willing to pay her $500 and then increase her balance so she could continue playing. Despite the so-called "suspicious activity" the player's account was not suspended, nor was any evidence produced that would explain exactly what this activity was. It is safe to assume that the claims made by the casino here are patently false.

Our attempts to mediate were at first replied to in the negative, and then totally ignored. We therefore find a deserved place for this casino and all others run by the same management on our blacklist.

Software and Games

In terms of software Grand Macao offers TopGame titles to punters. At first glance this is something a bit different from the Rival or Real Time Gaming casino games that most American punters are used to, but the reality is that TopGame's software is generally subpar. The games are not nearly as polished as what other developers offer, and the library of titles isn't very large. There is also the history of games that were "accidentally" set so that winning the top prize on the game was impossible.

Banking and support options

Even if Grand Macao's management team didn't stiff the player mentioned, we still have several concerns with this casino's withdrawal policy. Grand Macao and its sister casinos are notoriously slow to pay out winnings and quote a payment limit of "up to $3000" which "depends on player class". You won't find a definition of "play class" anywhere and the casino won't reveal it either. Experience has shown that the casino will drip out large withdrawals in small instalments as little as $500 a fortnight or month. This means that players who strike huge wins are often stuck waiting very long periods of time to receive their money.


If you are thinking of signing up to play at Grand Macao Casino, you should definitely reconsider. This casino and those run by its management team have gone from slow payers to no-payers, eliminating what little value the casino actually had in the first place.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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30 April 2015 - 1:33pm

Hey silas31986, I replied to your questions here:
Grand Macao Casino...Hit Big on a Bonus But They Won't Pay??

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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29 April 2015 - 10:31pm

Ok so I have a horrible review for this casino. First off I mostly stick to online poker, but when I got a free bonus from another casino I said, sweet lates try it. It was only $25 and I went through it quick. Then a few days later I received another freebie from another Casino and did the same thing. Then a week or so ago I got one from GrandMacao Casino and this is when everything went to crap! So I take the $50 bonus and it gets down to $5 and then I hit a bonus that brought it up to $100, I continued to play having my balance go up and down until I hit another bonus and stopped playing with my balance at $225. The next day I played some more and worked my balance up to $400. I had been playing on my phone this whole time so when I hit $400 I logged onto my computer so I could get the customer service number or see what the rollover/wager amount was before I could Cashout. I talked to a customer service lady through chat and she assured me once I had wagered $2475 I could Cashout. I asked what my wager amount was at and she told me something like $1075. See I have played with bonuses on my normal casino Bovada and knew there was a rollover/wager balance you had to hit before you can cash out. So I told the lady thank you and said I hope my lucky streak continues that way I can cash out she said yes good luck and that was that. So the next day I played more and worked my balance up to $500. I then got back online and asked what my wager amount was and the customer service lady told me it was at $1550. So I knew I had to stay lucky for another $900+. The next day I played more of and on throughout the day and my balance was down to $325 or so, then I hit a big bonus making my balance $720. I got online and was told I had reached my wager amount but could not make a Cashout because I had used 3 no deposit bonuses without making a deposit. I argued with her because I said I talk to 2 different ladies the last 2 days and they had never mentioned that one time. The lady I was talking to told me they were "new" and didn't know any better. She told me my best option was to contact the finance department and talk to them to see what they wanted me to do. I said if they don't pay me what was the point of all of this, and she replied that I could probably withdrawal $100 and the rest is to practice with. I said practice, on slots, who wants to do that? If you had poker or whatever it would make sense, but to practice on slots seems pointless. Anyway, I emailed them and did not play for 2 days. I hadn't heard from them and figured they were ignoring me, so I started playing again figuring what the hell it doesn't matter. Well my balance went down to $400 over the next few days until yesterday April 28th 2015. I want to add that I emailed the finance department everyday and sometimes multiple times a day after my balance hit $720 and I was told I couldn't Cashout. I also want to say that when they told me I had used 3 separate No Deposit Bonuses, that is when I found out they were connected to multiple casinos. Anyway, I was playing on April 28th and hit a maximum payout on 2 separate lines and my balance jumped up to $1600. At that point I emailed the finance department again and told them the whole story again and said my balance was now at $1600. I told them I didn't want to take it all, only half so I could continue to play at there casino. Finally, I got a response from them and they want all of this personal information and for me to deposit $25 into my account before they process a payout. Well I have continued to play and my balance is at $1440 right now and I don't know what to do. This is all a bunch of horsecrap, and I can't believe they would treat people like this. I don't know if anyone can help me or give me advice, but it is extremely frustrating to know you have $1400 sitting in a casino account and you can't withdrawal any of it. If I would've known I was going to get lucky I would've deposited the $55 myself and played. But when you are offered a free signup bonus and you are told you can Cashout if you hit the wager limit, then you assume the casino will allow you to Cashout if you get lucky. It's not my fault I got lucky or that the customer service ladies didn't know the rules. All I know is that I have $1400 sitting in a casino account and the only way they "say" they will let me cash out is if I send them a picture of my DL, a Color copy of the card I used to make the deposit, a utility bill with my name and address on it, and for me to deposit $25 into my account. It sounds more like they are trying to steal my identity or my money, rather than process a payout. I say stay away from GrandMacao Casino! Also like I said is there anyone out there that can help me or tell me what to do?? Because I am extremely frustrated and pissed that I cannot Cashout money that I Won! Sure it started with a free bonus from them but that is not my fault. I say don't offer the bonus if you don't expect people to win every now and again!! Stay away from GrandMacao and please let me know if you can help.


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12 November 2014 - 11:45am

Someone please explain to me these TopGame no deposit / welcome / signup free bonus, that is redeemable, but is not cashable ?! This is the reason why I almost NEVER play this software - the casinos providing that are linked someway (or it is also possible, that they are just in the same casinos group - I dont know, because almost always when I meet manners like these, I got that angry, that I absolutely dont care about any group or whatever 😀

Anyway this casino offered a no deposit bonus offer, and although now I am an veteran among these tricks, few years ago I was likely to get caught on a trap like this 🙂 So I started and after a long time also finished the playthrough and happily wrote the live chat – and you can guess what continued – and he was even quite rude that time and answered me, complaining about their system, as to „honey“.

This was certainly one of the crucial moments where I were deciding to close my relationship with TopGame casinos forever – and I never regret that, as also the games are not worth it, nor the design, simply nothing.

For me – no doubt, lowest possible rating.

CL - klaw

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7 September 2014 - 8:26am

With grand macao online casino i had terrible experience, and probably this is worst experience i ever had with this online casino. I am really aware you not play in this casino, because it is almost scam(at least for me). Let me explain my experience with the way i always review casino, i start from pluses.
+ Software. Topgame software that i downloaded working very good for me, and i really have no any bad experience with it. If only bad looking slots can be count as bad experience, but i think look of the slots is not so important, because sometimes bad looking slots better than cool looking.
+ Bonuses and promotion. Casino giving out many different bonus offers, including no deposit bonuses. But my problems starting from claiming welcome no deposit offer.
And now minuses.
- Support. Email replies took 2-3 days, it is too long. Live chat did not seems helpful, i had questions, they told me write to email. What the point?
- Withdrawals. I won from my no deposit bonus 100$, everything was honest and ok. Luckily i decide not make deposit, and just send documents to verify account before make deposit and request withdrawal. In short, casino ban me saying that i broke their security rules. No any information.
Final mark.
Very bad online casino, i do not recommend it.

CL - klaw

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18 July 2014 - 3:56pm

Grand macao casino it is casino with top game software and i played in this casino only one time in my life and of course i never come back because it is terrible casino but luckily i know about this not from my experience but i know this from other players experience. Top game casinos all with this software allow to download software on personal computer but i really think that probably it is only one good fact that i can say about almost all top game casinos. Live chat is terrible here no idea how often it works and i do not care because simply after login live chat pop up and agents try to give you some advices how to get nice bonus and just actually trying to catch you in web and make you deposit in casino i really hate when live chat support agents just want to get your money and nothing else. I played once with small deposit and did not win but i think it is luck for me because from what i read on different site most likely i will not see my winnings from this casino in case i will be lucky. Not play in this casino it has bad software and bad owners who want to steal your money.

CL - klaw

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1 July 2014 - 7:32am

My experience with this casino is exceptionally confusing and infuriating. I had signed up to the casino a few months back when I was checking out Top Game casinos and to use the free chip at the same time. Now while I was new to online casinos and wasn't that knowledgeable I have progressed tremendously in my knowledge thanks to forums like this and others. So after months going by and not giving the casino a second thought. I received an email from them directly(not spammers) informing me of a 30 chip that I could redeem.

Now before I even wagered I asked support if this was able to be withdrawn and not "money to try the casino out, just fun money that you cant withdraw any winnings" which I have heard at several Top Game casinos. I was assured that if I met the wagering requirements I could withdraw 5 times the bonus amount. I said what the hell I roll with it and played for awhile. Lost. So I thanked the support and was informed If I made my first deposit I would get a 450% bonus 30x wagering and a 50% cashback on my deposit. I thought "what the hell I just had some good play with the bonus and ill give it a shot" so I made a 21 dollar deposit just to have some fun I thought. Well I ran through that like my Uncle Ricky through a Vegas whore house.

So I just shut the casino down and ate a sandwich. Midway through my delicious Salami sandwich I realized the 50% cashback and I hate to let any money go to waste especially if its from a casino. I contacted support, redeemed my 10.50 and damn I hit it big. Ran through the play through quick like Ricky and contacted support about a withdrawal.

In there T&C it states that a max of $150 can be redeemed from my cashback bonus. So that was fine with me. I sent in the relevant documents promptly and received several emails from there security DEPT. about a time frame on verification which was unreasonably long. 7-10 business days. Ok I'll live it was only off a $22 deposit. I patiently waited and waited and waited and waited until I received an email verifying me not my withdrawal just me.

So I again calmly made my withdrawal request which didn't take as long as verification just 4-7 business days. Finally I received the email "approved" . Now in my authorization form I supplied them with my prepaid cards account and routing # and requested a bank wire that I have done at other casinos and the card will do. A week and a half goes by and nothing in my cards account. So I contacted support only to have an response " did you not receive the email with instructions" no I didn't receive it" well could you check again" no I wont I DID NOT RECEIVE IT.

So after an hour on chat she "resent it to me". Man I was getting mad now. I'm not going to give the name but the site I was supposed to go to in my "instructions" and put in the details supplied in the email was an affiliate and marketing creating company for online businesses. WTF this is some weird stuff. I put the details in(while still in chat) to have a prompt tell me either invalid username or password or account is not yet active. I asked support what was the deal and she told me to try again which I already did. She then put me on hold again and I waited and waited and waited and waited. She then assured me that they would have it resolved by end of day tomorrow as it was late and the other sites support was not there. I just ended chat.

The next day I waited till end of day and no response. I contacted support to have someone else tell me to enter in the details. I did. same shit. Sorry for the inconvenience we will get with the relevant Dept. and send you and email in 24hours. So again I waited, now that was Thursday of last week and the next day was Friday. I gave them there 24 hours and nothing in my inbox. Again support, "We do not know what the problem is sir and there sites security dept. does not work on weekends". I wanted to come through the chat window and start slapping people.

I asked for a manager and the manager(who seemed retarded) had nothing more to tell me except that they were resolving the issue and would email me on Monday which he assured me that It would be resolved. So I waited getting angrier by the second. Monday which was yesterday( can you guess the answer) I again received no email or contact what so ever.

I get in chat an the first thing I sent them is " I would like to speak to a Manager' can I ask you why"no" so I wait, finally a Manager Jodie gets in chat and tells me that she reviewed my case but I only submitted it on 6-26 "so, that was 5 days ago, you took my money in a second now its been a month" Well they don't work on weekends " so they still had all day Thursday, Friday and today. "What do you want me to do" "are you kidding me" I then waited for 20 minutes for a reply from her to only say I have reviewed the case again and the relevant Dept will email me in 48hrs. "NO, that is unacceptable you have given me the runaround , no real information and I feel like you are cheaters and scammers". Well if that B#$%H didn't respond, nothing, not even with me asking are you still there and "did you really just say that and leave the chat' 4 more hellos over 30 minutes and nothing. So here I am now. Broken, angry , vengeful. So my advice to anyone and that means my worst enemies as well "DO NOT DEPOSIT,CONTACT,PLAY OR SPEAK THE NAME GRAND MACAO CASINO" without first having a mental issue or a fetish for ridiculousness. I know its not a lot but that 150 was won by me, I did what was asked of them and its the principle of it. Beware Of GRAND MACAO " your money will go in but it never comes out" ( new casino motto)

2 CL-Ed, CL - klaw

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30 June 2014 - 6:14am

Netad also owns Begado, WinPalace, Slots Jungle, and Casino Titan, you will probably get paid and it will take longer then usual, frankly I would not want to try Grand Macao, and have been receiving mail from them ever since they opened. If you ask me, I would stick to Club World, 3dice, winaday, slotoland or for you lucky European players your awesome Microgaming slots.


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