Gaming Club Casino Review

Gaming Club Casino is an online casino established in 1994 with games supplied by Microgaming. It is operated by Bayton Ltd and is registered under the jurisdiction of Malta. Last Updated: December 1, 2023.

usGaming Club Casino does not accept players from the United States.


Our rating: Very Good


usGaming Club Casino does not accept players from the United States.

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Review of Gaming Club Casino

This online casino is one of the oldest on the internet, having been around since 1995. It is one of the longest running, most reputable and well known casinos in the internet today.

This casino uses the Viper software from the premiere online games developer, MicroGaming. Aside from the snappy graphics and seamless sound effects that this software produces, it also provides a lot of very useful features. You can play in the casino by either downloading the software or by just accessing a Flash version using your web browser.

Great and Exciting Games

Upon joining this casino, you will have access to at least 260 fun, safe and great looking games. Aside from the wide variety of games available you can also join in a lot of single and multi-table tournaments which the casino is proud to sponsor. The fairness and stability of the games is made possible through the use of the Random Number Generation (RNG) technology.

The games include table and card games like Baccarat, Keno, Cyber Stud Poker, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Roulette and many more. Also included are a variety of Video Poker and Slot Games. It is also worth nothing that the casino has a great variety of progressives which are not only enjoyable but also offer huge progressive jackpot prizes.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

This casino gives their customers lot of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing their money. Included in theses options are FirePay and NETeller which are the casino's preferred deposits methods. Using FirePay and NETeller entitles you to an extra twenty percent cash bonus credited to your casino account. Other deposit options are available. Do feel free to check the site for more details.

Withdrawals can be done through your credit card but will be up to the amount that you have deposited through the same credit card. There are withdrawal options that you might prefer due to some added features. Withdrawing through CashCheck gives you your deposit analysis while PlayCheck withdrawals let you view your past games' cash flow. Other withdrawal options include the aforementioned deposit methods and Check by express and regular mail, ACH, and Prepaid ATM's.

Customer Support

This casino has a customer support team available 24/7. Inquiries and concerns can be addressed via a number of toll free numbers and through emails. Email answers can be expected between four to twelve hours after sending. Their telephone representatives are relative efficient and informative as well.

Gaming Club Casino Jackpots

These are the current progressive jackpots at Gaming Club Casino as recorded by our casino jackpots tracker. Click a jackpot name to view detailed statistics, jackpot graphs, and win records.

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Card SharkCard Shark
Rooster's picture
Location: Morocco
Joined: 28 Feb 2018
Posts: 194
Thanks given: 48
Thanks received: 103
Rated this casino
9 June 2021 - 10:05pm

I have been a member of this casino since 2013. With only microgaming games it was difficult for me to win, not like today where we also find Netent games. with a few deposits without any withdrawals, I decided not to play or make deposits at this casino anymore.
live support is still available but slow to respond.


Gold PlayerGold Player
adrianooo231's picture
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Joined: 17 Mar 2020
Posts: 694
Thanks given: 97
Thanks received: 234
Rated this casino
14 February 2021 - 2:11am

Gaming Club Casino was a fun caisno with nice support, fun daily bonuses and has been around a long while now, have received my KYC in less than 24hr
Withdrawals are done within a day or 2 max which i was happy with on first attempt to withdraw

Forum AngelForum Angel
Location: The North
Joined: 6 Apr 2016
Posts: 3897
Thanks given: 344
Thanks received: 1140
Rated this casino
7 April 2019 - 8:00pm

There was a time when I was playing only Microgaming games, or at least 70% of my time were spent playing Immortal Romance at a majority of old-school Microgaming casinos and Gaming Club was one of them. Back in the day, I played there quite a bit as they had a fantastic collection of Microgaming games and once I downloaded their software I would never experience lagging or any technical issues. I was lucky enough to win there a few times and requested withdrawals that were processed without any delays. However, as time goes by and online gaming evolves, I found myself playing at other casinos due to two reasons- better promotions and more than just one game provider. I think it's a good casino and they can be trusted, but when it comes to having fun online, I prefer many other casinos.

CL - klaw

Silver PlayerSilver Player
Eljuno's picture
Location: Indonesia
Joined: 22 Feb 2018
Posts: 390
Thanks given: 602
Thanks received: 281
Rated this casino
24 May 2018 - 7:55am

Gaming Club is very good online casino, i have an account there and played for long time a go, as i remember at that time i make deposit $20 and i receive bonus match 200% , so i have $60 to play and i must fiNish 50 times wagering from bonus amount, i play basketball stars for a hour, but unfortunately i cant get the win, i see my fund run out and i stop to play there, i think they are Not my fortune so i prefer to stop playing with gaming club,.

Very surprise sometime they give me any bonus freespin and bonus money start from $10, $20, or $25, i dont know why , but im very enjoy with the bonuses, even i only make deposit once there, i will try to play again with them if i get a good feeling, because they are very good person

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Almeyda's picture
Location: Indonesia
Joined: 8 Jan 2018
Posts: 272
Thanks given: 133
Thanks received: 150
Rated this casino
28 February 2018 - 7:41pm

gaming club became a lucky enough place for me, almost every make my deposit is always successful for cashout, i only play when they give good deals like 100 to 150% deposit bonus, withdrawal no less than 24 hours, livechat is very smart and helpful, and certainly very reliable, I love gaming club, one of the best microgaming casinos, GL


idEndro Nawawi
Silver PlayerSilver Player
Endro Nawawi's picture
Location: Indonesian
Joined: 23 Oct 2017
Posts: 414
Thanks given: 150
Thanks received: 90
Rated this casino
29 November 2017 - 12:53pm

Sometimes I made deposit to play in gaming club,in history transactions almost balanced between deposit and withdrawal,I fell easy get fitur if play Microgaming from gaming club than on other casinos,overall this casino is nice, light on my phone device and standard withdraw time 3 👍


Silver PlayerSilver Player
Pharidodot's picture
Location: Indonesia
Joined: 20 Oct 2017
Posts: 411
Thanks given: 132
Thanks received: 159
Rated this casino
4 November 2017 - 4:08pm

yesterday I got a call from the gaming club, offered some interesting promos, I hope to get there soon, it's never been lucky with microgaming, but what's wrong with trying to continue .. because it seems like they are good,


Gold PlayerGold Player
bossulo's picture
Location: JAVA
Joined: 7 Oct 2017
Posts: 738
Thanks given: 570
Thanks received: 445
Rated this casino
10 October 2017 - 2:28pm

very good online casino. I always see a nice win here.
I chose a gaming club casino on one of my favorite casino lists


Joined: 18 Feb 2017
Posts: 1
Thanks received: 1
Rated this casino
18 February 2017 - 8:36am

i have been with this casino for 7 years they cause me a lot stress over this whole period of time.

the last bundle of stress they caused due to waiting for my biggest win so far of $75,000, i was so excited, they apparently paid it over 4 days on 4 different transactions, it usually goes into my bank account within 12 hours of them transferring the money back into my account.

i waiting 11 days and still no money there and when i ask to see the transaction receipt that they could not provide it, then they tell me that they are experiencing some difficulties with payments only because i was on there back or they would have just let it go longer (11 freakin days after) .

Then email after email, calling them up they finally paid me some to neteller and the rest to bank a bit after. Disgusting, when i deposit it goes in instantly but to withdraw out of the casino is 100 times harder then to deposit. pathetic

I have deposited $85,000 in this casino group too in the last month and a half.

so i asked for a match bonus of 100% they agreed if i deposited $900 they would 100% match it, i was in live chat and they were waiting on the deposit, my bank was doing maintenance at the time so there was restrictions on my card to make a deposit i come back later on (1 hour) to make the deposit and got this

here is a little conversation i had recently with them, they threatened me in this chat as you can clearly see because i said id post this up


Welcome to Casino Support Australia , LukeA will be right with you.

lukea5:25 a.m. Welcome to Casino Support, you're through to Luke, how can I assist you today?
lukea5:25 a.m. How you doing today Luke?
5:25 a.m.luke hi, im good thankyou
lukea5:25 a.m. Good to hear 🙂
5:26 a.m.luke my banks was doing maintenece earlier and i would like to take up that match bonus offer of 100% on $900 if its ok?
lukea5:27 a.m. Let me have a look into that for you...
lukea5:27 a.m. While you're there, did you try out Mega-Moolah... The only casino game to be in the Guinness Book of world records for the biggest payout in the world ever @ €17,879,645!!! You could be the next winner!!!
lukea5:31 a.m. Luke, may I ask, how you came across that promotion?
lukea5:34 a.m. You still there?
5:34 a.m.luke yes im hewre still
lukea5:35 a.m. How have you come across that promotion?
5:35 a.m.luke i asked the live chat represntative would i be able to gewt 100% match on my next deposit and was thinking of depositing $900, they said yes
lukea5:36 a.m. Just a moment please...
lukea5:39 a.m. As far as I can see on here Luke, you have been advised that the 100% is/was no longer valid...
5:40 a.m.luke i was aggreed to that i would be able to have it, how can you say no now, when i tried to deposit, my bankscard usage was down, i have been ready since then
5:41 a.m.luke im sure you know the commonwealth bank are doing maintence as othert players would have had the same problem im having
lukea5:43 a.m. I'm afraid that was an external issue that was not affiliated with the casino. As such, unfortunately I cannot honour your request.
5:44 a.m.luke copy paste this
lukea5:45 a.m. Pardon?
lukea5:47 a.m. You still there?
5:48 a.m.luke yes im writing a reveiw and pasting this in
5:48 a.m.luke for the first online casino to come out this is digusting
lukea5:48 a.m. Sure thing Luke. I am sorry that you feel this way though...
5:48 a.m.luke im sorry im giving you 1 star
5:49 a.m.luke but its the truth
lukea5:51 a.m. Luke it was previously advised to you that the offer was only valid whilst on chat with that particular host.
5:51 a.m.luke that doesnt even make sence? you agreed and i have been trying to deposit
5:51 a.m.luke yous know my bank is doing maintenace
lukea5:53 a.m. I'm not in disagreement with you Luke, it was agreed, but it was only valid for that specific time.
lukea5:53 a.m. Unfortunately that is not related to the casino Luke.
5:54 a.m.luke since my bank is doing maintenace that im sure yous are aware of you should put that into consideration and allow it to still be present
lukea5:57 a.m. Your bank is an external party Luke. The issues that you experience due to their activities is unfortunately not casino related. As such, we can regrettably not honour this for you. Over and above that, you did have other depositing alternatives available as well.
5:58 a.m.luke ok im posting the comment
lukea6:01 a.m. It is regrettable Luke.
6:02 a.m.luke it is regrettable, what exactly does this mean?
6:02 a.m.luke please explain
lukea6:02 a.m. That you feel this way Luke.
lukea6:03 a.m. It is regrettable that you feel this way.
6:03 a.m.luke talking in riddles now
6:03 a.m.luke ok no worries
6:03 a.m.luke some professionals


Silver PlayerSilver Player
Joined: 19 Jan 2015
Posts: 344
Thanks given: 1
Thanks received: 128
Rated this casino
26 October 2015 - 5:07pm

Gaming Club Casino, another of Microgaming gems that are first used in its offer used a huge number of games created by the software vendors. I used their welcome bonus of 100% up to $ 200, even though I paid the maximum amount that was more than enough for fun hour that I deployed in a few days you can enjoy the charms of this casino completely. After a few days of play I fell to only $ 10, which is compared to the $ 50 initial deposit and total capital of $ 100 was quite depressing experience. I applied a so-called cooling methods and made a break for three days, then I came back and won an additional $ 40, which still have to account because I did not play at Gaming Club for about the last three weeks. Excellent casino and confidential because nevertheless there since 1994 and it means something.


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
nelsnik's picture
Location: Netherlands
Joined: 16 Aug 2015
Posts: 259
Thanks given: 5
Thanks received: 233
Rated this casino
9 September 2015 - 10:08am

Gaming Club casino,
i've played there long time ago, i started there with no deposit spins they offered that time,
lot of players had those time's an withdrawal from that free spins, and i did this too, 20 euro withdrawal, they didn't ask for a first deposit and sended my funds after 2 days, quite slow but it was free so i was happy. they are part of Jackpot city i mean the same group. same support in my language, and always they offered me spins depending on deposit amount, i didn't like there design of the website, looks old and games took long to load in my opinion. promotion's that are on the website, are also not so attractive too me, and since i always only can play on flash mode, i missed lot of free spins that people which had the download client got. i was un happy with this and told support few times, but they didn't care so much in my opinion. these times, i only see more and more complaint's against them, same as jackpotcity they are delaying payouts don't response to customer's, and more of this frustrating stuff, very bad they went down this way, because it has to be a good casino.


JameThai's picture
Joined: 21 May 2015
Posts: 1
21 May 2015 - 6:10am

I make withdrawal 16 days ago and still waiting my money. Support service apogolize but dont help anything. Many details during process make me feel like they dont even wanna pay it. Lost emails, cannot pay credit card, mistype my bank account details etc etc. People make mistakes but when it happen again and again its not mistakes anymore

Card SharkCard Shark
PeDrone's picture
Location: Surovce
Joined: 7 Nov 2014
Posts: 126
Thanks received: 119
Rated this casino
11 November 2014 - 11:49am

PeDrone’s Gaming Club Casino Review
Casino Software
This online casinousing games created by MicrogamingandQuickfire. It is operated by DigimediaLtd, another wellknown group operating Microgaming softwares casinos. Games variety is small as well as the bonus offer.

Welcome Bonus
Here isnot too much to write about – the 150% matchdeposit bonus on 2nd deposit is okay, but the first one should be at least 200% in this case, not average 100%. This I rate more negativelythan positively.

Deposits and withdrawals
There are few deposit & also withdrawal options, and I used Skrill as most of the time
I deposited 25 ,received 50 (I did not deposit the second time to receive the larger 150% bonus,this was enough). The games didnot pay very much but I managedto withdraw 120$ anyway.

Customer support
Live chat available. Live support eady to help 24/7, I contactedit when requesting details about withdrawal andverification process.

I played few games here, but these were most to pay (even that they did not want to pay anyway).
Avalon II – 0.30-1.20/spin – rised,
Thunderstruck II – 0.30/spin – just decreased my balance until withdraw.

I recommend the casino but NOT expect much from it and donot deposit verymuch money, and donot have big eyes and expectations to winnings just withdraw incase you can! This is my advice .

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
AstanaKZ's picture
Location: near Astana, capital city
Joined: 18 Aug 2014
Posts: 257
Thanks received: 259
Rated this casino
2 September 2014 - 11:17am

Gaming club casino i tried couple of times, and i think it is good casino, because i never heard anything bad about it from my friends, or read any bad review for it. I'll start from pluses for this online casino.
+ Software. Like always there is can not be surprise from casino like gaming club, because it use download application from MG, that can be easily crowned as the most stable and safe.
+ Customer support. I like customer support services here. Of course i do not try phone customer support, or email CS, but live chat working very good, and i think it is available any time of the day, so find answers on questions is easy job at this online casino.
Unfortunately it is hard for me to list any more pluses for this casino, and now i can list some minuses.
- Bonuses and promotions. From my experience there is lack of bonuses from casino, i am very rare get email with some decent offer, most times i get something about 25% reload, and it is very low amount to be interesting.
- Withdrawals. I do not have any withdrawals from this casino, but based on my friends experience it tooks 3-5 days, very long compared to best MG casinos.
Final mark.
Safe online casino, but lack of bonuses and a bit slow withdrawals is sad.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 16 Jun 2014
Posts: 296
Thanks received: 303
Rated this casino
24 June 2014 - 8:32pm

Gaming club casino using microgaming games that very popular to many players and this is why that casinos have so big number even bigger that netent casinos have. I have mixed experience with this casino because i like almost everything here. First good thing it is live support that help me few times and was very loyal and kind to me answering on my questions and one time they offer me 100% bonus that i ask from them so it is never bad to ask from casino something like bonus. I have two withdrawals only from this casino and casino was need to verify me before pay it take for them 2 days not very fast but two my payout request in skrill take for me 3 days each and this good. Bonuses also very good here casino usually send me good bonuses on my email sometimes even 100% match deposit offers. Casino never try to cheat me or stole my money and i trust this casino i think it is honest and good but one thing is bad for me here it is very cold slots i make more that 10 deposits but have only 2 payouts. Casino good but not for me i am not lucky here.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Location: Minsk
Joined: 11 Mar 2014
Posts: 214
Thanks given: 11
Thanks received: 34
Rated this casino
11 March 2014 - 3:58pm

Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review about gaming club casino! Gaming club casino is one more casino which using microgaming games to entertain their players. I found this casino after they give out few freespins on thunderstruck II slot machine, i lost freespins and decide to try casino with my own funds, because i like to play in new microgaming casinos. I am decide to deposit 45$ because this was everything that i left on my skrill account after withdrawing on card, so this was my last chance to win something, because i am did not like to deposit money on skrill from my card, this is real money, on my card , and this is not the best thing to do with money - just deposit in casino. Unfortunately my plans was nice, but my luck was not nice, and i lost my deposit with bonus, and did not play casinos for few weeks, but this was nice period while i take rest, and then return to casinos with new power.
Support: Have no any reason to contact live chat, and this is good.
Withdrawals: did not win from my deposit, and this mean i did not make any withdrawals.
Software: Microgaming

True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
Joined: 13 Feb 2012
Posts: 885
Thanks given: 231
Thanks received: 341
Rated this casino
21 January 2014 - 12:17pm

Hello. One more casino from belle rock, and as i told in lucky nugget casino review, i play mostly at lucky nugget because i have there more luck than in another brands. No, gaming club also nice casino, and i made there few deposits, but did not have any luck, also their welcome offer gives you freespins with a 100% bonus (sorry, i can not remember in what slot machine was my). Actually, i am not a big fan of welcome offers, where you get freespins. Probably this is because they always give you freespins on bad slot machines, in which you did not have any nice winnings. Or if you even hit big, you still had a lot of wagering on this spin. I recommend if you make deposit and get freespins, play with your spins, and if you get busted - then play your freespins, then it will be like a freebie. I am always do so, and i think this is clever thing.
Support: No problem, no complaints.
Withdrawals: Unfortunately, i did not test withdrawals on gaming club casino. Few deposits, zero withdrawals.
Software: OK!
Like all casinos from their group, gaming club casino gets 3 stars from me.

Joined: 13 Aug 2012
Posts: 6
Thanks received: 6
13 August 2012 - 12:54pm

My first ever play on Gaming Club I won big, I played it for months later, must have deposited and spent at least $3000-$4000, after 4 or 5 months and it eating up my credits without even giving me a good run I decided to move on.

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
noctipaulo's picture
Joined: 14 Mar 2012
Posts: 230
Thanks given: 30
Thanks received: 61
Rated this casino
4 April 2012 - 1:44pm

This is a casino with lots of promotion and i believe they are a decent and trustful casino. However be advised, Gaming Club is a spam machine. If you create an account at this casino, don't forget to uncheck the sms promotion option or you will be bombed by sms almost every day.


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