Casino Del Rio Review

Casino Del Rio is an online casino with games supplied by Playtech. It is operated by Zirconium Gaming Limited and is registered under the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda. Last Updated: September 17, 2023.

This casino is no longer open for business.


Our rating: Poor


Review of Casino Del Rio

Casino Del Rio operates out of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda and is powered by Playtech software. The casino has more than 300 games in its library, but how does this casino actually stack up when you get past the marketing points on its website and start playing for cash?

Blacklisted: operator engaged in hacking and cybercrime

During 2014 we saw an explosion in websites that were illegally hacked to serve literally millions of pages promoting various online casinos, without the knowledge or consent of the people that owned these websites. Such illegal acts can irreparably harm the hacked websites, with a short term boost in clicks for the casinos and eventual search engine warnings and penalties and commensurate loss of business for the owners of the hacked sites. These hacked pages commonly featured advertisements for casinos such as Winner Casino that are also run by Del Rio's operator, Zirconium Gaming Ltd. After being alerted to this fact the response from the operator was complete silence and the continued appearance of the advertising. This demonstrated that not only was the operator aware of what was going on, it was actively encouraging the criminal activity. Would you feel safe entrusting your money to a casino run by criminals that are willing to hack, deface, and steal from other websites in order to make more money for themselves? No, me neither.

Software and Games

Casino Del Rio has an easy to install software package that includes a library of 300 Playtech powered games, 17 of which are tied to a progressive jackpot. The slots at Casino Del Rio are colourful and a lot of fun to play, and if you have played Playtech games before you will know exactly what to expect: i.e. high production values and a variety of licensed themes including DC Comics slots like Green Lantern and Batman, along with diverse titles such as The Sopranos, The Mummy, Rocky, and Monty Python's Spamalot.

The casino also offers the standard table games blackjack, three card poker, roulette, craps and a few variants like blackjack switch. The games are fun and we had a blast playing through them. Of particular note at Casino Del Rio is the holding of odd games that gamblers may not have gotten their hands on before. These include Asian inspired games like Pachinko, Mahjong, and the vast variety of arcade games like darts. The vast catalogue definitely plays well at Casino Del Rio, but how are the customer service and banking options?

Banking and Customer Support

There are more banking options available to players at Casino Del Rio than almost any other casino we have taken a long look at. We counted no less than 40 different ways for players to deposit and withdraw funds from the casino, and although many of them are limited to different regions, it is still great to see so many different ways to fund and withdraw money from an internet casino.

The withdrawals at this casino are not fast. When you submit your withdrawal you can expect to have it held in a reversible pending status for at least 3 days, sometimes more, and you will have to verify your identity before making your first cashout. We were disappointed to see that the casino enforces a maximum withdrawal limit of $9000 per month, which includes progressive winnings. Imagine how long it would take you to get your funds if you won a million dollar progressive through Casino Del Rio. This is a shameful situation but sadly typical of many of the "2nd tier" Playtech casinos these days, and unsurprising given the other conduct of this casino's operator.

Customer service is a mixed bag at Casino Del Rio. They offer email, telephone and postal customer support through the website and an instant chat facility in the casino. Unfortunately you will find that the instant chat facility frequently annoys you with an operator (or more likely a bot) popping up to try to entice you to deposit by offering you bonuses.


Casino Del Rio does a good job at offering a plethora of solid games which are pretty much the same as every other Playtech casino. However it is frankly a second rate casino given the slow withdrawal processing, low monthly withdrawal limits, and the inclusion of progressive jackpot winnings with this frankly ridiculous clause. Considering the mentioned problems along with the shady behaviour of the operator, I cannot think of any reason why anyone would want to play at this casino.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: Netherlands
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16 September 2015 - 11:48pm

Casino Del rio,
to be honest, i think it's one big mess in there office, they forget to pay players, mostly players who won from there no deposit bonus they are already offering for a very long time! in there terms it's stated that you can withdrawal if you wager this no deposit bonus and make a small deposit in order to verify + activate a deposit method, but lot of players didn't received any withdrawal from them or got spammed with stupid excuses , everything to not pay those people! very sad way of doings business, they don't even have a average processing time for withdrawals;( they say under 72 hours, but players complaint it took mostly 10-14 days which is very sickly slow for an e-wallet withdrawal. i also experienced troubles with them, they telling me i broke ''max bet '' rule which was absolutely not true since i stay far under this max stake of playing with there sign up bonus , luckily never put real money in and never would so also! i would not be surprised if they are shortly shut down or blacklisted everywhere!


Gold PlayerGold Player
Joined: 9 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
25 November 2014 - 2:47pm

At first, before anything I could write here – the most important thing is NOT to use your primary email here, as well as by many other casinos – this is one of that which you visit once and then will receive its annoying email for all your lifetime! And I am absolutely not joking or making things bigger than they are – I claimed only the no deposit bonus here (by the way very interesting one) andit was cca 2-3years ago and I am receiving still regularly e-mails (fortunately to my secondary email box). BEWARE of the e-mail letter bombs here!!
And to my review 🙂 As I claimed above, I have not deposited here because I found nice no deposit bonus, and the overall impression of the casino, its implementation and its homepage, and thematically tuning of all these factors make me better not to believe this casino. The main reason was that its homepage was looking like a welcome page of a e-shop offering colorful senseless signs with no purpose. The gameplay was average annd it did not award me anything what could I convert into withdrawable amount – even if I would, I am not sure if I would believe it and deposit my Money there 🙂
Do not recommend at all – check it yourself.


Card SharkCard Shark
Joined: 30 Sep 2014
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28 October 2014 - 10:01am

Casino del rio is playtech software casino, and there is a lot of options for players who love to play playtech games, because there is really lot number of casinos with exact same software. So i will review my experience with this casino and you and only you can decide is this good for you or not to join this casino and start playing. At casino del rio i have good welcome offers, but after i claimed couple of it unfortunately and for some reason that i did not know casino almost stop send me any good bonus offers, and i get only small reload offers, which is of course not that i am waiting from good playtech casino. I made couple of deposits, but in general i have very poor luck in this casino and therefore i had only one withdrawal request from this casino, also it was small withdrawal, but casino still ask me to send documents, and i get paid to my skrill account only on 5 day of waiting, and of course it is extremely really very very slow to get paid on skrill for this time. Casino already uninstalled, and this place is not for me.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
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Location: near Astana, capital city
Joined: 18 Aug 2014
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18 August 2014 - 1:51pm

Casino del rio it is winner network of casinos, and this group of casinos have not very good reputation, because it is not deal with player complaints, and if player have problem, no one can help him, only casino. Luckily i never was need to try find help. I'll start from pluses for this casino.
+ Software. I tried at del rio casino both instant play and download application, and everything working fine. Playtech software is very good and stable, i think every active player know this.
+ Bonuses. Bonuses is something interesting, casino usually send good reload bonuses, often it is much more than 100%, and it is not hard to claim such bonuses.
Unfortunately it is all for pluses of casino del rio, now i will list bad things i saw in this casino.
- Promotions. There is no any promotions, just reload bonuses. Of course it is sad part, and i would like to see more promotions from this casino.
- Withdrawals. All withdrawal requests at casino del rio have 5 business days pending period, i have few withdrawals, and it took different time every withdrawal, from 5 days to 8 days. It is very slow.
Final mark:
I did not like this casino, and it is not recommended from me.

CL - klaw

Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Joined: 16 Jun 2014
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Rated this casino
15 July 2014 - 4:30pm

Casino del rio in my opinion is very awesome and unique playtech casino and i trust this casino for 100% also it is owned by same people who own winners casino so if you like winner casino you can expeckt same services here at casino del rio. First good thing like always i name it is chance to download software on personal computer and enjoy all games without even visiting any website or downloading games every time new time. Live chat here is really awesome because at any time of the day and in any day even at weekends i was able to to try contact someone and get help or answers on my question. Bonuses is good promotions is not exist most times it is just double comp points on few games for a whole month but it is not so bad i think. Payouts in this casino is a bit slower that at winner casino and my first payout took 7 days but i am still not care because casino is fair and safe and i never have any bad experience and have only good remembering about casino del rio. I miss this casino and probably one day will left bulgaria to any other country to enjoy playtech casinos again.

CL - klaw

True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
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Rated this casino
14 July 2014 - 9:09pm

fucking...fucking idiots and looks like all this group is just fucking idiots.
I played online many years, i registered and played in more than 150 casinos, and first fucking time i see how customer support just laugh on me, just do crazy things with me. I am like a kid, and just want to cry, i can' t do anything and i see where everything goes.
24 hours for them, or i do everything to see this group in rogue pit here.
1 star right now, it is joke. Will post story tommorow. No any casinos show me such unrespect to me in my life.


Bronze PlayerBronze Player
Location: Minsk
Joined: 11 Mar 2014
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Rated this casino
13 March 2014 - 8:10am

Hi, i hope you will enjoy my review of casino del rio, which very popular on our forum because this casino giving out no deposit bonuses, and because russian speaking players like playtech software, i do not know why, but in our market playtech is very popular, and WH group dominates there, lot of marketing this, buyed promotions, and many others things. It is hard to type in seach line 'casino play online' and did not find promotion of playtech casinos. Most of them good, but with this del rio few of ours players had some problem after clearing no deposit bonus and making deposit to request withdrawal, casino del rio ask them to send notorized documents via post mail, and of course this is hard and stupid. Also they told that will not compensate notorization and post service costs, which makes everything even more bad. I am played at del rio few times, and have no any problems, also i am verified there without any unusual requests. Withdrawals comes to 5 day after requesting withdrawal. This is good casino, but sometimes they ask bad things.
Support: Live chat available, but usually i wait few minutes before someone appear to help me.
Withdrawals: Four days pending period, can be less for vip players, but i am not vip and can not say which they offer to them.


True PlayerTrue Player
Location: Belarus
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Rated this casino
14 January 2014 - 11:51am

Hello. Casino del rio is part of winner group of casinos. They offer to all players playtech software, good selection of bonuses, and withdrawals with 4 days pending period. I play them sometimes, but i prefer william hill group of casinos. Winner group of casinos is second popular playtech group in russian market, and i hear many bad stories about this group. If you win money from no deposit bonus and request cashout, you should be prepared that they ask you to send them notorized documents. They even can ask you to do this with regular post to their adress. So this is can be really headache, and does not tell me that you angry to me if this happens, i told you. Of course i did not like such tactics, but luckily they did not ask this stupid things from me, and i am already verified there.
Support: Live chat is nice, but you can wait them long.
Withdrawals: As i told, 4 days pending period.
Software: Like always with download software - absolutely no problem.
Casino del rio deserves 3 stars, but i give them 2 stars, for stupid ask for notorized id.


Card SharkCard Shark
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Rated this casino
13 September 2013 - 4:54pm

Ok i've finally had enough of this casino!

I've played here for a few months now and the service is bad. They have sent me out emails offering bonuses and on multiple occasions i have spoken to online support via IM (in casino, but takes a few minutes to get to you) from which they say know nothing about them. They then request me to send the email to them which i do everytime. I have recieved a few bonuses like $10 free chips but they will drag it out as long as possible or worse say they will email the outcome which they don't. Leaving me hanging and not replying mid IM conversation freakin sucks!!

I finally told them i've had enough and want to close my account which i am then told they value my custom and try to throw a $10 chip. I told them no thanks and close my account from which the op has dropped out of the conversation and leaving me hanging yet again.

Sick of this bs from them.....BE WARNED!

P.S. The only reason i stuck around is a few of the games i liked


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