Captain Jack Casino Review

Captain Jack Casino is an online casino established in 2010 with games supplied by Realtime Gaming. It is operated by Ace Revenue Group and is registered under the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Last Updated: December 23, 2023.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.


Our rating: Terrible


Review of Captain Jack Casino

On its face, there is nothing that would make you think that Captain Jack Casino is a horrible casino. Well ok, nothing apart from the black flags, skulls and crossbones everywhere, and the mental images conjured of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Who in their right mind would want to deposit their money at a casino run by a pirate, a profession renowned for their ability to steal money from people? It just doesn't make sense. If you came across this casino and your sixth sense for danger kicked in then you were right to be concerned because Captain Jack Casino is what is known as a rogue casino.

Sure the site looks nice - pirate theme notwithstanding - and the RTG games are fun, and they offer a 100% deposit match bonus when you sign up. Unfortunately, Captain Jack Casino is a casino that is run from an unregulated jurisdiction in Costa Rica, and is owned by a group that is known to scam players out of their winnings.

Blacklisted, rogue casino

Originally one of several rogue casinos owned by the now deceased Warren Cloud, we believe that Captain Jack Casino was purchased and rebranded by the Virtual Casino Group, whose entire roster of casinos has been blacklisted by us because of slow and non-payment issues over many years of operation with many of its legitimate customers.

If you are looking for a list of similar casinos that are actually reputable, we recommend you check out our list of RTG casinos here. As it stands, we currently advise all of our visitors to avoid Captain Jack Casino.

Warning! This casino is blacklisted and should be avoided.
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18 April 2023 - 9:03pm

Blacklisted for years but remember making my account here, Jeez was actually a really poor quality casino with its ammemnites

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1 July 2020 - 5:39pm

I really wish I'd checked out this site before playing at CJ they are awful, I was sucked in by the huge bonus 300% and actually won, or so I thought. After playthru I had a 2000 balance then it happened, they reduced my balance to $124 when I contacted the help line I was told that any winnings with bonus funds were forfeited after playthru requirements were met. DO NOT PLAY HERE!!!

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2 September 2019 - 8:13am

Sorry Colton, they are an organised bunch of scammers. They are giving you the runaround quite deliberately. It's the way they operate, they have been doing it for years.

Always play it safe! Consult our list of rogue casinos and warnings before depositing at a new casino.
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auColton Tuthill
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30 August 2019 - 10:55am

(10:30:54) Naomi Klein: Welcome to Captain Jack Casino. This is Naomi Klein from VIP department. Please allow me a moment to check your account.
(10:31:42) Me: Just checking on my withdrawal seeing if it’s been processed yet
(10:31:58) Me: $2417 withdrawal
(10:32:57) Naomi Klein: Your withdraw was approved on 22nd August, please come on Monday, 2nd September asking for escalation.
(10:33:50) Me: So again same question has my withdrawal been processed yet
(10:34:03) Me: Sent to 3rd party provider??
(10:34:57) Naomi Klein: No, it's not sent, you need to come on live chat on 2nd September asking for escalation, so it will be sent to the 3rd party processor soon.
(10:35:14) Me: Please explain to me why I would have to ask for an ‘escalation ‘
(10:35:30) Me: Won’t it be sent if I don’t ask ??
(10:36:09) Naomi Klein: Sometimes finance department sent out withdraws without escalation, but 90% case they won't, so an "escalation" is quite secure.
(10:37:41) Me: I have asked for a withdrawal when I asked for it when it was taken from my account why 90% of the time they don’t send it I mean I’ve asked it’s been pending for ages then second process why do I have to keep chasing it Is their an issue with your systems
(10:38:12) Me: I’m asking now I’ve asked before so I really have to ask again on the 2nd
(10:38:51) Naomi Klein: Colton, unfortunately I can't explain it, I'm not the one who set the rule. You can send these questions to the upper management: vipmanger(at)
(10:39:07) Me: Do you not know
(10:40:15) Me: At my work I try to be the best at it by that I mean I know every angle of the industry maybe you should try do the same well that’s if you strive to be the best at your job maybe you will get a promotion with such work ethics
(10:40:46) Me: Maybe you would be better at your job if you knew the answers to obviously often asked questions
(10:41:15) Me: At this point it’s just seeming like a waiting game and no one can help or wants to help
(10:41:56) Me: me with getting the money back it’s all good to offer bonus s and stuff but then we the client wins no help
(10:42:34) Me: Just come back later later later it’s unbelievably frustrating
(10:43:00) Me: I’m here now I was here yesterday and I keep getting you as my rep
(10:43:11) Me: no help
(10:43:27) Me: Just excuses which I don’t want
(10:44:34) Naomi Klein: Colton, I already informed you which day it can be escalated. If you come on 2nd September you will get helped. But if you come earlier than that date, there's nothing we can help.
(10:45:48) Me: I just don’t understand why the 2nd of September when I withdrew like probably the 10th August
(10:46:09) Me: Why the wait
(10:46:26) Naomi Klein: I have no answer for that, the rule is set by the casino.
(10:46:34) Me: Who does
(10:47:07) Me: I want answer why else would I be here
(10:47:24) Me: This is not enjoyable for me at all
(10:47:43) Naomi Klein: I already gave you answer as I can, as for the answer I don't have, I suggest you write an email to : vipmanger(at)
(10:47:57) Naomi Klein: This is not enjoyable for me neither 🙂 But I'll deal with it.
(10:48:00) Me: Excuse me you gave me no answer
(10:48:13) Me: You have only told me you don’t know
(10:48:14) Naomi Klein: I didn't give you the answer you want to hear.
(10:48:20) Naomi Klein: But I DID give you answer.
(10:48:28) Naomi Klein: You don't want to accept my answer, I'm sad now 😢
(10:48:55) Me: The answer was you don’t know well that’s very very poor on your end
(10:49:46) Me: Thankyou for again not helping I do understand you just can’t but it’s terrible
(10:49:50) *** Me has rated the chat Bad ***
(10:49:54) *** Me left the chat ***

What good help

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Rated this casino
18 September 2014 - 3:49pm

Captain jack online casino it is one more black listed casino, that have 1 mark in rating. I think this is well deserved one star, and we can give this casino 1 rating just for sofwtare, because it is impossible to find any other pluses for this online casino. Like usually i'll start from listing plus and minuses.
+ Software. There is real time gaming software, and it was allowed to me to play from instant play(playing browser)or download application and enjoy games in my computer. It is not secret that most time i choose second option.
And there is no more any pluses for this online casino, and thats why i am starting to list minuses for captain jack casino.
- Customer support is terrible. Live chat was usually online of course, but there is no point in live chat, when it can not help with withdrawal, or answer serious question. They could only offer and add bonuses, and answer on typical questions, nothing else.
- Withdrawals. Like from many other real time gaming blacklisted casinos here is typical thing, casino if pay - it tooks weeks or even months. But more chances that casino just confiscate winnings and took deposit.
Final mark.
1 - mean blacklisted and very bad.

CL - klaw

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Rated this casino
22 August 2014 - 12:09am

This rogue casino is spamming me a lot around last time, and it makes the first-time impression of a serious casino, and maybe that was the reason why I registered there and without any checkout of this casino, I did not check this casino on the trusted sites (nor here) and I have indiscriminately used the free chip and after playing it over, also thanks to the fact that the games offered me some very greedy situations (for example T-Rex slot, which gave me at 0.50 stake 3 scatters, and these free games paid me in 2 spins over 1000$ - mainly thanks to the spin, which showed me many many dinosaurs everywhere and the wild transformed them all into wild ones), I have deposited there. I deposited without deposit bonuses (I chose this option with the purpose of fast potential winning withdrawal) and also won 1000$ from 50$ deposit, but the casino did, after my withdrawal request, locked my account, and after I asked the live chat support, they unlocked it but voided my winnings, they noticed some breaking of T&C (THERE Could NOT BE ANY !!)
ALWAYS CHECK THE CASINO'S RELIABILITY AND PLAY SAFE. DO NOT BE AS DUMB AS ME! Or if you will, do not tell that to anyone 😀 mostly if you do mistake at casino that is famous for its "rogueness".
Rating is obvious.

2 CL - klaw, Ki'aha Long

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Rated this casino
21 July 2014 - 10:25am

Captain jack casino it is probably the most rogue casino that use real time gaming software this is very bad online casino group and i read a lot of bad stories from players on different serious forums and also i hardly imagine that some kind of affiliate can still promote this casino because it is really sick casino. I played in this casino with no deposit bonus believe when i download software on my personal computer register and redeem no deposit coupon code i have no idea that it is rogue casino and if i only can know at least some info for example right write here i am of course will not spend my time even for registering and downloading in casino like this. With my 50$ no deposit bonus i have some nice playtime and fun and have some nice hits but in about of half road to clear bonus i find where cold slots and after some time passed i lost all and was sad but for some lucky reasons i decide to not go next and deposit in this casino so i just delete in from my computer and forget about it and i think it is very good for me because casino is really bad.

CL - klaw

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