The Psychology Of Gambling

The non-gamblers have been asking one question for over the centuries- why do people gamble?! The regulations, jurisdictions, lifestyles, technology- it all has changed, however, the fact that if people have chance to gamble, they absolutely will, has remained unmoved… In this post we try to find out the motives behind gambling, that makes the process so attractive, regardless the results...

There are two broad views of gambling; according to the first one gambling is a deviant activity, while the second opinion supports the idea that gambling is just an extension of normal human behavior, with nothing unusual in it. Many organizations have collected the data about gamblers for years to really find out what are the reasons of such an addiction, and define the differences between controlled and uncontrolled enjoyment of games. While some gamblers are subconsciously motivated to play and are having an obvious response to positive stimuli, others are believed to simply enjoy the game and perceive gambling as just another form of entertainment. If you ask players why they gamble, you will definitely get as many answers as the respondents, but still there are three basic reasons that are more or less shared by all gamblers around the world.

The first and the most obvious one of three reasons for gambling attraction is Wealth. Potential to win money is number one motive of so many people to love gambling. Unless there was a chance of winning, why would so many people waste their times, budget and effort on wagering? As every gambler hopes on being struck by the jackpot, for most of them a small winning is enough to come back. On a psychological level, this phenomenon of is best explained by B.F. Skinner's operant conditioning theory, according to which an individual modifies the occurrence and form of its own behavior due to the association of the behavior with a stimulus. Gambling falls under a category of positive reinforcement, in other words, that basically means that winning every once in a while (even when we lose far more frequently) is all the positive encouragement that gamblers need to keep playing.

Another motive of loving to gamble is considered to be the thrill of competition. The pursuit is especially strong in case of skill-based games like poker where players are countered against each other instead of the house- this gives a double shot excitement. It may be considered as king of the mountain syndrome, with no importance to the awards- the priority is to be a winner, regardless the reward! After observing World Series of Poker or other big tournaments, you will be convinced that rivalry sometimes matters even more than money.

As most of us do love good surprises, thrill of something unknowns can be considered to be the third driving force behind the love of gambling. In subject to the logical understanding of the games, predicting to lose, little winnings are made more enjoyable. Regardless they are beating other players or just beating the odds, it's nice to feel for even a moment that luck is on their side. These small momentums of fame are what make gambling appealing to so many people around the world.

After all the discussion, gambling appears to be something paradoxical, rebutting logical flow of events. That’s exactly why the question of non-gamblers is still unanswered.

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11 July 2011 - 8:21pm

Hey Playborne, I like your posts, thank you for keeping the blog updated 😉

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Thank you for reading my blog posts 🙂 I promise to provide more and more new posts , just leak inspiration these days...

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gambling actually appears to be something paradoxical, rebutting logical flow of events, we get pleasure from loosing money 😂

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lol I agree, I've read recently somewhere that casino is a huge place to separate fools from their money 😂 Gambling is paradoxical, but it is FUN!