Mobile Leadership in Gaming Market

Mobile business has sharply transformed its trend recently - while cell phones were used for phone calls and business purposes. With the time passed and the commerce has increased, many other roles were added to mobile practice. Betting is one of them – the trendiest and most recent attribute included in mobiles. So the contention of mobile companies to make significant innovations for their strategies has begun.

The statement revealed by Google Android OS declares, that the elegant piece of equipment is going to gain almost half of the mobile gaming market share that is 49% in 2012. According to the said information, the possible marketplace leadership is due to positive response and a mounting tendency of Android’s practice of performing preceding years.

In retrospective – in 2010 Android had only 22% of mobile gaming industry, but was gradually improving its position over the itinerary of operations. While Apple was a bit back- with 19.4% markets share at its zenith. Apple was said to be dwindling because of new competitors up-and-coming with products just like iPhones and an iPad.

In late 2015, the Windows Mobile is expected to have some prospective of having 19% share in the mobile betting industry, while Blackberry will have a impending of gaining just 11%.

via Playborne iGaming Blog

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14 July 2011 - 8:49am

This post is for those, who are keen on mobile gambling 🙂

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This is probably not for me, but the post is interesting, iOS is a leader in everything except gambling....