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Online Discussion boards have become important source of publicity for many businesses, and gambling is no exception. With the increased use of internet and technologies and greater need for internet socialization the role of forums has significantly enlarged in recent years. Forums have now become a modern mean for word-of mouth communication between the individuals with the same interests.

Forums actually are excellent resource of information that one can hardly find anywhere else in the web. It is the exact place where you will get relevant information related to any of your needs.

It is no surprise that almost every gambling portal, online casino or other gaming-related websites feature forum sections nowadays, so customers can engage in discussions and provide feedback. There also are some “independent” forums, which are either disguised boards that serve promoting different gambling industry products indirectly, by showing up unbiased and independent or simply try to make their websites more SEO friendly, increase traffic/profits or just spread positive “word-of mouth” – the most valued marketing mix element as it is considered to be most frank as it is usually non-paid.

The problem is that most of the beginners find forums to be the only source providing non-augmented opinion and valuable discussions of the individuals just like them. It is extremely difficult for a beginner forum member to evaluate the uprightness of the forum, and this can lead to great disappointment- imagine yourself starting to gamble in an online casino that is recommended by multiple forums, and it rips you off in 10 minutes!

Despite all the negative aspects of forums discussed above, they still are very important for gambling businesses. The negative feedback is spread 10 times more intensively than the positive one, and posting on the forums is the best revenge for frustrated players. On the other hand, positive posts on the forums make the gambling product significantly reputable and trustworthy. So gambling businesses do not save their effort to make their products more forum-friendly as it improves their traffic, ROI and their positioning as well. Despite all these advantages, forums also help SEO and recover rankings in major search engines. Because of these “expensive” advantages, the temptation to promote the own product is almost unbearable, whilst players are often mistaken by such postings.

Most of the forums have threads about “Best & Worst” gambling products, but there is no space for “Best & Worst” forums, where the individuals can share their forum experiences. So why not be the first to initiate this topic? You can freely post your opinions and cases with the “fraud” forums in your comments! This will protect others to face the same problems that you did!

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8 July 2011 - 8:51pm

That's so true ! I was registered at one forum, I am not sure whether I should voice the name or not, due to a spam filter, so let's wait for Ed to confirm. The thing was that the admin tracked each of my posts and was very aggressive. He warned me against posting unrelated to the thread posts, but the categories were so confusingly managed that I really found it hard to understand where to post what. Finally I asked him to ignore my posts unless he liked them, and I also found some of his unrelated to topic posts as well with number of textlinks. So I commented that these posts were unrelated, not those that were mine, and the answer I got was that " he was the owner of the website and had right to do whatever he needed, he violated his own rules. Guess what I did - deleted all my posts and left that forum! :

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11 July 2011 - 8:41am

That's a good decision you made ! I was inspired by a kind of a same story that you told. Let's wait for ED to see whether we are allowed to post the forum names here and I can even show you a screenshot of such a story!

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13 July 2011 - 2:45am

If you are going to say things that aren't nice about another site I would prefer if you keep the site nameless! We don't want to start wars with other forums, so lets try to keep things friendly.

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8 August 2011 - 7:13pm

I agree Ed, quite unethical to start discussing other forums at their back.

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28 September 2011 - 12:12pm

I agree that every gambling forum has something to promote and I have nothing against unless I can get the information I seek, communicate with other members and the ads do not bother me, but if I see clearly that someone promotes something very exp;licitly, hindering me to find what I want, I'll just leave the forum and go to another one, there are plenty, so I guess we, the gamblers, have enough power and alternatives.