Change The Odds In Your Favor!

We so often speak about game odds, payouts, winning probabilities, house edges…. discuss different strategies, systems, and progressions, think of different ways to beat the casino and win the game. The aim is the same for every gambler- despite getting pleasure, every player definitely wants to succeed and get financial reward from gambling! Winning is possible if we influence the game odds by different variables- bet size, casino choice, game selection- by carefully adjusting all these stuff, perhaps we can change the odds in our favor. But we all complain that we lose more often, than win… We blame it most of the time on “luck”- something abstract that is always responsible for all our actions.

Gambling originated centuries ago, and since then, the mankind has been engaged into it with the same intensity level, as it is now. If we just look back for a second and sum up all our losses, even the most minor ones, we will be all surprised to know that we’d owned so much money onetime! Isn’t it time to change something?! Aren’t we tired of losing? Yes, we are.

On the other hand, we often hear the stories of successful players, who win the jackpots of incredible amount that totally changes their lives… But we never think of casinos- do they also feel nervous when players make big bets? Are they also vulnerable of going bankrupt when the jackpots are won? Are the odds ever against the casinos as well???

Here is actually how it works – casinos do not function for only you- there are always multiple players who wager simultaneously there. Yes, it requires a fair amount of investment to start casino business, but it’s a one-time cost. Then there are only profits that need to be collected. The jackpots are not generated from the casino owner’s pocket- the players contribute to it! With the small losses of several players, the huge amount of money is generated, and it is progressive till somebody hits a “big hand” and wins! Then the process starts over again… Note that regardless you win or lose, the casinos get profit from it. When you win, you get money that other players have lost, and when you lose, you lose your own money- and relatively contribute to somebody’s winnings. There can certainly be the cases, when the player’s possible winning may exceed the total money lost by other players…to avoid such cases, casinos have introduced max and min bet amounts. This means that casinos benefit in any case. Since gambling went online, the business became much more profitable, as no fixed costs- such as maintenance, staff salaries, rent- are to be paid. As a conclusion, it appears that the casinos have odds always in their favor!

So, after all the discussion above, the decision is up to you to make- you either choose to turn gambling into something profitable for you and change the odds in your favor- this is possible by starting up your own casino, or you continue to contribute your hard earned money for others to win, and bite the nails when hearing that somebody has hit the jackpot- yes, this was the money you’ve been paid for several-month hard work….

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5 August 2011 - 7:57pm

great posting, but still prefer to gamble and take pleasure

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5 August 2011 - 11:36pm

So the only way to change my luck is to purchase my own casino? lol


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6 August 2011 - 7:14am

It appears to be so 😂 and I agree partially. but I prefer to just play, loose and have fun 🥳