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My Experiance with a Roguish Casino of All

Well I was in delight at this one casino which I did a review on a
week ago!!!...I won a sum in the amount of a little over $ 2700.00
in the Jackpot Grand Casino Online...I was at first Delighted
beyond joy!!!, and couldn't keep it together well I sorta could not
like prior being when I won over 10k at a Top Game Casino!, to
which I was shocked and in horror with how and what they did
next was beyond belief!!!...Shutting down my access to the winnings,
making me repeat over and over the process of Validation!?!...
And later to find out they were just a Scam / Black listed Casino....
Which all in all is my learned lesson!!!, and I was thinking I was
going to get away from it all and finally put it past me and try try
again at one online!?!...

Oh boy, was I in it for a wild one and a game on their End!, and
believe it's becoming a non-stop battle which to this point is
till today Never-Ending!!!...I'm sorta happy I learned in this way
yet again how and what to trust online...If it seems to good to be
true, then 10-1 it is often the case!...I mean I didn't go in this with
not knowing there could be some type of ploy or even ploy
tactics on the Casino's end!?!...Hey there like any Land based
ones, claiming to look in it for you're interest. When infact all
they are is Greedy natured entities looking to score on any and
all Victims who cross their path!...
Try try, as you might to depend the score with them or even to
make some type of resolution to the matter!. And its gets even
worse if not black balls your name / handle ID/ and Email address
later. As these are instances in which they claim they keep
confidential!?!...But later is the case in it all...

I would only hope from this point on that I , and others who might
read this blog, or even my simple maybe lengthen reviews will
head some caution atleast. And think twice about where deposit
or accept those offers from be it an online casino?...If it weren't
for this site I would have not had an outlet to speak my mind in

Thanks to the Casinolistings.com Website, and those which run it,
as well as the every so friendly CL-Ed:)

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27 May 2015 - 5:48am

I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way that there are casinos that are set up more or less to fleece people. It all comes back to the big problem being that most casinos that accept American players are unregulated and their owners have no character assessments (we know of multiple convicted criminals running an online casino). They are set up using virtually anonymous shelf companies in jurisdictions where no-one cares what they do. So the only way to find out if they are any good is to test them, watch them for a while, and see how they go. Yet the politicians trying to stifle online gambling in the USA and elsewhere would have us believe that they are doing it to protect people.

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9 June 2015 - 4:24pm

Ugh, nothing grinds my gears more than seeing a player smacked by a rogue casino. I hope you find the good spots to play at (they do exist), and win big just to show up that scam casino.