Just When I Thought I Got It Made..

After such a rough week playing at the casinos, it amazes me how I can manage to turn a positive into a negative so easily. Play at Casino Titan with a 50% match deposit bonus, I was able to meet the wager requirements and could have cashed out on just over $200. So why didn't I? I don't know. I'm still asking myself that question. And yes, If you haven't guessed already, I ended up with ZILCH! Furthernore, I did the samething at GoWild, Jackpot Capital and Music Hall Casino. What the heck is wrong with me these days? Whatever it is, I hope I have it figured out soon.

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6 December 2009 - 11:58am

Ouch! A good rule of thumb to have when you finish the wagering on a bonus is set yourself an absolute minimum that you are willing to withdraw, lets say $150 in your case above. Then if you want to play for a bit more go ahead but once your balance hits the minimum $150 you withdraw. If you don't have the discipline to stick with it, then withdraw the $150 as soon as you clear the bonus then play with what you have leftover. And don't reverse the withdrawal! Smile

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