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I Can't Help But Feel Cheated...

Here I am playing Age of Discovery and patiently waiting to hit a bonus game....and after a long period I finally do....I paused....and thought to myself...."Here we go...I'm gonna pick one and it's going to be skull to end the bonus round immediately"....sure enough...on my first pick i pick a skull - bonus round done. This has happen to me so many times and always during the times when bonuses are slow or hard to come by. I can tell when no matter what I pick its going to be skull...and its an awful feeling to have thinking that the game I'm playing on is rigged...i did not get a single bonus round after that...and eventually lost my $250+ deposit totally. At the time, I really felt cheated and sickened that Microgaming would do such a thing...all I know is that i'm going to be watching this closely now...cuz it just erked me in a bad way..enough so that if i'm completely convinced i was cheated....i will no longer play at a Microgaming powered site.

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13 January 2010 - 11:10pm

Nothing worse than bonus rounds that give you nothing because they are often so few and far between. Whats the point? They may as well just not give you a bonus round.

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