Funny You Should Say That....

CL-Ed wrote:

Good luck coke.. looks like you have had a massive winning christmas so don't blow it all away!

Oh man...LOL! If only I had read this first...the outcome might have been different.

I had received one cheque for $1100. That's what I used to go to the casino. Cashed it and went straight there. Lost it and came straight back! Smile

LOL...I can't but help shake my head...because if suddenly forgot all the own personal rules to prevent me from doing just that. One of them was to never go to the casino on seniors day. Not that I have anything against seniors because I don't, I just find it very hard to win as if the machines are set to another level..i don't want to say "rigged"..but they are harder to win on...and i figure they would be on that day because of all the free bonuses they give to seniors to them all to come that day. its a marketing tactic...same marketing tactic that targets seniors in sales of vacuum cleaners. anyway..i'll just leave that subject alone...and remember for next time what day not to play on.

Thankfully I only had that one cheque...and will be receiving the rest of my money via wire transfer in my bank account tomorrow.