Victor Chandler's bonus choice

Next on my list of casino bonuses to boost my bankroll is Victor Chandler Casino. Similar to last week's Bankroll Boost casino Ladbrokes, Victor Chandler's online casino is just one part of a well known UK bookmaker's online presence. With a successful brick-and-mortar business backing the online casino, you can be sure it isn't a fly-by-night operation.

Now Victor Chandler gives you two choices: (a) a 100% bonus on a £250 deposit, requiring 20xB wagering; or 🍺 a 100% bonus on a £50 deposit, requiring only 10xB wagering. If you have read my other posts, you'll know I'm all about building my bankroll, and I have built my $100 into a mini war-chest of $813 so it's the £250 bonus for me!

£5000 is admittedly a lot of wagering so this one took me a couple of sessions spread over two evenings to complete, and interestingly enough, you can only play at Victor Chandler using your browser - there is no software to download and install. I played mainly 3x £5 hands of blackjack, although I did try another couple of games such as Jacks or Better Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and Casino War using small wagers to mix things up and make it more entertaining. I had a bit of a lucky streak towards the end and finished well over the expected result at £571.

£250 on £250 deposit
Expected average result:
Actual result:
£321.00 ($642.00)
Bankroll at start:
Bankroll at end:

Victor Chandler only accepts British Pounds, so all USD amounts were converted using an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 2 USD