The Ladbrokes bonus experience

After an excellent boost to my $100 starting bankroll at Golden Palace, I decided to try Ladbrokes online casino, the online gaming arm of the British betting institution. Ladbrokes has an excellent £100 bonus which requires a tiny 4xB of play before you can be paid the bonus. This is just about the most generous casino bonus on offer today.

However there is one catch, especially for the blackjack players like me - most table games and video poker require you to wager a minimum 10% of your deposit on each hand for it to count. And remember, in my bonus clearing guide, I recommend that you don't wager more than 1% of your bankroll to minimize the chance of busting. So this one is not without it's risks - but looking at it the other way, due to the expected high variance we could well see quite a nice profit if we hit a winning run.

A nice feature of Ladbrokes was that I was able to play in a browser window without downloading any extra software. This only worked using Microsoft's Internet Explorer though, which may or may not bother you.

So how did I do? Well to be honest I very nearly busted on this one - at one point I was down to my last £20, but a good run saw me back up to my starting £100. After claiming the bonus, reducing my bet size and playing a little more I ended up withdrawing a healthy £250, though I was required to supply a copy of identification to Ladbrokes before they would let me withdraw.

£100 on £100 deposit (paid after wagering requirements met)
Expected average result:
Actual result:
£150.00 ($300.00)
Bankroll at start:
Bankroll at end:

Ladbrokes only accepts British Pounds, so all USD amounts were converted using an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 2 USD