Keep on top of updates to the site

We have been doing a load of work over the last couple of days to make it easier for you to keep on top of updates to the site.

First up is our RSS feed which publishes a link and summary of every article we publish to the site. You can subscribe to our feed using any modern browser or even a dedicated RSS feed reader.

We have also just created a Twitter account which lets us post short, quick messages to let you know what we are up to, info about any promotions or tournaments ending soon, published articles and the like. This one os for those of you who want to be up to date with everything going on with the site - we will publish more frequently here than the RSS feed. You can receive messages via the web, instant messenger, or even SMS on your mobile phone. Our Twitter feed is here - you need to sign up to Twitter to subscribe to our feed.

Lastly, we have introduced a notifications button on each article for registered members of the site so that they are notified any time a comment is added to the article. You will also be automatically subscribed to any article you make a comment on, or forum topic you create. You can alter your notification preferences by clicking "Watched posts" in your user menu on the top right of the page.

You'll need to be a registered member to watch posts. You can register here.

Registered members also receive our monthly newsletter where we give you a quick update on the latest promotions, articles, and tournaments featured on the site.

If you have any suggestions for other ways you would like to receive our content please leave a comment and let us know.

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19 August 2008 - 8:08am

Cool you guys use twitter.

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29 October 2009 - 11:10am
Tweeter wrote:

Cool you guys use twitter.

Yes it is