Intercasino and Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

I recently took my bankroll boosting quest over to Intercasino. Online since 1997, Intercasino is one of the most well known and respected online gaming brands in the world today. It has won a litany of awards in the ten years it has operated, and is generally regarded as one of the premier online casinos.

Intercasino offers a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, with a maximum of $100. The bonus requires either 50xB on my usual choice of games, blackjack, or 25xB on a variety of other games (I prefer Hold-em Bonus Poker) before you can make a withdrawal. Note that you need to enter a code in the cashier to get the bonus, and the code changes every month, so either check our Intercasino review for this month's code, or you can find it at Intercasino's website on the "Promotions" page.

NOT FOUND: texasholdembonus.jpg Wanting to try something different, I opted to clear the bonus playing Hold-em Bonus Poker. Hold-em Bonus is a card game modeled after the poker game Texas Hold'em. It is just you against the dealer (who always calls) and you have the option of raising or checking pre-flop, and then on the flop, turn, and river. If your hand beats the dealer, you win. The dealer plays no part in the game other than to always call and hold a hand which you must beat. Anyway the correct strategy for the game is far more complicated than blackjack, so you should use the Hold-em Bonus strategy calculator I found at an online poker reviews website. Using the calculator reduces the house edge to around 0.5% per unit wagered.

With a minimum ante of $2, and then another $4 to play a hand, then raising when you have a good hand pushing the stake size up to $10 on occasion, I met the wagering requirements of $2500 in under two hours. Of course, such a betting size increases the variance considerably over blackjack, so you have a greater chance of either busting or making a handsome profit. I had a good session in the end - finishing with $234 in my account, resulting in a net profit of $134.

And what is even better? Intercasino offers a monthly bonus with exactly the same conditions - i.e. 100% match up to $100. I'll definitely be back next month. And the one after...

$100 on $100 deposit
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