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Casino Listings goes multi-national

We're proud to announce that we've recently enhanced the site to cater for multiple languages. And our first "translation" if you will, is for our friends in the USA. The US Government's stance against online gambling has seen the options for players from the USA diminish somewhat. With this new system in place we're able to serve up a tailored version of the site specifically for visitors from the USA, making it easier for you to find a good place to play. So if you are a US player, the little US flag at the top of the page should be highlighted already. If not, click it! You get a slightly different site homepage, and the lists of bonuses are filtered so you only see casinos that accept US players. The rest of the site content is still accessible in the default English version.

For members of the site, you can even set and save your preferred language to view the site in your user profile. To get there, make sure you are registered and logged in, then click your username at the top of the screen, and click the "Edit" tab, where you can set your preferences.

We have a lot of visitors from Europe, and over time we'll be adding more language specific content in as many languages as we can find translators for. If you'd like to lend a hand then contact us and let us know what language you speak, and how fluent you are.

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22 January 2008 - 6:18am

One of our most active members Zuga has kindly offered to help us translate part of the site into Serbian. I am told that people from Croatia and Slovenia should be able to understand the translation too. We'll be gradually updating it over the coming weeks.

Casino Listings Serbian homepage

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22 January 2008 - 11:16am

Basically its understandable to people from all former Yugoslavian republics.

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1 June 2010 - 2:20am

My hat is off to you, CL-Ed. Your efforts on behalf of your USA members is hugely appreciated! Now I KNOW you are a good man! lol I'm sorry if it gets boring, but I keep finding reasons to offer you more accolades and more respect for your dedicated work. 8)
Thank you also, zuga!