A day at Golden Palace

Just to recap, I'm starting out with $100 and seeing how far it can go by taking up casino bonus offers.

So first up I've chosen Golden Palace Casino, due to it having one of the most generous sign-up bonuses offered by any online casino. Depositing $100 gets me a bonus of $300, giving me $400 to play with and $8000 to wager, which, as we say at Casino Listings, is a tad under 27xB, or 27 times the bonus amount.

So I went to Golden Palace's website and deposited my $100 and was awarded $300 after a security check which involved me being phoned to verify my account was legitimate. These guys take security very seriously.

Where to begin? Generally speaking, the best game to play when attempting to clear (or "whore") a bonus is blackjack. Golden Palace allows blackjack to clear a bonus so that was the game I chose. I decided to play three hands of $5 blackjack at a time using basic blackjack strategy. About three hours later my balance was up to $513 and the requirements to clear the bonus were met. As I said before, Golden Palace is security conscious so I was asked to supply a copy of an identification document before cashing out with $413 more in my bank account.

$300 on $100 deposit
Expected average result:
Actual result:
Bankroll at start:
Bankroll at end: