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Why I Gamble

Friends in the past few months have asked why I gamble. To me the reason I choose to wager is because I love the thrill; the rush. This rush is not strictly from winning either, it is about the feeling of knowing I have something that I consider valuable being put at risk for something that somebody else considers equally valuable.

Sometimes skill wins out in this duel between gamblers, and sometimes you are forced to accept a fate that is dealt out to you by the most cruel bitch on the block...luck.

When you combine risk, skill, and luck you have this amazing rush that comes to you. Your stomach is in knots, comparable to the feeling of going over the first big hill in a roller coaster. Let me explain this to you with a story based on one of my experiences (loosely):

Say you are playing blackjack for $100 a hand, and the dealer starts the deal. First card to you is a 6. Your heart starts racing and in your mind you say "I'm screwed. 6 is not a good start at all!" The dealer deals himself a card and it is a King. Your heart beats faster as you think to yourself $100 is too much to wager on a stupid game that will slit your throat as quickly as it pays for your lobster dinner. Second card is dealt to you and it is a Jack. "God dammit you say. 16 really IS the worst hand in blackjack!" The knots in your stomach could are so tight they are starting to hurt. That is when skill kicks in. You know from your research that basic strategy says to assume the dealer has 20 when he shows a face card. You know you have to hit.

Your girlfriend is at the table with you right now, but you are hoping Lady Luck is sitting closer to you right now. You tap the table and indicate you want the dealer to give you another card. Hearts beat, stomachs knot up...and you are dealt a 3! You have been given a decent gift from the heavens as 19 is only beat by 20 or 21. But alas, you still have to wait for the dealer to reveal his hand, and your heart is about to race out of your chest.

The dealer shows his first second card and he has a 4, giving him 14 for the hand. Table rules state he has to hit, so he does and draws a King, busting him out of the game. You win! Getting the extra money is great, but the real excitement came when you combined those three factors to make this experience so great. Wagering, Skill and Luck don't always work out in my favor or anyone's favor, but the simple fact that they there to create that rush is what makes me gamble, and if you are anything like me it is why you gamble (or will gamble) too.

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12 April 2011 - 8:44am

I can totally relate to the blackjack story... only thing is I was expecting a 7 after the 4 for the dealer! I also prefer games where there is an element of skill involved. Slots are ok but for me nothing beats a game where a bit of knowledge and skill can increase my chances of winning.

Welcome to the world of blogging btw.

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