Spinning My Way To Victory: My Experience With Roulette

I still consider myself to be a gambling novice. Sure, over the past few months I have dedicated a lot of time to figuring out how to play several games but I still don't know exactly what the heck I am doing with all of them. Recently I made a trip to my local casino and had my first real experience with Roulette. I then came home and played it at an online casino to see if it was any different and to see how online to land based Roulette fairs.

Land based Roulette wins hands down.

I state this because I am primarily a fan of games that require some sort of strategy to do well at. I consider games like the lottery or slot machines to be pretty lame because they do not have that strategy aspect to them. Roulette is like a mash up of lottery and table game, and the fact that it has no strategy makes it well suited for the social aspect of a land based casino.

My land based experience: I went into the Soaring Eagle Casino with the goal of playing some blackjack. When I was about 4 hours into my session I decided that I needed a break as I was getting extremely hungry. I decided to hit the buffet and come back to the table afterward. An hour later I returned and discovered that the tables were cold for me and I was slowly bleeding money out. I decided a walk around the casino was in order to cool off and forget about things.

As I was strolling by a slot machine area, I looked at the elderly folks pumping money into the machines and thought, "Suckers". However it was me that was about to be suckered into something I never thought I would be.

She was a smooth operator, with her wheel spinning at several hundred revolutions per minute; almost as if gliding on air. She was shiny and quiet, and she was enticing me to approach with that shimmer. The man working the Roulette table was named Tom, and he was not nearly as attractive as that wheel. I told him I had never really played before and was going to give it a spin.

I decided to bet on black, and as I laid my bet down I could feel the anticipation. The wheel stopped on...Black! It was my lucky day and I collected my 1:1 wager. Thinking Roulette was the greatest thing in the world I rode my bet again....BLACK!

I had a few friends with me, and we had a great time with this luck based game. When I won, I won loudly. When I lost, I lost politely with an "Aww, shucks" attitude, and I can say having my friends there was really great. I couldn't bring myself to bet a number, but maybe I will be doing that in the future.

I found myself playing this game for longer than I expected. I believe this is not because I was winning a lot (although I did come out ahead), but because I was having a great time with my friends talking to that wheel mistress. It really was just a bunch of good old fashioned stupid fun!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Roulette at the casino. It was a social lottery experience, the type of thing you get at the bar when you are playing keno after a few drinks. The real question here is whether or not the fun I had at a real casino could be replicated online.

It couldn't. Not even close.

The problem with online Roulette isn't that it is a social experience. Unless you are going to have 3 or more friends looking over your shoulder while you wager, that aspect of the game isn't there. There is technically nothing wrong with the game, but the way you take it all in is completely different. I played about 12 hands of online Roulette before I gave up and went back to blackjack, it simply couldn't hold my attention as well as the land based game. I came out with slim losses off of this game, and am really indifferent about it as a whole. I think I would still play it before slots, but not over anything else I have experienced so far.

Overall, this round goes to the brick and mortars. If you are keeping score with my opinion on things, so far it is:

Blackjack- Online wins.
Roulette- Brick and Mortar wins.
Sports Betting- Online wins (no threat of bookie breaking your fingers!)
Slot Machines- Who cares? Wink


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22 May 2011 - 6:18am

Now that describes my love/hate relationship with roulette perfectly. Its a game that is hard to get a massive win on without betting big as well, because obviously the highest payout is 35:1. But then it has a fairly high house edge, especially American roulette with the double zero which at >5% is almost criminal. So in purely mathematically terms the game sucks.

But something changes at the casino. Its the atmosphere of being with your friends and feeling the buzz created by all the other people playing. The anticipation of seeing the ball spin and the excitement of people changing their bets at the last minute, cheering when they win etc. Its a game that is far better in the real world than online. Same goes for craps. Maybe one days we'll have video cam casinos where you can see the other people playing, but I still don't reckon that will be as good (plus the odds are probably better that you'll get mooned or nutsacked by some clown like on chat-roulette than you'll win!).

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26 May 2011 - 6:43am

I voted I don't play roulette because I try to stick to games I have a decent chance at winning at ... and roulette aint one of them!

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26 May 2011 - 4:37pm

Looks to me like online Roulette is never going to win this argument!

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27 May 2011 - 2:34am

looks like theres at least one roulette fan. maybe its pacific12? Smile