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Online Casinos Need To Incorporate HTML5 Into Their Online Casinos

I am a tech-head. A nerd. A Geek. I love technology. My fascination with technology means that I am an early adopter of many new gadgets when they are released. My newest obsession has been mobile internet platforms, namely internet based tablet computers. I have decided I would really like an iPad, but one major caveat I see in the iPad's platform is the inability to show Flash websites on its browser. I am sure you are asking what this has to do with gambling, but the answer is very clear: Almost all online casinos incorporate their in browser casinos using the Flash format.

Using Flash as a way for players to play on their casinos is a great way for online casinos to reach customers who do not or cannot download the software onto their computers. This would namely speak for someone who uses a public computer or uses an Apple computer, as most casinos do not have software a Mac user can download to their system. Where this becomes a problem is the fact that Apple does not like to utilize Flash systems on their operating systems and thus tries to push open platform web viewing standards like HTML5.

What this boring nerd jargon means to you is that if you have an iPod, iPhone or an iPad, you currently are not able to view 99% of all online casino websites through your device and you also cannot gamble through their website using these devices, unless online casinos step up and incorporate HTML5 into their websites.

A lot of people will question why you would want to gamble on your phone or computer or will argue that it will lead to people who are addicted being fed their addiction through more platforms, but you have to look at it as a business aspect: the iPad has 83% of the current tablet market, and a sizable portion of the smartphone market with its very popular iPhone. A great market is available to casinos who wish to incorporate HTML5 into their infrastructure, and those of us who enjoy the hobby of gambling can enhance our experience by being able to partake in these games whenever and wherever we please.

It is my sincere hope (perhaps because I am selfish) that casinos realize this potential and start upgrading their systems for this purpose. Many people likely will not take full advantage of a coding upgrade right away, but the investment is sure to pay off as the tablet and smartphone market grows and hopefully the restrictive laws regarding US online gambling are lifted to open an even bigger market (and casinos have such great marketing departments I am sure they could pull this off with a great ad blitz).

What do you think? Would you be open to gambling on a mobile device? Do you already gamble on the go?

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13 April 2011 - 1:48am

Thats a great post and I agree. I think the success of the ipad will give this sort of a thing a push along - either the casinos start releasing dedicated Apple apps, or go html5. The smart ones will do both. The ipad is a great couch computer so I can see it being a great tool for gambling.

The thing is look at most online casino websites. A lot are behind the times or haven't been updated in years since they launched. As for why - I guess its a tool to convince players to sign up and after that all the communication with the player is done through the casino software or email and/or phone. But still, a fresh modern looking website would help them sell themselves better I would have thought. Its no coincidence that the casinos with the best websites are generally the ones with flash games where you play them in the browser. Take a look at Mr Green or Tower Gaming or Betsson for example.

Mobile phones I am not too keen on as far as casinos go. The screen is too small and I don't have the urge to gamble so much that I want to play while on the train or something. I can see how it might be good for a few hands of blackjack or some poker against your friends I suppose. Mobile sports betting though - thats awesome. If there's a game coming up, I can put a bet wherever I am. Its very convenient.

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13 April 2011 - 1:58am

I think that you have a solid point with the apps, and I agree they would be a great way for a casino to go...but keep in mind that the Apple App Store is very restrictive on the type of content that can be produced and released officially through iTunes. With Apple having complete say so on what is released through their system and the fact that online gambling is not legal in the United States, online casinos almost no incentive to invest in designing or to release an App through iTunes. Android is a great platform that allows for the closest thing to freedom of development we will see, but it has the odds stacked so heavily against it that I find myself asking the question again: what incentive do they have to develop an app for Android when Apple controls 83% of the tablet market?

This is why HTML5 makes the most sense to me as it is generally more universal and has the broadest reach which equals the biggest bang for the buck to online casinos. Heck, they can get the two of us on a conference call with them and we can spell this out to them! Tongue

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13 April 2011 - 4:43am

I doubt that Apple would have much of a problem with a casino app. They don't seem to worry about sports betting - I have a Betfair app for example. And the apps can be and are restricted by country, so the market potential is still huge in places like Europe and Asia for example.

In fact I found a 32 Red blackjack app here (only available in the UK store) so they are starting to appear:

All Slots Casino also has a casino you can play on an iphone but you have to download it via your phone or email or something.

Android is a weird market. The potential size is massive but it sounds fragmented with all the different handset makers using different versions of the operating system and customising it etc. So that makes it harder for the app developers. Its like pc vs Mac all over again. But you are right that html5 would kill several birds with one stone - iPhones, iPads, Android, tablets and PCs.

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13 April 2011 - 4:55pm

barbadosslim93 - Well said. It would be great to be able to play on my ipad.
Thanks for a great post.

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1 July 2011 - 5:34pm

I think it will be nice to play on iPad , but as for mobile devices, the small screen is a big problem...