My Online Gambling Music Playlist

Snooky has one. Brad Pitt has one. Heck, even President Obama's dog Bo probably has one. Of course I am talking about a music playlist. For those of you who aren't audiophiles, a playlist is simply a selection of music you have in a group that plays together. People assemble them for all sorts of things like working out, a romantic evening, or simply relaxing. I have noticed that a lot of times I listen to my iPod when I gamble online, and the last time I was hitting the virtual felt I decided I needed to get my act together and assemble a playlist.

For your consideration I am giving you my "Online Gambling Playlist". It contains some of my favorite tunes of all time mixed with music that puts me in the mood to wager my green. Songs also have some meaning to me based on gambling experiences.

Feel free to share the music you listen to and offer any opinions you have on my musical taste! I love to debate my taste with anyone other than my wife!

Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)- I am not a huge country fan, but this song puts me in the mood to do something low down and dirty. Considering that online gambling is "illegal" in the U.S., this song makes me feel like I am getting to some shady business with my rascal virtual casino dealers.

Uprising (Muse)- A popular song that has been overplayed, sure. But it makes me feel like I am beating that system every time I get a winning hand against the casino, and the beat is just killer.

Dare (Gorillaz)- Another song with not a lot of lyrical substance, but it has the ability to keep me upbeat and alert even when the night starts to drag on and the sessions start to get longer and longer. I sometimes catch myself pumping up my volume louder and repeating once to get my attention set back onto having fun.

Guarantees (Atmosphere)- A comedown song of sorts, this bleak representation of life shares that there is only one thing guaranteed in life: a life worth dying for. For whatever reason the message of this song makes me want to just enjoy myself and forget about any outside burdens during my fun sessions.

Privilege (Incubus)- A great riff, a great message that gets you amped up and ready to have fun. Makes the little slot machine repetitive animation a bit more tolerable.

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)- Another low key song, but it makes me wish all my friends that I rant and rave to about online gambling would man up and join us in our world.

Ace of Spades (Motorhead)- Check out the name of the song! 'Nuff said!

If I Had A Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies)- What would you do with your millions of dollars in casino winnings? Would you buy me a fur coat?

Lose Yourself (Eminem)- Sure I am from Detroit, and sure, this song is now associated with everything Detroit thanks to Chrysler overplaying it in their ads. However, this is still a great song and can get you bumping along with the hook and having a ball as you lose yourself in your poker, blackjack or lame game of "scratch tickets".

Thanks That Was Fun (Barenaked Ladies)- Another BNL song, this is a good wrap up song for me. It is about reminiscing about a bad relationship, but meh, I associate it with doing something fun. Me walking away from the casino with extra money in my pocket is fun; thanks that was fun!

This is my initial list of songs. I will make sure to edit and add songs as I come across more that I find myself listening to in the future. I tried to stay away from the known gambling songs, but I am sure the Ace of Spades is in those lists.

What do you have to add?

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This sums it all up.