Casinos that accept Western Union

On this page we list casinos that accept Western Union for banking transactions, either for deposits into or withdrawals out of your casino account. By default the list is sorted by our rating of the casino.

List of casinos that support Western Union transactions

Western Union is a financial transfer service run by the company of the same name that is based in Colorado in the United States. What started as a telegraph company in the mid-19th century has over the years evolved a number of services, but it remains most well-known for its financial transaction service which, according to the company, encompasses an incredible 520,000 agent locations in over 200 countries across the world. That’s almost 16 Western Unions for every McDonald’s restaurant in the world!

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Western Union payments at online casinos

There are a few ways to transfer money via Western Union: First, you can go to an agent office and send money in cash. Second, you may provide payment details over the phone and then potentially be asked to appear at a location to execute payment. You may also send money using the online service. The “back end” of the transaction involves either receiving money on a WU card or appearing at an agent location and physically retrieving the money. Note that not all transfer methods are available in all countries.

The service has two major advantages: it’s ubiquitous presence and the speed with which one can send money. All one needs to do is perform a transaction online or at an agent location. The latter of these can even be accelerated via telephone. The recipient of the money can, in most cases, pick up the money instantaneously.

Unfortunately, Western Union has also in recent years, through no fault of its own, become synonymous with questionable business practices. Indeed, it is the preferred method of romance scammers as well as a favorite tool of the so-called 419 scammers. Some also claim that the service fee charged by the company is too high, especially when particularly large transaction amounts are involved.

With this in mind, please exercise extreme caution when considering carrying out transactions with Western Union. Heed the company’s warning and never send money to anyone you do not know personally. In fact, given the high incidence of scamming involving online gaming and the service itself, you may want to avoid ever using this service at all.