Casinos that accept Ukash

On this page we list casinos that accept Ukash for banking transactions, either for deposits into or withdrawals out of your casino account. By default the list is sorted by our rating of the casino.

List of casinos that support Ukash transactions

UKash is an Electronic Money Institution regulated by the FCA (Financial Services Authority) in the United Kingdom. It is owned by Smart Voucher Limited and only used to be available in the UK. UKash vouchers can now be bought worldwide on every continent from business partners contracted with UKash, such as petrol stations, kiosks and even online.

Ukash payments at online casinos

Note: UKash was acquired by Skrill in April 2015 and its new owners have decided to discontinue the service from September 1, 2015, with cards only usable until October 31, 2015. UKash customers are being encouraged to switch to using Paysafecard instead.

UKash is basically your cash turned into electronic money. You do not need a bank account or an e-mail to be able to use the service of UKash. You can buy UKash vouchers in a store or online by a bank transfer. Ukash does not charge any fees; you simply turn your cash into a voucher and spend it online. This allows complete control of your spending, no going into debt or acquiring credit and you do not need to leave your personal details, you do not even need to leave them with you cash.

Once you purchase a Ukash voucher you will receive with it a unique voucher code. When making payments online you will only need to enter this code and once the code is validated your transaction will be completed. It is basically like spending cash in the real world. This method of payment is extremely secure as you do not enter your personal details or your bank account number anywhere. Due it the privacy aspect, the security and easiness of use UKash has expanded and is now available in countries worldwide. You need only to look for casinos that accept UKash.