Casinos that accept Prepaid phone cards

On this page we list casinos that accept Prepaid Card for banking transactions, either for deposits into or withdrawals out of your casino account. By default the list is sorted by our rating of the casino.

List of casinos that support Prepaid Card transactions

Players are always looking for new ways to deposit money. Prepaid cards are becoming a more popular way of payment method, since they are more safe and secure, with no need for any personal data to be given, and that way players are anonymous. One of the prepaid cards used as deposit for online casinos are prepaid phone cards. Phone cards look like credit cards – small plastic card with the same shape as credit ones. Those are used mainly for telephone services. Prepaid phone cards are nowadays more and more used in casinos to make deposit and play online games. This way of playing with prepaid phone cards is 100% safe and a quite fast way to make deposits.

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Prepaid Card payments at online casinos

You can buy prepaid phone cards online or through other services, from sellers on the internet or in vendor shops. One way of buying prepaid phone cards is through services such as iPoint, the service which operates off of a mobile phone card, and which gives you wide range of gambling deposits and the access is quite easy. You just need to check when buying it since there are different policies and restrictions depending on the vendor. The only thing with prepaid phone cards is that not all of them can be used for making deposits, but only a small number of them.

iPoint service is very easy to buy and use your prepaid phone card. What you need to do is signup there through their website, and open and fund your account. Next step is buying a PIN code which has your money cross linked to it. When you use iPoint to deposit money on your gambling account, all you need to do is to type your PIN code into the casino’s cashier. That is what makes iPoint safer and a easy way of making deposits.

There is only limited number of casinos that are accepting prepaid phone cards to be used for deposit, but still you can find them easily on the internet.