Casinos that accept MoneyGram

On this page we list casinos that accept MoneyGram for banking transactions, either for deposits into or withdrawals out of your casino account. By default the list is sorted by our rating of the casino.

List of casinos that support MoneyGram transactions

Founded in 1940 and currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas in the United States, MoneyGram is the 2nd largest money transfer agent in the world. Its service that is very similar in nature to Western Union (the world's largest) except that its reach is not quite as expansive and that it does not offer the same wealth of options as its competitor. It has a network of 320,000 locations all over the world that allow customers to instantly transfer money to others around the world.

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MoneyGram payments at online casinos

Note that the use of MoneyGram for transfers to or from an online casino is a violation of their terms of service. Therefore we advise you to be highly skeptical of any casino that uses them for withdrawals, and indeed recommend that you use another method to avoid the chance of having your funds seized.

Using MoneyGram is a very easy procedure. First, go online to the company's website and find an agent office near you. Next, present the office with an ID and the amount of money that you wish to transfer. Within 10 minutes, the transaction is finished and your money is sent. Those receiving money will need to provide the reference number given to the sender in order to pick up the cash that was sent. MoneyGram also offers a money order service, but no online capabilities.

There are a couple of notable disadvantages to using MoneyGram. The first and most important is that it is quite expensive, with the sender having to pay a flat fee, and the receiver's funds potentially being converted at an exchange rate that includes a hefty margin. MoneyGram has quite the chequered history. Most recently, in 2012 it admitted that its anti-fraud capabilities were insufficient to prevent phishing schemes that defrauded many customers in the United States. It agreed to pay a $100 million fine to the United States Department of Justice and admitted its culpability in criminally aiding and abetting wire fraud.

Similarly to Western Union, MoneyGram is a favourite tool of scammers in loosely regulated jurisdictions, so you should be wary of who you may be sending money to if they are not personally known to you. Given all of this, you may want to reconsider using Moneygram at all. We have strong reservations about using Western Union for similar reasons, so it only makes sense to have the same reservations when considering MoneyGram.

In July 2015, and again in November 2017, CasinoListings received threatening emails from an anonymous member of the "MoneyGram Legal Department" that displayed an alarming lack of understanding of the law. The basis of the threats was the ridiculous assertion that this page somehow violates MoneyGram's trademarks and intellectual property rights. They demanded that we remove this page and any other that mentioned MoneyGram from this site. Clearly MoneyGram is engaged in a process of attempting to rewrite history to hide the fact that it has been used to process transactions related to online gambling in the past. It stated that the use of its services for transactions related to online gambling are against its terms of service. So take the tip people: don't use MoneyGram to withdraw from your favourite casino. Frankly given the high fees, its 2012 admission of negligence that allowed fraud to flourish, and ongoing reputation as a tool for scammers, we recommend that you don't use MoneyGram at all.