Casinos that accept EntroPay

On this page we list casinos that accept EntroPay for banking transactions, either for deposits into or withdrawals out of your casino account. By default the list is sorted by our rating of the casino.

List of casinos that support EntroPay transactions

EntroPay is a pre-paid virtual Visa card. It is an easy and safe way to make online payments. There are many benefits to this brand new concept in online payment transfers. Firstly, it is a Visa setting your mind at ease since you are using a trusted brand name and it can be used where you see the Visa logo.

EntroPay payments at online casinos

Note: EntroPay ceased operations in July 2019. Customers with money in an account there can still withdraw their balance by contacting EntroPay support at [email protected] before 1 July 2025.

You pre pay this card with your credit or debit card, this means that there is no need to do a credit check with every purchase and you can control the amount you spend as you can't spend more then what you have on the card. Since, it is virtual your card is delivered to your screen instantly with your card number. Finally, when using the card you do not need to share any financial information, kept encrypted, with any online casino which allows for full anonymity on your part.

The EntroPay Virtual Visa is available in every country and is recognized as a Visa Classic Debit card. There are no interest or financial charges but you are charged when loading the money onto the virtual card.

Registering for the card cost nothing is very straightforward. You open an account by filling a form and choosing a username and password. You will enter credit or debit card information so that your details can be verified. You can begin using the account as soon as money is loaded onto your card. Even though the card is virtual, it works like any other card as you will have a card number, an expiration date and the CVV (Card Verification Value) number. You can use this card with only this information and there is no need to enter any other personal data. You can hold more than one EntroPay Virtual Visa card.