Advertising Guidelines

This page is mainly aimed at casino managers, affiliate managers, and other casino employees that contact us on a daily basis. We think that we are a little different from most casino review websites, so please take the time to read this information before contacting us to avoid any misunderstandings. Thanks!

Unlike the vast majority of casino review websites, Casino Listings does not exist for the purpose of promoting your casino(s). It is intended to be an informative resource for casino players first and foremost. As such we publish very little advertising, and any that we do publish has to meet several guidelines that we regard as extremely important.

Table of contents:

Reviewing your casino

We consider requests for casinos to be reviewed. We take the time to play at and test each casino we review, and will refuse to publish your ghost-written reviews, so it can take some time for our reviews to be compiled. If you would like your casino reviewed, please contact us via our contact form.

Ranking higher on our bonus lists

We are often asked by casinos how they can feature their bonus at the top of our lists such as best sign-up bonuses, or no deposit bonuses. The short answer is that you can't without offering players a better deal. The aim of these lists is to find the best deals for players, and as such they are not "hand-picked" or manually ranked by anyone here at Casino Listings.

Behind the scenes we assign every bonus a score based on an algorithm that takes into account many factors, and the bonuses are listed in order of descending score then filtered according to a user's country preference (so a player does not see bonuses listed that they cannot claim). You can think of it like a search engine for casino bonuses. Things that you can do that are likely to improve your casino's bonus ranking on our lists include:

  • Reduce the wagering requirements. The lower the better.
  • Allow more games to be played while clearing the wagering requirements.
  • Make the bonus cashable (i.e. it can be withdrawn when the wagering is completed).
  • Award the bonus to the player before the wagering requirements are completed (i.e. not a post-wager bonus).
  • Remove any withdrawal limits imposed on a bonus.
  • Improve your casino's service and reputation such that we give it a higher review rating.

If you think that we have made an error or omission when listing your casino's bonus, or you would like to offer an exclusive bonus to Casino Listings readers, please contact us.

Recommended casinos

The recommended casinos section on our website is one of the few hand picked listings on our website. We re-evaluate these monthly based on casino reputation, relevance and/or specialisation to the geographic region of the visitor, popularity on our website in terms of visitor traffic, our own experience with the casinos, and player feedback. With years of experience under our belts, we think we are fairly good at picking a good casino from a bad one, so we do not change these recommendations often. When deciding on whether to list a casino in our recommendations section, we have a set of requirements that we do not make exceptions for:

  • All recommended casinos must be reviewed and rated at least 4 stars (out of 5) to qualify.
  • Casinos that have been open for business for less than 12 months, and/or are run by management with no public track record of operating in the gambling or related industries will not be recommended.
  • Casinos that spam and/or "astroturf" our forums (and others for that matter) will not be looked upon kindly when considering the merits of recommending them.
  • Casinos listed on our blacklist of rogue casinos have no chance.

No press release publication

Generally speaking, we publish our own unique content and are not interested in re-publishing press releases. Should we ever decide to make an exception to this rule we expressly reserve the right to modify, remove embedded links from, and/or add our own comment or opinions to, any content we publish.

Removing your casino from our blacklist

Trust is probably the online gambling industry's most important commodity. Once you lose it, it is almost impossible to win it back and, with thousands of casinos to choose from, players have no reason to give anyone a second chance. With that in mind, it is extremely rare that we will remove a casino once it has been added to our blacklist. There are a couple of scenarios that may allow this to happen:

  • A legitimate, verifiable, change of operation to completely new and separate owners and management.
  • Independent proof that any payment delays, software errors, disputes or problems have been satisfactorily resolved. A personal assurance that there are no more problems from someone working for your casino does not count as independent.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to get into contact with us, please use our contact form.