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Welcome to the fabulous Casino Listings progressive jackpots tracker. We regularly record the values of hundreds of online casino jackpots, then crunch the numbers to tell you which progressive jackpots are being won and where, and for how much.

$97,626,603 €73,970,755 £58,896,358

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Progressive jackpots tracker

When it comes to wins at casinos, progressive jackpots are the top dogs and are responsible for almost all of those huge win stories you see or read about on the news. The way they work is simple: each time a player wagers on a progressive game by either spinning the reels or playing a hand, a small percentage of the player's bet is added to the jackpot pool. In many cases, this pool is shared amongst many different casinos so that you have players from all over the world contributing to the one pot. Once a lucky player hits the magical spin or hand, they win the jackpot and the pool is reset to a starting, or seed, amount.

Top 10 progressive jackpots

NoAladdin's Lamp €5 Boss Media → Casino Club€3,111,709
NoHall of Gods Mega Net Ent€2,651,287
NoThe Big One Colossal Cash PartyGaming$3,372,132
NoMega Fortune Mega Net Ent€2,184,256
NoSpamalot Holy Grail Playtech$2,669,285 €2,022,250 £1,610,647
NoCleopatra's Chest Virtue Fusion£1,587,071
YesMonster Madness TopGame$2,491,975Play
NoBig Top Tombola Virtue Fusion£1,467,060
YesBingo Slot TopGame$2,156,904Play
YesMidlife Crisis RTG → Bodog$1,879,839Play
YesMonster Madness TopGame$2,491,975Play
YesBingo Slot TopGame$2,156,904Play
YesMidlife Crisis RTG → Bodog$1,879,839Play
YesShopping Spree RTG → Bodog$1,879,839Play
YesJackpot Pinatas RTG → RTG$1,764,245Play
YesAztec's Millions RTG$1,626,354Play
YesStars and Stripes TopGame$1,134,460Play
YesMonster Millions NuWorks$1,016,954Play
YesMegasaur RTG$1,009,417Play
YesJackpot Cleopatra's Gold RTG$346,217Play

10 most recent $100,000+ casino jackpot wins

usJackpotSoftwareValueWin timePlay
NoGold Mega PartyGaming$570,95311h 10m ago
YesOne Million Reels BC Rival Gaming$174,7701d 18h ago
NoRumble In The Jungle OpenBet → Sky Vegas£165,0802d 8h ago
NoQueen of the Pyramids Playtech$146,278 €112,726 £92,1623d 12h ago
NoThe Pig Wizard Blueprint Gaming → Sky Vegas£437,7066d 9h ago
NoCyberstud Poker Microgaming$170,169 €170,169 £170,1696d 15h ago
NoTreasure Nile Microgaming, Quickfire$182,785 €182,785 £182,7857d 12h ago
NoGold Super PartyGaming$117,2937d 17h ago
NoTiki Temple 10p Gamesys → JackpotJoy£218,1859d 10h ago
NoPlants vs Zombies Blueprint Gaming → Sky Vegas£142,34810d 12h ago

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More on casino jackpots

We have detailed information for each jackpot that we track including a graph of the recent jackpot history, average win amount, biggest wins, average time between wins and the time since last win. You can keep track of your favourite casino jackpots whether they be progressive slots, roulette, blackjack, caribbean stud, video poker or other games, all in one convenient location.

Can jackpots ever really be overdue to hit?

You may have seen at some casinos (Microgaming comes to mind) indicators like thermometers that are supposed to tell you which jackpot games are due for a big hit, or casinos publicising that their jackpots are "overdue". The reality is that these indicators are complete and utter rubbish. These thermometers play on the well known gambler's fallacy that past results have a bearing on future results. Any time you hear someone say something like "that roulette wheel has spun 7 reds in a row, the next spin has to be black" you're hearing the gambler's fallacy in effect. The reality is that each and every spin of the reels, deal of the cards, or spin of the roulette wheel has exactly the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot, regardless of how long it is or how high the jackpot has risen since the last win. It is even possible, though extremely unlikely, for a progressive jackpot to be won twice on consecutive spins.

So why do we keep track of things like the average win size, and average time between wins if they don't indicate whether a jackpot is overdue? There are a number of reasons, aside from the fact that it is simply very interesting information. Our statistics can help you to choose a game that will maximise your expected payoff should you win. The higher the jackpot is, the lower the casino's advantage over you as a player and it is even possible that a jackpot can rise to the point where it grants the advantage to the player. Some jackpots that we track have separate values depending on which casino you play at, so looking at the average win values and times can give you an indication of not only which casino has the biggest value currently, but which one rises the quickest and has the most players contributing.

Progressive jackpot payout policies

One of the most important things to look out for when playing progressive games is the casino's payout policy. There are many casinos that limit the amount that they will pay out to winners in a calendar month. For example, the casino's terms may say something like "the maximum a player may withdraw in one month is $9999 or equivalent currency". Some of these casinos will follow that up with "This limit does not apply to progressive jackpot winnings" and that is the right thing to do. Unfortunately many do not. And I don't know about you, but I would be livid if I won several million dollars only to find out after that the casino was going to drip feed me for the next couple of decades, assuming they stay in business that long and don't disappear with my money. Think it can't happen? Think again, because it already has. We analyse the T&Cs of each and every casino we review to try to ascertain the casino's policy in such cases, and we make it a point to try to publicise any hidden traps that we find.

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